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  1. Bonnyton playing bellfield again tomoz , struthers 2pm
  2. How’s everyone’s pre season starting ?? Bonnyton looking good this year , 2-1 against bellfield and then 3-2 last night against glenafton who must have had about 30 players available , can’t see them keeping hold of half them tho .
  3. Latest scores for pre season ,
  4. What is darvels reason for pulling out the cup ?? If they win today isn’t that them promoted ? Surely a couple more games for a semi final and a final would be a good ending to an already successful season ? Or am I missing something ?
  5. How do we think darvel will cope with these games? Don’t no much about either league or think darvel will have too much for them ?
  6. Hats off to darvel , huge backlog of fixtures which I thought may hinder their chances but theve pulled it off , experience and quality shown through in the end , hopefully they win the playoffs aswell and see what happens next season , exciting times ahead ,
  7. Get in there the darvel boys !!!
  8. Hearing they are looking at the amateur management team of Alan Baird and Kyle kehone to take over , don’t know how much truth is in that tho.
  9. Second half looked good , tackle for the red was horrendous
  10. Darvel a bigger club than the lot of yous
  11. Mate take the night off , yous had a good result yes , yous are still not near the top so rap it
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