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  1. 😂😂😂 a would have said the penalty use got in oor game against drongan wizny a penalty aswell big mouse but use missed it anyway lol most refs et amatuer level are murder tho.........yes it does swing in roundabouts ol boy we take it on the chin n go again nxt week in the west buddy
  2. Thought we should have took something from that game the day........thought there 1st goal was offside n there penalty was a horrific shout from the ref!!
  3. Will the draw be live on periscope on friday??
  4. Friday mate open draw according to twitter U know whit time on friday mate?
  5. So u can basically take a year out then just pop back in.......who makes these rules up lol.
  6. Amofan 1 there as good as dead now mate......sad to see any club going out the game but unfortunately colville will not be coming back from this in my eyes mate
  7. Colville park folded?? We were meant tae be playing them in the scottish this week....we got a phone call the smorning saying games off as they have folded
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