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  1. Email just in with update for tomorrow’s match You now must wear a mask at all times. How much more stupid is this going to get
  2. My thoughts, amateurs won’t play for a long time yet. Summer seems to me probably the sensible bet It looks like we are heading for another lockdown in the new year probably till February There was a bit of traction with some MSPs getting involved making a few comments about return of amateur football but reality is they were only paying lip service The SFA have let the amateur game down really badly and I don’t see them or the government doing anything to change their tact The concern will be how many teams won’t return when the game restarts
  3. The malaise in the amateur game is stark, understandably as there has been very little to talk about, with inactivity on P&B being a prime example. As we come to the end of the year with Scottish amateur football almost completely shut down for nine months what’s the thoughts on the future of football at this level and what will it look like?
  4. I watched the last 15mins of an amateur game yesterday from the car. Conditions were horrendous on a grass park that was very wet and the players were covered in muck. At the end one side had a team talk, and all reasonably distanced, which I thought was very brave in the rain. The other team’s players all got they’re bags from under a hap that they’d used to cover them then went straight to their cars. All we’re putting towels on the seats and some tough guys took shirts off and put tracksuit top on outside their car. I shouted across the car park to one of them did he enjoy that and he replied it’s great to be playing I said what about no showers or changing and he said ‘That’s what we need to do. I have do things every day at my work for Covid that I don’t like because I need to do them, I doing this at the football because I want to’ We shouldn’t be stopping guys playing football if they want to
  5. What right have you got to say it’s not worth the hassle to over 50s what they’ll need to do to see football? Surely it’s up to them is it not?
  6. Exactly You treat them the same whether leg is broken or not so after seven months just treat the players suspended for games the same as the players with a time ban Let them off with it
  7. Two wrongs don’t make a right FFS I gave you more credit than that. It’s two different ‘wrongs’ Any right minded person would scrap the game suspensions after seven months of not being able to complete a ban for probably minor offences but the guy whose head butted or done worse could be getting off Scot free We are going to have a problem at all levels trying to get guys back playing and we should be encouraging people to play not stopping them for in light of what we’ve been through, are trivial offences.
  8. As far as I understand it the SAFA have said all game suspensions must stand as well as dated suspensions which is an absolute nonsense when you consider if a player got a three or six month ban in March he’s now served his suspension and not missed a game. Common sense would say SAFA should wipe all game suspensions for the restart
  9. I’m similar minded, there is no way football will start in January and if it doesn’t go in October then you can forget it till next summer and that will result in loads of lower level football clubs going to the wall and never returning It will also see thousands of players not returning to the game. We need to adjust our lives to live with this virus as it’s not going away We can’t shut down society for ever and we can’t wait on a vaccine that may never come. October sees the end of the furlough scheme and everybody who has a job will need to get back to working What are they going to do to avoid the virus because lots of workplaces can’t or won’t because of costs, be able to socially distance. We have not had a death in the last month however we will have especially over the winter If you want to avoid it stay home, don’t go near anybody and buy everything you need on line How ridiculous does that really sound?
  10. When next year? Ireland and England have got grassroots football teams back playing friendlies at least Do you not think that’s strange and we can’t even train
  11. What a ridiculous situation Putting an edict out at 5.30 pm that must be adhered to immediately. They gave the Aberdeen pubs more notice to close in a lockdown What an absolute farce and it’s stupid decisions like this that will put people off adhering to the rules.
  12. ‘It is planned that live events such as concerts and comedy will be allowed outdoors from 24 August, with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and restricted audience numbers. It is hoped that organised outdoor contact sports can resume for people of all ages on the same date’ Nicola Sturgeon at FM questions Think this will mean contact training resuming?
  13. Your deluding yourself if you think that money is going to be used to test league 2 players Testing will never be done at that level and certainly not down to any lower levels. The risk is greatly reduced outdoors and there will be procedures put in place for the stripping and washing requirements of players and despite all the doomsters lower league /grassroots football will start There will always be the chance it will be shutdown again if numbers spike but that’s no different whether we start in October or January
  14. Well sturgeon’s phase 2 announcement was well worth the wait, not. So it means no even training yet for adult teams and kids teams. Teams won’t be able to play but they’ll train like some have been doing for the last few weeks More will follow now nothing surer I still can’t understand why the Irish have let their grassroots football train in groups of six and we are still not allowed to do anything
  15. A Tory govt’s relaxation of the lockdown will be driven by the economy, it won’t be number of deaths or any other number. That’s what’s happening now, people going back to work, kids going to school etc staycations from July, all because the economy can’t continue haemorrhaging money. Our FM will follow UK govt with her three week lag and that’s fair enough They are concentrating on elite sports at present pure and simply because of money. In the next month or two if the elite stuff goes ok they’ll put out guidelines to allow lower level sport to restart siting the nations mental health. For all of the above reasons I think that’s why football at semi pro, amateur and kids levels will be played in 2020 They have just announced a New taskforce to help sport and arts recover Turning to sport and the arts, Dowden says their absence has created a "rather odd" feeling in the country. He announces a new taskforce to look at helping sport and the creative industries prepare to get back on their feet. Among those who will be involved include former footballer Alex Scott, ex-ITV boss Michael Grade and the English National Ballet's Tamara Rojo. Thats a positive surely but still depends on a lot of unknowns
  16. You are entitled to think there will be no amateur football till 2021 but reality is you don’t know Nobody does but the fear mongers among us will no doubt revel in casting gloom and doom In Australia the Football Federation boss James Johnson remains "very confident" that grassroots football will resume in the near future. All football remains suspended until at least May 31, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are 12 weeks till the middle of August when amateur football would normally start and a lot can happen by then Let’s just wait and see
  17. Put your proposal into the Scottish AGM to change all amateur football to mar to Nov and see what response you get. If that doesn’t work there is nothing stopping you forming a summer league as current rules permit it so go for it See how many clubs you get and you never know it may result in a load of the prominent clubs wanting to join. However I doubt it
  18. That’s not a bad shout but who plays for these clubs in these games, players who were registered for 2019/20 or can players signed for 2020/21 play for them?
  19. When this lockdown is relaxed enough to allow football to restart, all those who want summer football should go for it. Create a new league or leagues ask clubs to join and see what response you get Graham3179 has already said the rules are all in place so go for it You could start now on this forum by asking clubs to state if they would definitely switch if it was started up.
  20. I know football is less important than a lot that is going just now but the SFA should tell every association to sit tight till a decision is made by them and every league should follow their directive Maxwell and co should show some leadership
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