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  1. You would think a well run club like Stirling would be streaming games like most of clubs in league . It will be difficult game tho and interesting team selection from Cowden . Good to see Morrison back on bench today
  2. Any info on the trialist and if we are looking to sign him ? Since he didn’t get to introduce himself in yesterday’s game lol
  3. We got done for pace against Albion rovers . In the first half. Todd has a lot of good things about him as a defender but he looked really slow and all over the place at times . We could have won our last 4 games in league but we cannot take our chances . Felt we were the better side in 2nd half . Still don’t think Renton is fit enough to play 90 minutes . Liam Buchanan still very good and does the right things in games . Mullen also played quite well at the weekend . We need some more quality in the middle of the park . Mahady looked a bit nervous on the ball at weekend . Dont think the manager is giving him and Coulson any favours confidence wise . Bringing them in and leaving them on bench but this is what the manger does . It’s not a squad game with him . It’s stubborn selections and never makes the right subs . I think the game against Forfar is a must win even at this early stage in season . Got Stirling away and Edinburgh away soon . No idea where the points are coming from . if we don’t get our act together
  4. I didn’t get to see the Alloa game live but on the highlights it looks like we had some serious chances to make it difficult for them . Our defending has being careless at times but I think we have had 4 cleared off the line in the last 3 games at the other end . I get why some fans are pessimistic and that lies with the manager and his stubbornness . Do think a win is coming tho . Luck has not being on our side recently A Dark cloud around the Club is never good . I think we have competition for places this season but lacking a bit in middle of the park . Miller and Hutton are just too similar for me . Hopefully we can break the hoodoo down Coatbridge . Is never normally an easy away day but we are playing ok and not winning . I am quite positive for the weekend
  5. End of day Annan done their job 2nd half . I think it was more fitness issue than mentality thing for us . Hopefully players are right up for Tommorow . I am surprised Stranraer are down there at bottom . Gettint rid of the Orr boy upfront probably wasn’t the most sensible decision but I don’t think they have the worst team in division at all . So the players will need to play well tommmorow night to get the 3 points . Hope we do so . Really need morrison back soon
  6. Is decent and direct winger . End product isn’t the best . Seems to lack confidence infront of goal but try’s hard for the team . Might do well at Berwick and out of league 2.
  7. Didn’t look fittest in some games but with more prep he will be very good signing . Was evident he knew how to make space and could pass the ball well . Him and Morrison could really form good partnership in their . With a full season . Hope Gary looking tor an old fashioned winger with a bit of pace . Squad shaping up nicely so far
  8. streaming was very good, polite and non bias commentary, i'm not from Cowden, so i miss some fixtures, hope most clubs stick with it
  9. Quite liked Pyper, did have a mistake or two in him but was quite physical and good player when right on his game, when the current manager freezes you out the team its very hard to get back in, great getting morrison, swann, mullen , todd & Barr signed back up, Finnie was mince to be fair, only played well on his debut and last game, we need another winger whos direct , taylor and buchanan need some competition, they don't create enough chances, not knocking them tho, another left back and centre mid is needed as well, Bollan recruitment needs to be stronger this season, brings players in and hardly uses them
  10. Flanagan good signing for Stirling, player i wish we could have got in, Orr going to Stenny good business for them, albion rovers going for it recruitment wise, hope we have winger and striker lined up
  11. Unlucky Edinburgh City . Played really well in 2nd half and were the better side despite playing with 10 men . First half was a bit of a non event . Seems the 2nd half in first leg . You’s ran out of steam and has cost you’s in end . If I was fan of your club I would be happy with that showing tho tonight . See yous again next season .
  12. All you can really ask of your players in away fixture . 1 goal deficit only is workable . Just have to throw everything at the home game now . Good luck. Cove put me through hell in the away game and we escaped with a 0-0 and came back to ours and won 3-2 . Far from over yet
  13. All the best Brechin . Just got to fight and try come out with positive result tonight . Anything can happen in return leg if still in tie . Lot of people will be rooting for you’s
  14. Sounds like it was some game . Unlucky Elgin . Will be another tough away day for us next season . I hope Edinburgh City can beat Dumbarton in the play off
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