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  1. No I'm not sure, I'm just going by what a lot of folk are saying on here.
  2. Does anyone know why Ethan Ross has been on trial with us if McGlynn worked with him at Raith last season?
  3. I think that's the disadvantage of being hamstrung with so many contracted inept players. We might be unable to sign players we'd ideally like to prioritise other positions. Or McGlynn might sign Yeats tomorrow!
  4. Yeats looks a good player and better than what we had in midfield last season but isnt really what we're screaming out for. If we only have a budget for another two players I don't think he's the type of player we most need. If we can rid of Hetherington or some of the others from last season then sign him up.
  5. I noticed that too. He looked exasperated at times with some of our play. He should be under no illusions after that, we were outplayed for long spells after first 20 minutes or so.
  6. House! We have a winner on shite patter bingo
  7. Rennie should be nowhere near us next year but that is ridiculous from Mutch. Williamson was a disgrace for the first as well.
  8. Yip They are aware apathy has well and truly set in.
  9. It was informal with not a huge amount of supporters there. I spoke with Keith Gourley, Nigel Serafini and someone else from FSS who's name escapes me. There wasn't an agenda and i was asked "what do you want to know" I felt they were fairly candid. Spoke about large amount of playing staff committed to next season on very decent wages for our level and the challenge it will be to move them on. Spoke about the likely even bigger challenge getting out of this league next season will hold with potential teams coming down and Queens Park planning to spend big. I was advised no decision made on MR for next season either by him or by board but my feeling was if MR wants it he'll stay on. I put across my views about how poor we have been since he came in with no upturn at all and that would concern a large amount of support. The issue re getting players from abroad is all but resolved. The pitch needs replaced probably with a new astro pitch due to revenue from ground sharing you cant get with a grass pitch. Recognise the need for players with more physical stature who can tackle. Club will stay full time next year, mainly due to large amount of full time players we gave contracted fir next season. All in all a pretty grim picture if im being honest.
  10. Its clear we need a proper manager who can drag us up, demand standards from players and who can identify players with the correct minerals to get us, at least, challenging for this league. Tommy Wright would do for me. No more 'nice and polite' head coaches.
  11. Is there any chance at all of us getting a midfielder in on loan?
  12. If Morrison still not available then potentially kabia, if fit, or even try the ompreon, he had a good 45 minutes out wide at some point.
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