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  1. No thats Hetherington at the moment it seems.
  2. That was abject yesterday. Im still struggling to work out what the formation was( 3-4-1-2??)The players looked clueless and all over the place so it was difficult to tell from where I was sitting. I think we could have played 2 up top without changing shape of defence etc. Is 4-4-2 not fancy enough? With our level of player the simpler the better surely? We're watching another rookie manager making mistake after mistake.
  3. This is just a personal view,but booing our own players, who are probably not that high in confidence, 20 minutes into a game seldom makes them play better. Maybe we could wait until half time and full time.
  4. I agree that Sheerin should have started with two up front today and the first half was very poor but I don't think a proportion of our support help matters. The toxic atmosphere is back, again. We are in a viscious cycle - booing paddy martin, in one of his first games for us, for not throwing the ball out quickly enough ffs. Im scunnered with the whole thing.
  5. Well im just talking bollocks. I thought McKay played against Alloa as well and I was at that game which is worrying....
  6. Our defence has been a shambles since Brad McKay came back. Dixon and Hall together were playing fairly well a few weeks ago.
  7. Has any season ticket holders had there ticket for Saturday emailed to them yet?
  8. Does anyone know if Josh Todd comes back to us now? He's not been good but no worse an option than some who've been playing, it would add another body to limited squad numbers. Not sure if he left us in good terms or not.
  9. Ive watched every game this season but cant bring myself to fork out for tonights game. The cove game has completed scunnered me.
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