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  1. Pearson only doing a job at shortleese , no need for personal abuse towards the guy, the ardeer keeper on other hand is a rocket who is only there for the pay packet
  2. Heard that aswell , heard they had applied for a year out then decided not to bother registering . If they do come back next year , supposedly coming in bottom league
  3. I agree , sounds a good move at this stage but I’m the same , in 2/3 years do they apply again then leave them in the shit . Hopefully not and everything works out for both parties and they start to improve and build , few decent players at Kilbride who personally could play at that level no problem .
  4. We have been playing well mate, few young boys who are different class , will surprise a few folk this year I think personally .
  5. Hearing Jordan banks will be on the move soon back to the amateurs ,
  6. Hearing graham and Steven going to play at cross house Amateurs for the season , 2 very good signings for them which will surely push them close to promotion.
  7. Apology’s then , abso roaster , talks total fukin shite about everything to do with fitba ,
  8. But was one of the crosshouse players not in the company of someone who is confirmed as positive ? And has then been training and playing with the team ? Sticky situation if u ask me
  9. Always going to be the same bud, can’t please everyone.
  10. Bonnyton away to broomlands on that new Astro at the circuit, tiny park
  11. Where’s that came from ? No ones arguing atal , just posting their scores from yesterday ?
  12. What is happening at darvel ? Some questionable results past few weeks ?
  13. Need to get fitter , miles off it , once fit al all have a better idea of what to do .
  14. Yeh mate still trying but well past it if honest
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