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  1. Local leagues was the perfect way to go to get everyone back competitively playing but most importantly it avoided any doubt or hassle that was had last season my basically making the season not finished and not awarding promo or relegation. By agreeing to start the league as normal and then the possibility of having to call a GM in feb/March to decide if teams should play each other once in this season to decide promo/relegation is a slap in the face to every team that was in a promotion place when the league stopped last season. It was agreed last season that some teams had only played half their league games (some less than that) so it was deemed unfair to give awards or relegate but now they're saying it's ok to do it by way of a GM if it looks like things won't be able to finish [emoji23][emoji23]. Clubs should have done the correct thing and voted for local leagues and then start a fresh in August 2021. The SAFA announcement last night has saved any further embarrassment tbh and I dont envey the AAFA commitee for their tasks ahead.
  2. No chance of getting a season finished, especially after the vote in ayrshire last night. Mind u as u say we will do will to see any football started
  3. Am no saying dont play, quite the opposite actually. Personally a think this 2 week layoff is nonsense when they're yet to prove a spike has been caused by a football related incident at amateur level. It'll only get worse if sturgeon follows boris into the 3 tier setup. Do what the WOSFL did. Put it to a vote of the clubs and if they want to play then play. WOSFL teams aren't all testing their players so how are they any different from amateur with the exception that they can lock their gates so general public can't come in.
  4. When I say sit out the season, i mean just play local friendlies etc. A bit like what the kids are doing at the moment. As much as I'd love to see the competitive season started asap, would you rather play local friendlies each week and that way there is no real impact if stopped again, or start another season that may not get completed again? Imagine the Crosshouse, Irvine, WK and Mauchline teams having to go through the same thing again by sitting in automatic promotion spots then having it taken away again by not completing the season for a second time? The association from what I gather are doing all they can to get things going but it night not be a bad idea to play non competitive until april/May then kickstart the new season in July with the current format that was to be played this season. The WOSFL have announced they will award trophies and medals for this season coming but not award promotion/relegation because 9 teams have withdrawn without penalty. What's the point in that? Would be as well just letting teams play non competitive games until everyone can or wants to compete
  5. The question is.. would we be better sitting out the season and encouraging the SFA to make sure we restart in July/august next season, regardless of the situation? Or do we keep hoping that we will get a clear run at it from start of november and not have a stop start season. I know I'd rather start asap but I think a stop/start season would do more harm than good and would just piss people off and result in them wanting to pack it in. All clubs have worked hard on their fitness for 8 weeks and most will now be back to square one come 25th oct. Takes a hell of a time to build the fitness, takes a fraction of that to lose it and good luck telling your guys to keep running 5k's on their own
  6. Good luck filling your team with junior players for a season to be left hanging when the wosfl finally gets going. Am sure your loyal amateur players would take a season off then come back once the juniors have left at the drop of a hat. Shows junior players mentality if they're not willing to play without pay or expenses. Also highlights the problems at some amateur teams for all to see, that's if you didn't know about it already, if true of course[emoji102]. Dont like to hear of any teams struggling but if it's true then fairplay, been making a mockery of the amateur game in ayrshire for years and who would have thought it would take a pandemic to stop it!! What's the most baffling thing about all this is 17 year olds can play and train but 18,19,21 and ammies can't... now who decided this? I find it very strange the government did and tbh what difference is allowing the Wosfl to start but not ammies? Neither are allowed fans at the moment so what's the fuckin difference? Let the boys play and give them something to look forward to every week
  7. Technically its not much different than normal rules tho. If the spectators are on your side of the park then is it not up to your committee to police it? A think that's what the rules are anyway. But lets be fair, if the local youth turn up with a carry out and stand at the side, there is only so much u can do. As you say in a public park you can't do more than ask for a bit of commonsense but in the same respect they can still tell u to f**k off [emoji23][emoji23]
  8. With this being in the red/amber zone then surely any other coaches or committee members just stand further back? Or have I misinterpreted the rules? I'd have thought it only really matters when you're close to the pitch like inside an astro with a cage around it? I could be wrong tho lol
  9. Confirmed? A see the fella boyd has joined Irvine meadow
  10. Type into Google Brunston Castle Golf Club and put that postcode into your sat nav. Daillys pitch is on the wee off road up to the golf course
  11. Well said. Backing proposals then not even bothering to turn up and vote for it #Shambles
  12. They've lost a player to Irvine as well apparently
  13. Dont understand it myself tbh. I'm all for caution etc but it's getting stupid now. I can send my son who's 9 to training from next week where it's full contact but adult teams aren't allowed to stand 20 yards apart and do passing drills? I know of at least 5 junior teams that have been full training for the last 3 weeks and I'm talking about contact training.... What makes them different to amateur? Obviously they've more money but I don't think they could afford weekly testing of their players.. Can the SFA actually punish teams for training? Fair point about the beer gardens, can have a team day out for 3hrs in a beer garden but can't pass a ball back and forward to each other [emoji23][emoji23]
  14. If you have the means to train with social distancing then what's the issue? How is adult social distance training with non contact any worse off than youth football with full contact? Surely I've more risk of catching it from my kid if he's been to training than when I've went to a social distancing gathering? From july 15th Pt's now allowed to arrange outdoor group sessions as long as proper measures in place but you cant do the same with a football? Hows that any different? Can go for a haircut but can't kick a ball 20 yards away to a teammate... where's the logic in that? There is talk of punishment for teams caught training, what are the punishments? Personally I've seen amateur and junior teams training already so what's the issue if you're taking the correct measures to ensure everyones safety? Drive past any astro when the weather is decent and you'll be hard pushed to find an empty space on it with the amount of people playing in these "restricted" times. Another point, what was the outcome of the Ayrshire leagues debate after clubs suggested changes, when will clubs be notified? Assuming they haven't already or we would have seen the discussions on here [emoji23]
  15. I take it that it would be a no go for more of a summer based season?
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