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  1. Clubs are no longer allowed to stream games live unless you live abroad. I was going to use a vpn
  2. I had decided not to go on Saturday due to how bad other supporters have said Meadowbank is so I forked out for Falkirk TV but theyve just tweeted saying they can't broadcast the game either. Bloody hell!
  3. If McGlynn starts with those two, Morrison and McGuffie all in starting 11 again AND we don't win.....he could be in for a tough afternoon.
  4. I heard a request for us not to post anything about injuries to players or anything that might give other teams an advantage. I don't think anyone has done that here
  5. I wonder how many of our signings were identified by the scout that's working for us (his name escapes me) and how many are McGlynn's. I would find it hard to believe that some suitable strikers have not been identified by a scout working for us since the start of the year.
  6. I see there is going to be a new weekly podcast starting soon "falkirk daft" - might be pretty good, it'll be worth a try anyway.
  7. Oliver hasn't done anything in either game I've seen so far, Stranraer and today. I know he's out of position a bit but so far he looks like another nesbitt, mcguffie, seb ross and (the recent version of callumn morrison) standard of player.
  8. No I'm not sure, I'm just going by what a lot of folk are saying on here.
  9. Does anyone know why Ethan Ross has been on trial with us if McGlynn worked with him at Raith last season?
  10. I think that's the disadvantage of being hamstrung with so many contracted inept players. We might be unable to sign players we'd ideally like to prioritise other positions. Or McGlynn might sign Yeats tomorrow!
  11. Yeats looks a good player and better than what we had in midfield last season but isnt really what we're screaming out for. If we only have a budget for another two players I don't think he's the type of player we most need. If we can rid of Hetherington or some of the others from last season then sign him up.
  12. I noticed that too. He looked exasperated at times with some of our play. He should be under no illusions after that, we were outplayed for long spells after first 20 minutes or so.
  13. House! We have a winner on shite patter bingo
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