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  1. I wouldn’t bet on seeing him play before December at the very least.
  2. I’m sure Eetu’s contract also includes a +1, might be wrong though
  3. A midfield without Murray Davidson tomorrow certainly helps this.
  4. He’s going to need some belongings if he’s staying…
  5. I heard it and he did mention releasing Doig, saying he did it for the good of the young player as he had Aaron Hickey in front of him in the pecking order so allowed him to find another club.
  6. Played Arbroath in a bounce game this evening, finished 2-2 Taylor Steven double. Ballantyne, Kucheriavyi, Mahon, Sandford and Phillips all played.
  7. If it means It frees Hallberg and Carey to play forwards and we see less of Murray Davidson then I’m all for it
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