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  1. All to play for imo. Few teams will fancy their chances if go on a run , glenburn , newfarm , dailly , Cumnock , could go anywhere this year ,
  2. Decent game fot the neutrals , drum fast on the counter and played to their advantage , shortleese very slow at the back n few individual errors had the tie over before shortleese kicked a ball , last half hour shortleese well in it and unlucky not to get a couple more and take it to pens, big keeper for drum looked decent for being 86.
  3. Hearing the leese will fold after the semi if result goes against them ? Rock bottom of the league , thrashed from there 2 main title rivals in recent weeks , no looking good. Shame
  4. I see the wheels are well and truly off ardeers title push . Lost 4 out of last 5. Don’t now if anything to do with letting their goalkeeper leave without putting up as much of a fight to keep him but hey ho .
  5. Defo Irvine in the wrong imo , few meaty tackles from either side , last incident , pollock boy wins ball hard but fair then Irvine boy kicks out when balls away , also the Irvine ( unsure if manager or commitee with the red boots , punches pollock number 2 for Abso nothing , total shite bag move considering the boy isn’t even looking .
  6. What’s everyone’s predictions for the leagues this year ? Few dropped points already from the top teams in premier ,
  7. What is your issue ? The game is finished , move on.
  8. He has signed on again at newfarm so no need to slate the boy , he was only looking for game time .
  9. Don’t really no what’s silly about the post ?? A boy looking to play regular football and was seeing if was any interest as some people may be looking for an experienced goalkeeper , sorry for the confusion
  10. This isn’t him , u know what the rumour mill is like , obv linked with his old club , he will find something sooner or later , wether it be another wosfl team or an amateur club.
  11. No silly responses please , genuine party’s please pm me .
  12. Ardeer goalkeeper Reid fisher looking for club for guaranteed game time .
  13. A love to get right on it the night before if honest , fridays only night off so need to make most of it ,
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