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  1. Darvel juniors are delighted to announce the signing of derek riordan , a proven goal scorer who will bang them in at this level
  2. They will be fine, few back from Newfarm , few from Crosshouse n few ex juniors , won’t be far away
  3. They have plenty lined up , no money involved atal so unsure where people are getting that idea
  4. A think they have a few lined up , a think they will defo challenge
  5. A think majority of the boys from the Sunday team are staying , few left but mostly still same boys ,
  6. Blacks bar will be a decent team this season is allowed in
  7. Mate take a day off , a don’t even Ken u and u are just spouting shite , no ones even arguing with u , pubs are open go for a pint n just sit n talk shite to yourself for a few hours and get it all if your chest eh
  8. Craig Sampson to darvel , heard it here first.
  9. Not heard of much atal , See thistle have lost a few to bonnyton in that new pyramid ,
  10. I agree , hopefully we can get back sooner than later ,
  11. Any updates as to what’s happening with darvel and their training issue ?? Also is that teams now aloud to train again without people spying on them ??
  12. Asking what team u were associated with , not who u were
  13. So yous think it’s ok for him to be followed ??? Regardless if your opinions on him? Shouldn’t be happening
  14. Mate your obsessed with them , take a day off
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