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  1. I've only ever been to the two table set up, but would certainly recommend it as it is the epitome of 'that' Crucible atmosphere. The only thing with booking tickets I'd mind is making sure you get good sessions (see anyone who went to the 1430 one today, only one match on, which was Ronnie one frame from victory!) - maybe best keep an eye on this year for booking next as an example. Tickets on presale at the moment, general sale is day of or after this year's I think. Not too bad if you need to leave it a while mind as the two table at least normally has good avilability for a while.
  2. It's like modern football coverage on TV. Five replays and by the time they cut back someone's on the attack and you've missed two minutes of actual play. Honestly just do it, if it all gets too much you can head down to the concourse for a drink or whatever for a frame and come back the next. Being permanent the seats are certainly better than the temporary stuff you normally get at a tournament.
  3. I was at a match down in Lancashire at Nelson (tenth tier of English football) a few months ago, and was stood next to a proper old boy explaining to a local how one of their best players had up sticks to Fort William and seemed at a loss as to why. I would love to how long it took all these hired hands to realise what they'd actually signed up to.
  4. Hoping to get to this. What are the best pubs in the town? Never been to Dumfries before but will have a couple of hours to kill beforehand. Won't be in colours or anything.
  5. I've always thought the most telling thing about it all is that not even Barry Hearn would touch it, I think he's actually on record saying he didn't want to be the man who did. McGill is spot on with what he says. The past few seasons have proven there's space for largely whatever you want in the snooker calendar - formats like the Shootout; new enterprises like the Home Nations and Turkish Open; and crowd stuff like between-frame DJs and dancecams... The Worlds is what it is because it has endured whilst everything else has changed. The long formats, the lack of space, the formality, the density and proximity of the crowd. I don't doubt that if people like Judd had his way, everything would be best of fives in a t-shirt and it'd be held in a nightclub...
  6. Was in Sheffield this weekend for a few sessions. Been to snooker all over the place in all sorts of formats and venues but there really is nothing like the Worlds at the Crucible. Ally Pally might have a better atmosphere, modern theatres might handle the numbers better, pretty much any generic conference centre could offer better corporate / VIP stuff, but there is honestly something in the air at the Crucible and in that small corner of Sheffield. It would be an absolute shame if they packed all that in so Neil Robertson can walk around the table better and they can flog more alcohol more quickly to punters.
  7. I believe you can stream matches in England so long as it is outside of the Saturday afternoon blackout?
  8. Cheers. Ibrox was like that so I can't imagine it'll get any worse. Not planning on bringing fireworks or anything with me thankfully!
  9. Sorry for the daft question but I'm after doing Hampden whilst QP are still there but was wondering if there's any trouble bringing rucksacks or anything like that in? Would likely have one with me when I am up there and am a bit wary as there are you get some right awkward restrictions these days at bigger grounds (in England anyway!). Cheers.
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