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  1. Just trying to get a rough guide to what everyone pays in regards to booking a pitch. I'm especially interested in teams that are affiliated to Community Clubs. For example ; Junior, Amateur,age group and Colts all sharing club name obviously.
  2. Hi Jimmy, yeah the manager is really interested in tournament mate, could you possibly provide a bit more detail (who else is playing etc) I sent a message earlier to the contact on League page.............. i presumed that was you
  3. Hi Jimmy, we've got training tonight i'll ask the manager. Thank you
  4. Hi guys, probably way behind the eight ball here, been asked to help out with local team in regards to secretarial duties so looking to find out if any Ayrshire teams HAVENT organised friendlies yet or have free weekends. Thanks in advance Largs Thistle AMS
  5. Slightly off topic guys i know, couldn't find a thread on it elsewhere. but i've just been informed of an email DEMANDING fees of affiliatiom be paid by friday or be debt suspended and barred from all football activities....................WHAT FOOTBALL ACTIVITIES WILL this money be returned when season is eventually called off or will it carry forward???????
  6. Same here mate any updates would be appreciated cheers
  7. are we allowed to register players for new season yet???
  8. Excuse my ignorance again guys, can teams sign players for next season or is it a wait and see situation.
  9. Personally don't care what the structure is guys for this season, our guys just want to get back training at least. I'm affraid if we carry on any length of time with no training/football then boys will just drift away. Does anyone have any info thats worth passing on,
  10. Our secretary has just had an email saying all training is also stopped now a directive from the SFA apparently
  11. Hope Irvine rip them a new arse, greeting faced arses
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