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  1. 2012/13 was glorious, but 2005/06 was infinitely more amusing.
  2. In a squad containing Cammy Smith? No.
  3. Real whiff of entitlement around Arbroath these days...
  4. Lad's been poorly advised on the face of things, but the decision rests with him.
  5. Seems my confidence after the Morton game - the only other match I've attended this season - was misplaced massively. An insipid performance on the pitch and in the dugout - the substitutions and tactical changes served to make things worse. Tiffoney's dive was the ultimate embarrassment.
  6. That tallies with today's pre-match comments: three in this week with a further one or two to follow.
  7. Gift of Gab dead, FFS.
  8. Shock G reportedly dead, ffs.
  9. I thought it might be the influence of one of your primary teachers - if I have the right member of the commentary team - who comes from a well-known Thistle supporting family.
  10. Without appearing to offer my support to the current custodians of the club, I can say that's incorrect.
  11. It's being reported that Double K of People Under The Stairs has died. Thes One appears to have blacked out his Insta in tribute.
  12. Wish I was that talented.
  13. Mural tribute to DOOM near the Clydeside Amphitheatre.
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