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  1. Everyone knows 99.9% of the players Darvel have signed wouldn’t have come to them before the ££££££££££ signs appeared DOWN THE BRAE
  2. You’ve no got much confidence in your new management team’s judgment or instilling confidence in your new players once a pr—k always a pr—k
  3. Glasgow & Shankland have signed extended contracts
  4. Is shankers no going to Darvel [emoji23] Lol I’m kidding
  5. Just like you lot will give the whistleblower a break when you find out who it is rules for everyone except the Talbot the guy did wrong that’s why he decided to resign before he was fired
  6. Greg knows where the back of the net is and will score plenty goals give the guy a break ffs
  7. As east Ayrshire team is complicit in this enquiry being needed I wouldn’t gloat too much
  8. Hopefully this will put to bed all the rubbish spoken about decisions made and by who
  9. They’re good at legal actions apparently [emoji41]
  10. Well that cleared that up it’s still a fact your only in top league because your chairman threatened legal action thanks for the confirmation [emoji106]
  11. It is fact you can dress it up anyway you want he the chairman threatened them with legal action why else would there be 2 champions of the division and no other they could have shared the premier with Kilwinning & Talbot but they didn’t
  12. You’ve been repeating the same crap for the last four years remind me again have Darvel actually won anything Your only in the top league because your chairman threatened to take legal action against the wsjfa if Darvel weren’t promoted and that’s a fact
  13. I actually go watch my team Remind me again do you [emoji41] no don’t I already know but that’s the other side of the coin
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