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  1. Decent game fot the neutrals , drum fast on the counter and played to their advantage , shortleese very slow at the back n few individual errors had the tie over before shortleese kicked a ball , last half hour shortleese well in it and unlucky not to get a couple more and take it to pens, big keeper for drum looked decent for being 86.
  2. Hearing the leese will fold after the semi if result goes against them ? Rock bottom of the league , thrashed from there 2 main title rivals in recent weeks , no looking good. Shame
  3. I see the wheels are well and truly off ardeers title push . Lost 4 out of last 5. Don’t now if anything to do with letting their goalkeeper leave without putting up as much of a fight to keep him but hey ho .
  4. Defo Irvine in the wrong imo , few meaty tackles from either side , last incident , pollock boy wins ball hard but fair then Irvine boy kicks out when balls away , also the Irvine ( unsure if manager or commitee with the red boots , punches pollock number 2 for Abso nothing , total shite bag move considering the boy isn’t even looking .
  5. What’s everyone’s predictions for the leagues this year ? Few dropped points already from the top teams in premier ,
  6. What is your issue ? The game is finished , move on.
  7. He has signed on again at newfarm so no need to slate the boy , he was only looking for game time .
  8. Don’t really no what’s silly about the post ?? A boy looking to play regular football and was seeing if was any interest as some people may be looking for an experienced goalkeeper , sorry for the confusion
  9. This isn’t him , u know what the rumour mill is like , obv linked with his old club , he will find something sooner or later , wether it be another wosfl team or an amateur club.
  10. No silly responses please , genuine party’s please pm me .
  11. Ardeer goalkeeper Reid fisher looking for club for guaranteed game time .
  12. A love to get right on it the night before if honest , fridays only night off so need to make most of it ,
  13. Can see onthank getting flung out the league , fighting last week now racism during the game , shocking
  14. Don’t know what you mean ? It’s just what I’ve heard from various people that there is interest in the lad , wouldn’t be surprised if the top teams are sniffing around him soon enough
  15. I am hearing there is a few bids in for the ardeer goalie fisher. Boy has had some start to the season with the step up in class Bringing the best out of him.
  16. Ardeer win again , some start for the amateurs
  17. Another astounding performance from ardeer. This years surprise package perhaps ?
  18. Trying to reply , have yous got anything sorted yet ?? Bonnyton also looking for a game ?
  19. Darvel will win the league by atleast 15 points
  20. Pearson only doing a job at shortleese , no need for personal abuse towards the guy, the ardeer keeper on other hand is a rocket who is only there for the pay packet
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