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  1. Elgin a very dangerous team at home, scoring plenty goals
  2. Thanks for the coverage tho . Very professional . Replays and all sorts lol
  3. Renton was finished 60 minutes in fitness wise, their is a real lack of belief in our attacking play, our only hope is a goal from a set piece at the moment, i guess our team will be better judged when we play Brechin, surely we will get more chances, Stirling have a better team than us on paper, they didnt have to play well to win against us, thats the worrying part
  4. Ross MacLean looks a great player, cant really complain about todays result, even tho we defended well in the 2nd half, Queens Park too well drilled and pressed us well, have width in their team, we didnt do enough up the pitch
  5. Stream has being fine, froze once, then reloaded back up, got to say 2 strikers against a team with that much pace and quality is strange choice, would bring morrison on for russell 2nd half if hes fit
  6. Yeah just read it on their forum there . My bad . The newspaper said it’s one positive why I thought that . Sounds a shambles all round this testing
  7. We had players missing due to covid for the Annan game but still played the fixture and got humped . Albion rovers manager has done everything to get the game off . Talking about no training and even the weather . Already paid for the stream . Albion rovers unprofessional
  8. I hope so lol already paid 11 pound to view the game, beers in
  9. boy on left wing looked useful must say, might blow hot and cold on a bad day but has pace and was some finish , dont feel we created enough, really dont think hamilton is a striker, looks a winger to me, we need more players back to do more, congrats on the win ,
  10. yeah says serious foul play, ah well boys done well to keep it competitive still
  11. never seen him lift his hands the 2nd time, your right back booked in the exchange, seems a case of another referee getting overly involved, was looking a good game
  12. this could be the game of the weekend in the division i think, hope ive not cursed it lol
  13. its proper raining here in Airdrie, good news its not so bad in Edinburgh, was looking forward to this today, didnt know yous signed Raffaele De Vita this season, dangerous at this level, if we have the 5 or 6 back who were missing for Annan game, then id be more confident of us frustrating and causing problems, Edinburgh will no doubt be up there tho come the end of the season, ill take a draw all day lol, tough side to play away from home
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