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  1. Chance that they won’t even be going to fans too.
  2. Yeah he mentioned Tuesday night, was there a requirement for a test on Monday? Testing was carried out on Monday, as it is every week. Results from Monday must’ve forced the clubs hand to test again Tuesday night.
  3. Have just been informed that P&K Council will be decorating the grouse at Broxden roundabout again with the blue and white scarf and bobble hat - didn’t do it before league cup final due to not trusting cherrypicker on the soft ground on roundabout. The town will also be getting a blue and white makeover again with bunting etc.
  4. Imagine there was currently a centre half in the squad who has a criminal record. Oh wait...
  5. Just for cover, Zander absolutely fine.
  6. Criminal that he was never capped for Scotland.
  7. Rooney, McCann and Spoony to be rested with O’Halloran getting a deserved start.
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