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  1. Asking what team u were associated with , not who u were
  2. So yous think it’s ok for him to be followed ??? Regardless if your opinions on him? Shouldn’t be happening
  3. Mate your obsessed with them , take a day off
  4. He’s annbank for defo , and correct me if I’m wrong , has annbank not been training also at Scott Ellis ??
  5. And what team are yous like??? Still didn’t answer my question ?
  6. Who’s yous like ? Am just going on what I heard 👍
  7. I know darvel wanted him but he wasn’t interested in going there .
  8. Talbot can confirm the signing of Reid fisher from the amateurs . Will do well to out leishman but he’s young and has time on his hands to try and get a shot.
  9. Fisher will be a good addition to the squad , young goalie , a lot in for him at the moment
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