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  1. Season be a long time away imo . Scottish premier league will have another scenario and that will put us further back again. Hopefully not as choking to get back playing but it’s not looking likely .
  2. Aye they are all back , big tim n that also, not sure how it will go but hopefully they do well
  3. I agree, decent boy but hasn’t a fuckin clue about football , couldn’t do it with dean and most certainly will be a hanger on at most at leese
  4. Young Fraser a cracking boy who will have the clubs best intentions at heart at all time , hopefully now darvel can progress more professionally now without getting involved with other clubs dramas etc and causing beef with people for no reason, I wonder how it will go , time will tell
  5. A don’t know how it will go , there is that many teams in killie after the same folk it’s madness
  6. Reid hasn’t signed at thistle , he has a few offers , Shortleese one of them so he can’t be that bad , will be interesting come start of season who ends up where , all hearsay the now till we get a date and people start committing to one team ,
  7. Very true , be an interesting year as a think lots of players will be lucky to get the notion to fully commit to it again due to the amount of time we’ve been away from it , hopefully I’m wrong
  8. just to be clear crosshouse have signed all but 1 player from last season who has went to shortlees so Galston obtaining lads from them is wide off the mark. Just what I heard , heard young ross was going back n grant forbes also , it’s all hearsay at this time of year , same every year tho . Ad be happy for pint and a pie after the game never mind money ,
  9. Mate take a few sleepers n get some rest , I think your I’ll
  10. Darvel juniors are delighted to announce the signing of derek riordan , a proven goal scorer who will bang them in at this level
  11. They will be fine, few back from Newfarm , few from Crosshouse n few ex juniors , won’t be far away
  12. They have plenty lined up , no money involved atal so unsure where people are getting that idea
  13. A think they have a few lined up , a think they will defo challenge
  14. A think majority of the boys from the Sunday team are staying , few left but mostly still same boys ,
  15. Blacks bar will be a decent team this season is allowed in
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