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  1. They've had the whole summer to replace the defence that was the third worst when they were promoted and then conceded 64 in a relegation season, and they didn't. I include the goalies too, as I don't think legsdinz or Lawlor is good enough. I've said for ages that Marshall and Sweeney aren't good enough but we've persisted with them. Byrne was never my favourite player but he did well in the play offs last year. Overall a waste of however much we paid livi for him. McGowan, and Mulligan should be in central midfield together if this is how the window ends. Maybe byrne but that's if he suddenly learns how to pass forwards and shoot. Chapman still at the club. Really? No point to that signing at all McMullan and McCowan are quick but not much end product with either imo. Prefer McCowan out of the two, hope he's back soon. Not keen on McGinn so if we get an injury out wide we're screwed as Tuesday showed. Mulligan isn't a left winger, he's best in central midfield. Up front Robinson had his best game for us on Tuesday night. Was quite isolated at times but he should start on Saturday. Not sure what's happening with Rudden but I'm not sure on him yet. We would've been better off releasing Jakubiak and Sheridan. Waste of a wage those two. they've both been here for around 36 months combined and we've yet to see 10 goals between them if I'm remembering correctly. Can see it remaining a struggle all season. Poor window all things considered.
  2. Better be a goalie, left back, or striker. Or all of the above if it's only the one signing
  3. Wouldn't put it past Nelms to approach him for the third time. First was in 2017 before McCann took the job full time, second was after McGhee was let go but who knows if he was spoken to after McPake was sacked.
  4. Hopefully Uniteds season ends the same way as the last time they sacked a manager when they were bottom of the premiership
  5. Think this is spot on. Ashcroft should come in for Sweeney and I'd start McGhee at RB and move Cammy to left back.
  6. I'd agree with everything here. French has started the season v well. Didn't see the hype with Sweeney last year and he's started this season poorly. I'd consider dropping him for Ashcroft on Friday. We can't keep on giving him 5 minutes at the end of games to get his fitness back up. I'd drop Grayson and play 442 with Robinson up top with Rudden, McCowan on the left with McGinn on the right. McGhee at RB with Cammy LB. Mulligan and McGowan in a midfield two. Hopefully we can improve on our crossing as our crosses either don't get past the first centreback or they're far too deep. If we provide better service, then hopefully it pays off with an extra striker in the box.
  7. Starting with Sharp. I'd agree with most of that. Out of the three I'd be most comfortable keeping him in goal. I don't think any of the three are brilliant though. All of them have the same faults imo, kicking and not coming off their line stick in the mind. Marshall is a liability and it was smart from their keeper to start a quick counter by punting it long for their striker to win it in a 1v1 with Marshall. Thistles third also came at our back post on Marshall's side, with him caught in no man's land. Sooner we get a new LB the better. Thought Cammy did well there whenever he's played there in the last few seasons. Glad he dropped Byrne and Anderson as they've been stinking recently. Byrne is too negative even when he's in front of goal and should be shooting, instead choosing the sideways pass. I've never really been convinced by Anderson, so that's all I'll say. McGowan, Mulligan and Robertson would be my midfield three, as Grayson was picking up some good positions but doesn't seem the quickest. ( Was a while ago now but the last time I saw Robertson get a proper chance in the first team was the derby in 19, and he strolled it). Worth another look at him. Rudden put in a shift, and even though not much came off for him, I'm glad he got a goal. He puts in a shift and is one of the only players we have that will wind up the opposition and has an edge to him. Falls and stumbles around alot, and his first touch isn't the best but he's a handful. Would rather have him up top putting himself about than the constantly injured jakubiak. Sheridan's just an afterthought at this moment in time. Robinson looks okay, took his header well but it's still early days so won't say any more on him. Definitely sensed a collapse when they made it 2-2, thought they were the better team second half, thankfully both defences had a nightmare and we were able to score more. Looking forward to Morton next week
  8. French was decent I thought, as was Cammy. Mistakes at the back came from Sweeney, Marshall and sharp. Not convinced with the goalkeepers we have( none of them kick well and all three are glued to the goal line for crosses which is annoying). I'd replace Ashcroft with Sweeney, as Sweeney is good for clearing balls in the air with his head but not much else. You can see our plan A at corners and set pieces is to kick it to the back for him to head which he never does, and when he does it doesn't come off. Ball at his feet he's dreadful too. Thought Grayson was okay, his crosses were too easy to defend against imo, just lofting it to the back post for Sweeney constantly. Doesn't look the quickest in midfield but was picking up some good positions, especially first half. We were too busy passing it between sharp, Sweeney and French instead of getting it into Grayson quickly though. Positives - McCowan should've got MOTM. Brilliant first goal and cross for the third. Should be in the team each week ahead of McGinn and McMullan on the wing. McGowan was good too, as was Cammy. Thought Mulligan was alright - I've seen him play much better and not score - but that goal was brilliant. Reminded me of Stewart twisting and turning before curling it in. He's definitely come on massively since 2019. Overall I thought Arbroath were better second half, we made some stupid mistakes with Marshall and sharp and a goal or two from them was definitely coming. They had lots of corners 2nd half and looked more of a threat than us. Don't think it was a great performance but it was a great result.
  9. Still think 3-2 flattered us. Apart from McGinn hitting the side netting in the first half and Mulligan shooting when he should've passed to McGinn I can't remember many chances until Cammy scored. We didn't deserve a point so I think it would've been harsh on thistle if we did get it. They didn't have to play that well to get the win. On the keeper situation - I don't get why some people are clambering for legzins to come back. His kicking is as bad as Sharps and Lawlors (none of the three goalkeepers kick a ball well) and he made some high profile errors last year (Hibs 2-2 and United 1-0 spring to mind immediately), and that's before we even mention his time wasting! Even though his kicking is rubbish I'd much rather see sharp remain in goal. Bring back Bobby Geddes. There's a keeper that can kick a football.
  10. Byrne and Anderson don't do anything for me. I've said enough on Anderson and it's clear to see that he doesn't offer much. McGowan, Robertson and Mulligan has to be the midfield at Raith. To be fair to Robertson in regards to your last comment, I don't think he's been given a chance. McPake and McKay were raving about him when he first came into the team, saying how he could play 40-50 games and then they dropped him in the first derby of 19-20. He never really got a chance after that as McPake was choosing the lightning quick midfield trio of Ness, Byrne and dorrans . Robertson and McCowan definitely need more chances though, agree with McGinn though.
  11. I'd agree with McGhee at RB and Cammy left back. Thought McGhee was one of the best players in McPakes first two seasons up until he was injured in the September derby. Only came back in February properly in February and I thought he was good at RB/CB. The midfield experiment was good enough for the championship but not for the premiership. However I don't agree with everyone saying it should be Sweeney and X or Sweeney and Y. I'd be tempted to drop Sweeney instead and play McGhee, French, Ashcroft and Cammy. Kerr has been good enough at RB and has been better for me at LB than Marshall. Genuinely don't understand the hype around Marshall and Sweeney. Sweeney can head the ball but as we saw on Saturday and times last season he's useless with the ball at his feet. I said the same thing on twitter last year and another fan said "shock, defenders best attributes are defending". I'm sorry but he's a professional football player, he should be able to do the basics well enough like run with the ball and pass well. He's like Bambi on ice when the ball's at his feet. He's a tall lad (6ft4) but he rarely attacks the ball well or even look like jumping to win it when we've got corners or free kicks. We always try and hit him at the back post, and to my knowledge it hasn't worked. Haven't seen the third goal back and it was a poor clearance from sharp that led to it, but it would've been Marshall's area at the back post that the header came from. Seemed like he was caught in no man's land. He's a liability defensively (which should be the strongest part of his game) and he rarely provides going forward. He's not the only one that doesn't provide going forward. Even though I've never liked jakubiak (he was second best to everything and I'm amazed bowyer couldn't see it), we don't have anyone that can cross well. If a cross manages to beat the first man there's always an opposition defender who gets there first. Jakubiak is just so slow and immobile. Still perplexed at why McPake gave him a new deal. Amusing to see fans say he's like a different player after scoring against part timers
  12. I think the same. Got slated last season constantly for saying questioning what everyone sees in Anderson. The game passed him by today, he's a passenger week in week out. Midfield should be McGowan, Mulligan and Robertson. Pace and strength with Robertson and Mulligan and McGowan is consistently good. At least Mulligan and McGowan like to shoot. Can't say the same for Byrne or Anderson. Too early to assess Williamson imo
  13. This is Dundee we're talking about, that's too sensible for us
  14. If it got to such a late stage with Ross and it came down to relocation being the main issue in the breakdown (going by the rumours) can't we just offer the money for his relocation. Surely that's better than going for the second choice who's only managed for 120 days, or a third choice if it even gets to that. Even putting him up in a flat in Edinburgh, it's two and a half hours to the north west of England or wherever his family stays. I get some people will want to move on from Ross and get someone in asap but I'd rather the club put up with the extra costs than go for another project with a rookie coach or someone who didn't make the final two.
  15. Wish I had your optimism but it looks like it could be him
  16. Maloney wasn't given a fair shot at Hibs, that much is clear. Maybe it would've changed for the better if he was given a full pre season and more of his own signings, but we'll never know. If it is to be him, I'll support him and wish him well. However this just proves that we don't have a clear plan on how we want to move the club forward. We went for a tried and tested lower league winner with Hartley, to an unproven rookie pundit in McCann, then the McIntyre debacle quickly followed by the youth coach McPake. An old dinosaur in McGhee later and we've gone for the unproven option again with little managerial experience. From one extreme to the other, and it's not worked. I've nothing against Maloney, all the best to him. I'm sure he's a good coach but I'm just perplexed at this point. If Ross has indeed opted out due to relocation issues I'm surprised it's came down to this stage that he's decided to do so. It's typical dundee in the Nelms era that this is the final two, one proven manager capable of promotion and the other an inexperienced novice.
  17. JR is the logical option and the best we could hope for. Experience of turning a doomed team into title winners within a season. Seeing as this is Dundee though we'll end up with the DoF's son or the manager we sacked 5 years previous.
  18. I think Kerr has been one of the better players this year, especially while at LB. I also seem to be in the minority when it comes to Sweeney too, for a big guy he doesn't fully use his height to win many headers. Him trying to dribble through the saints midfield came shortly before their equaliser I'm sure. Definitely overrated imo
  19. Anyone else think we've also been unfit for years aswell? Seemed to change for the better once Hartley was appointed but after three years we were still doing the same set piece routines and not changing things up.
  20. That's nothing new I suppose. It's been like that for years
  21. What clause is that? I'd feel a bit better with McGhee (slightly) if it meant we could feasibly get Ross in the summer.
  22. Nelms doesn't have a clue about football. Honestly what the hell was he thinking appointing Gordon's best mate and embarrassment of a manager.
  23. No Ross, Wright, or Thomson according to Alan Pattullo. First name after that group to not be ruled out is Mark McGhee. Ffs
  24. Same here. Heart was set on JR but I don't have a clue who it's rumoured to be.
  25. Been ages since we've had someone who winds up the opposition and doesn't take any pish. Haven't seen much of him myself but I'm liking the things that people are saying so far
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