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  1. It's not even half an hour if you get the number 3 bus.
  2. Ryan Sclater is back at Edinburgh United.
  3. Craigroyston have made some cracking signings. they've signed Ryan Currie from Leith Athletic who will be a great addition . Kai Wilson another decent signing.
  4. Having moved back to Edinburgh six months ago I'm looking forward to even longer journeys just to get to home games at Merksworth Park.
  5. I can answer your last question.....No they won't be automatically promoted. Do the EoS or Sos champion get automatically promoted? No they have a playoff,the same thing will happen with the WoS champion, Something we have known for ages.
  6. At the end of the day there is more important things in life than complaining about ppg. Let's just look forward to next season (whenever that may be.)
  7. You don't though, you have 67 new clubs in a NEW league.
  8. All the same, the tweet posted is clearly answering the question asked. Not a statement saying they've applied. Once again I'm not saying they haven't applied, they probably have.
  9. Really? Looks to me they're just answering a question. That's not to say they haven't applied.
  10. Because Brechin are not in a relegation spot, they're in a playoff spot. Since playoffs have been cancelled in all division then they cant be relegated who would be promoted? LL champion or HL champion?
  11. I know you didn't. I was talking about Tutenkhamen's reply to your post, the one where you typed "beggining"
  12. I agree. I was just pointing put why he said begging.
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