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  1. I liked the fact bowyer was an outside choice last summer, as it was nice to get someone in after the Ross and Maloney saga. Some fans have argued that he's underestimated the league with his signings, french and Robinson (first half of the season) have been good, the others less so, imo. Not yet fully in the "get rid" group yet, because there's been a few times that his selections and subs have led to poor performances and results. On top of that, playing McGhee in midfield instead of Finlay and Byrne is ridiculous to me, aswell as the signing and initial persistence to play Grayson. Finally, the decision to let McGowan go is still crazy to me. Reminds me of the 19/20 season under mcpake, pre COVID. We had a 6 game unbeaten run, similar to the run we had earlier this season during winter, but much of it was difficult to watch. Not sure who we would be able to get - or who we would go for, for that matter - if we did part ways with him at the end of the season. I know that's not a good reason to keep him if it's not gone well but we have to be realistic. I realise that we have an expectation to go straight back up but the majority of the team is poor. We're not likely to spend money on a player, so loans and free agents will be the option come the summer. Maybe a controversial opinion but I'd settle for another season in the championship if we can develop young players in the first team, who are prepared for the premiership the season after.
  2. Forgot this was the Ayr match thread and not the Dundee thread
  3. I've been thinking about Saturday and have some thoughts to share. I like McGhee. He was good under mcpake in the championship at CB imo. Even last year when he came back from his long term injury he was decent at RB/CB, again in my opinion. No matter what the player thinks - as I believe McGhee sees himself as a midfielder - Bowyer has to see that it just doesn't work. On Saturday there were countless times throughout the first half that we were in a 4-1-1-2-2 formation. Williamson was the deepest midfielder sitting on his own with no-one near him. Cameron was finding space in the middle but is ineffective in CM. To my amazement McGhee was almost like a second striker trying to make runs past the opposition defence. Not sure if anyone else noticed it but there were so many gaps in midfield in the first half. We should be thankful Partick are as bad as us. Byrne should be in the team over McGhee, and I'd drop Williamson for Robertson tomorrow night. Cameron is wasted further back, play him behind the striker. Get him running at defenders instead of trying to play "Hollywood passes" and being outfought further back. Also, stop playing Mulligan out of position!! He's wasted at RB, LW AND RW. Get him in central midfield. He can run with the ball well and is strong unlike Cameron, and can tackle aswell (just don't get sent off again). On Shaun Byrne now. I remember alot of fans loving him ever since he joined. I never saw the same hype if I'm being honest. He's good for the odd hard tackle and keeps it tidy. However he's not a progressive passer that we lack from central midfield and is far too negative. Has he scored for us sinc joining? Can't remember ever seeing a goal from him tbh. He's a better option in midfield than McGhee and Grayson when he was here, but he's hardly the second coming of busquets that I've seen from Dundee fans on twitter. As some other posters may know, I've never been a fan of marshall, Legzdins or sweeney so I'm not fussed if/when they leave at the end of the year. Still baffles me that we let McGowan go even if he wouldn't have played much if he'd stayed. We've got no fight in the team and I don't mean someone to smash into someone early doors. Other teams end up harassing the ref and winding up our players and we aren't wise to it. If you want an example just recall the Arbroath game in January when Williamson was sent off after a second booking. At the end of the day, it's probably a good thing that the whole team is out of contract. There's only a few players I'd keep like Kerr, Ashcroft, Robertson, Mulligan, Cameron and McCowan being the names that come to mind first. Big rebuild whatever league we're in, Bowyer's recruitment/academy players has to improve.
  4. Glad I'm not the only one that's noticed we never have anyone up for opposition corners. Every other team does it against us and we never do. McMullan has been stinking recently, doesn't deserve to start on Saturday but he inevitably will. As will sweeney, and McGhee in midfield again. Last night was up there as one of the worst performances I've seen from us.
  5. I know his contract is up at the end of the season (as well as nearly every other players is) but going by the statement it doesn't sound like he'll get a new deal. Thought we could have done with him for the remainder of the season too. Shame.
  6. 1st was decent from Rudden, I'll take that part of it back, but not wanting to criticise Cameron too much as he had a good game. Poor penalty certainly, but Sheridan was on the pitch too and didn't take one. Don't see much point of putting him out wide and then him not taking a pen.
  7. Cameron should be in the team more often. Best player for us today. Finlay was good when he came on too. Also thought sweeney and Ashcroft did well after French and Cammy went off. Thought we had some good chances up until we put Rudden RW, Thomas up top and Sheridan LW, madness that. McGhee was decent enough in midfield imo, I prefer him in defence but he was okay today. The new boy Thomas didn't get much service but didn't do anything when he did. As much as I'm not a fan of Jakubiak he gave their centre backs more trouble than Thomas did. A good 120 mins but those penalties were criminal.
  8. Exactly this. No idea why bowyer is tinkering with the team this way and putting McGhee in midfield. Goal aside tonight, it's not the answer. Neither is Max to be fair, he's just too much of a passenger.
  9. A striker has to be the main priority but a quick creative Midfielder is also a must. After that, a better LB and GK would be good.
  10. Agree that Rudden up front on his own is brutal at times, but Sheridan, Osei and Jakubiak aren't the answer.
  11. Would need to see the fourth goal back but no idea what Sheridan was doing by the corner of the Bobby Cox and main stand before Jakubiak lost it. After that they scored. Not sure if Robertson was entirely to blame. New GK is needed in January, (one that can kick properly), aswell as a LB and another striker. Oh, and... STOP PLAYING MCGHEE IN MIDFIELD!! No Mulligan and McGowan is a big miss, but Byrne on the bench when McGhee is in midfield is ludicrous. My team for Raith: Legzdins French, McGhee, Ashcroft, Kerr Robertson, Byrne, Cameron McMullan, Rudden, McCowan.
  12. Brian said on twitter an hour ago that the parks fine. Under the most recent Dundee tweet
  13. And a third against Airdrie in the cup before ICT away.
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