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  1. If we were to purely put it down football allegiance, its easy enough to say who cares what other fans pay. But taking a sidestep from that, its something all fan bases need to unite upon, if for nothing else other than it eventually benefiting your pocket. Are we all to just shut up and pay it? If not now, when clubs are paying £30 and over when? Does it become a real issue for some when clubs start charging £50?
  2. Have you not been paying attention? This is nothing to do with Celtic being charged whatever for going to away games, and had you bothered to read any of this thread, or the post you replied to, you would have noticed that. This isnt a single club issue, and if you were able to remove the chip off your shoulder you might notice that. Lets take Celtic out of the equation altogether. Should Hamilton be paying £29 to go to tynecastle? Should St Johnstone be paying £25 to go to the Tony Macaroni arena, and again £26 for Pittodrie? The fact of the matter is, that clubs are increasing their price season after season (in our own case, roughly £2 per season) because our League are unable to bring in enough interest in our game and sell a decent TV and league sponsorship deal. If your happy to sit by and watch ticket prices rise season after season because a section of fans broke a few hundred flimsy pieces of plastic and youre still upset about it, be my guest. But regardless, football fans in this country are having the piss taken out of them, and clubs (i cannot stress this enough, INCLUDING MY OWN) are pricing fans out of attending games.
  3. That's the part where it is perhaps a bit unfair to target certain clubs. Understand the issue is somewhat forced due to the lack of money we as a league generate, so the fingers can absolutely be pointed at the league for this. However, digging clubs up for the prices will hopefully force the clubs hand a bit to put pressure on the league. We as the week in week out supporters shouldn't be the ones paying the price because those at the top of our game dont have a clue. And clubs need to realise they are putting off the every so often match going supporter to with these costs. We started what we hope will be a series of protests/displays throughout the season on Saturday against Hamilton there, and for the most part this has had a positive reaction. The BBC picked it up and saw it as another opportunity to post their report too. We were well aware things like the Hamilton SLO completely missing the point would happen, but we've reached out to him for comment and communication as there was absolutely no "celtic fans demand cheaper tickets" about it, as he well knows. In fact, as ive stated before, Celtic is one of if not the worst experiences for away fans, and they absolutely do not fall foul of criticism and that is hopefully something we can change. I'm not sure how much of an appetite there will be across all clubs, but it would be great if other clubs fans would also pick this up and run with it. Hopefully see more clubs getting involved as the season goes on.
  4. Appreciate the response so far from everyone. Some of the numbers and stories make for harrowing reading (particularly my own club). Can folk keep this updated with prices they are charged and anything else they would like to add. It's about time we stood up to the price increases. I have seen a few say "talk with your feet" etc, and whilst it would undoubtedly work, i know from experience and from knowing the fan base in general, a boycott of such would never work at Celtic. Not least because if the normal punters you see every week dont take their tickets, you can can bet there will be someone in behind who will, and suddenly you start to lose your record. Regardless though, being loyal shouldn't be punished, and just because you will doesn't mean you should pay these prices, so hopefully we can get something going that all clubs will buy into.
  5. Its quite staggering looking back. Fans across the country are paying for the league and association not being able to sell our game properly, and although its kind of forced the clubs hands, its a joke ticket prices creep up year after year.
  6. Perfect mate, thanks. Have you any idea how this has differed over the years? Looking right back to season 2015/16 on wards for a rough gauge.
  7. Have posted the same in the SPFL section, but long story short we are trying to gather as much information as possible about what clubs are charged for away tickets and how much this increases year after year. As a Celtic fan the only available data to myself is what we pay, so have requested information of what Celtic have charged this season and previous and looking for any help with clubs in the Championship as to what you get charged for pricing in the league, and how this has changed over the years. Any help appreciated 👍
  8. Morning All Started looking back over the years at the increasing prices of away tickets in Scottish Football. Looking to see if anyone can lend a hand and give me the prices you have or know away fans to have paid for Celtic park this coming season and previous seasons. Also any pricing increases you have faced at other grounds throughout the years. As a Celtic fan i am only able to gather away pricing that we have paid over the years, and we have reached out to the SLO for what we charge and have charged, but not expecting a response. Any help appreciated 👍
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