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  1. I don’t think it’s usually the same day, but It’s been a while since I checked.
  2. To be fair, "couldn't get near him so he kicked him" does reflect rather better on the kickee than the kicker...
  3. If you think that's weird, the actual correct spelling will blow your mind.
  4. Plenty of reasons it could still have fallen through after that, to be fair. Maybe wanted too much money, or didn't get on with Liam's wife.
  5. Course, he's also over 30, so knowing us he'd probably do his knee in pre-season in that'd be that.
  6. How often do you have to underachieve before it's no longer "underachievement", and just "achievement*...?
  7. And rankings-wise, we're right in the middle of those: Turkey are 29th, Hungary 37th, Finland 54th, North Macedonia 62nd. Seems like we just performed more or less as the rankings suggested (and I'd be a lot more annoyed if I was Turkish).
  8. I hadn't even heard of half the England team that Scotland were playing against the other night. So as far as I'm concerned, everyone we're signing is a household name who's guaranteed to bang in 20 goals a season.
  9. They probably all have perspex screens up between the players' seats now too. Just like being on Pointless.
  10. I see he's of Nigerian descent... I work with a Nigerian guy who has at least three different surnames that he uses in different circumstances, based on his family's name, the village he was born in, and his appearance. So it's probably not that odd.
  11. I particularly like that in his very first highlight, he misses.
  12. George Hamilton commentating on RTE described that as "O'Donnell taking down Grealish there, because, well, he felt like it, really".
  13. Fine performances all round, just need to hope we can find somebody who looks like scoring next time out.
  14. Recently missed an entire season due to ACL injury... yep, sounds like our sort of signing.
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