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  1. Enjoyed the album. There was a time (quite recently) when I would only reluctantly listen to anything released post '99/2000, but I've gone down a lot of Amazon Music rabbit holes over the past few weeks.
  2. I must've watched this twenty times since you posted it.
  3. Staying on an Edan tip...
  4. Giving 'Funcrusher Plus' a spin - enjoying it a lot more than I did when I last listened to it in...oh, must have been around 2000/01.
  5. Appreciate the recommendations, cheers. Dug out Latyrx's first album. Also have the first two Shabazz Palaces EPs on standby.
  6. Can anyone recommend any psyche rap tracks or albums similar to the Mr Lif and Cannibal Ox songs I posted recently? The other album that springs to mind instantly is Edan's 'Beauty and the Beat'.
  7. GJ isn't really concerned with McKenna or his accuser.
  8. I haven't, but will do on your recommendation. I bought a rap album for the first time in a loooong time this week - the Guilty Simpson/Leonard Charles collab, 'LSD'.
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