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  1. He doesn’t even live in Cowdenbitch he’s a former miner who’s got a job in Lidel in Aberdeen and wishes he’s still living the dream of living in Dunfermline 😆
  2. I don’t write the match reports but I suspect that if Cowdenbeath did in fact have the cash to back up your posts you might not be so blatantly bias. It obviously upsets you.... like I said thank you to the Edinburgh crew for welcoming today . Well done three points deserved.
  3. No I mean City clear you’ve got a problem bud!
  4. Who said we were ? You’d be better concentrating on your own teams performance or lack of it rather than offsetting it by slating Other teams or should I just say Cove’s. big thanks to Edinburgh City for their hospitality today appreciated
  5. You should concentrate on your own dismal score today what’s your report on that ? Same old..same old
  6. It’s great to be in a league with a much better standard of football the feelings mutual
  7. Gee and I’ve not heard, after all I am the Cove support 😂😂😂😂knew that Moorhouse was dodge imagine not giving the heads up!
  8. 😂😂😂now we’re part of a Asian betting consortium I bet the house and kids on a draw......damn! Ah well busking again oh the dogs gone !
  9. Who knows depends on the loan signings I guess would you?
  10. Radio silence up here as soon as I saw Jordan Brown coming on last week you knew if we weren’t already it was game over the guy couldn’t score in a brothel😂 Jimmy Scott can’t play as a lone striker either no chance. I know Harry Milne has a uni exam on Sat morning in Aberdeen along with a hamstring injury .....
  11. I think there was a mass suicide last week, they both killed themselves 😂that just leaves me! Interesting one on Saturday looking forward to the relatively short journey to Edinburgh compared to Annan. Has the bubble burst ?Who knows still a few injuries but all I look for first and foremost is to hold our own in the league so if the bubble has burst we have a healthy start on some.....oh and if it’s not look out!
  12. That’s right Cove had to trail off to Brora then Wales that was a seven hour trip each way! Things you do ......
  13. Cove averaged 400+ last year at home . I’d imagine that Kelty being close to other teams in the area would get good attendances from away fans likewise they would take a decent away support. Travelling to Annan is a fair old hike, saying that if Brora came up .........?
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