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  1. Seems my confidence after the Morton game - the only other match I've attended this season - was misplaced massively. An insipid performance on the pitch and in the dugout - the substitutions and tactical changes served to make things worse. Tiffoney's dive was the ultimate embarrassment.
  2. That tallies with today's pre-match comments: three in this week with a further one or two to follow.
  3. Gift of Gab dead, FFS.
  4. Shock G reportedly dead, ffs.
  5. I thought it might be the influence of one of your primary teachers - if I have the right member of the commentary team - who comes from a well-known Thistle supporting family.
  6. Without appearing to offer my support to the current custodians of the club, I can say that's incorrect.
  7. It's being reported that Double K of People Under The Stairs has died. Thes One appears to have blacked out his Insta in tribute.
  8. Wish I was that talented.
  9. Mural tribute to DOOM near the Clydeside Amphitheatre.
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