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  1. Without appearing to offer my support to the current custodians of the club, I can say that's incorrect.
  2. It's being reported that Double K of People Under The Stairs has died. Thes One appears to have blacked out his Insta in tribute.
  3. Wish I was that talented.
  4. Mural tribute to DOOM near the Clydeside Amphitheatre.
  5. Their latest podcast - a celebration of Jeru's 'The Sun Rises In The East' - seems a good place to start.
  6. Four episodes in - it's excellent. I expected to have heard all the stories and seen all the footage, but there's tonnes of fresh material. The access they've gained to hitherto private, almost mythical individuals - I'm looking at you, Schooly D - is impressive.
  7. Sorry, meant YouTube, but great that you found it on Prime. I'd rather watch it through that.
  8. Seems to have been release in 2013, but completely passed me by. Officially uploaded to YouTube today.
  9. New Souls of Mischief documentary's just dropped on YouTube.
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