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  1. Well done shettleston for the win as I hoped fur a draw. Did you get your curry pie bud.shettleston is still unbeaten and look good for promotion. PS MON THE GOW
  2. Another good fixture list this weekend in this crazy league. Who will be where tomorrow night no body knows. Whoever gets promoted from this league is all about who has the most bottle. A very exciting season so far in a very tight league. PS Ardrossan winton dae the best pies in the league plain and onion
  3. Hope you get a curry pie and another draw 😀😀
  4. Agree with all of c the above. Game of the season full of entertainment. The Gow showed that they had plenty of heart and fight in them today and they had to to win this one. Every single player fought hard for the team today and a top class goal from scott schonville and goals from innes and connelly made it 3-1 Gow.
  5. The game was a close game. The defence was fairly solid with Neil schonville back and the number 8 in midfield played well. The strikers had poor service all game so we never looked like scoring. Next thing is the arguing on the pitch between our players, it's not on and the management needs to deal with directly. Well done shettleston for the 1-0 which could have been more if it wasn't for our keeper Owen who has been outstanding in our last 3or4 games.
  6. Bellshill is a good team, their forward savarese is really good player and the guy nickel in midfield who scored a quality goal against us on Saturday.
  7. Gow v Bellshill, a good game ruined by the ref, Bellshill deserved the win and looked very good in the second half. The Gow didny play very well with player's not up to their usual standard and players missing in defence. Gow 1-2 Bellshill
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