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  1. What’s the point without fans kenny.
  2. What happens with our training in Glasgow. How can we be expected to get lighted training in Ayrshire at such short notice.
  3. All he’s done is good since he came to our grade. Helps lots of clubs. And this is the pish he gets.
  4. I said at the time anyone training should be done for industrial manslaughter. And I stand by that.
  5. Pish talk. So who’s your training. Because your team owes us an apology for your remarks.
  6. Best of luck to Colin, Billy, Jim and John. Worked tirelessly for the club. Not even a thank you in the statement.
  7. Craig’s doing a great job at Hibs. Other end of the pitch this one.
  8. 1st of August should stoke up the old pie and bovril [emoji6]
  9. Hearing that 3 other teams in our league have been caught training. Watch this space.
  10. Correct kilwinning meadow and Beith. But let’s all pick on Darvel. Easy target.
  11. The abuse to DL about his personal life was bang out of order.
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