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  1. Pen is out for you lads I see. I wonder if Morgyn Neill could be joining you? I have no inside info other than he's wanting out on loan and we just brought in Jack Sanders from Killie in his position and Kyle McClelland a week or so back. He stays in Motherwell so geographically it fits.
  2. Cheers. Sounds like a solid signing and definitely McInnes is doing his mate McIntyre a favour. I'd imagine he'll walk right into the starting lineup. Whether he replaces Ross or Reynolds will be interesting to see. With Doidge, Lafferty and Shaw I thought Killie could be tempted to loan our Innes Cameron even until January. He'd be exactly what we need alongside Mitch given Rory is gone. Likewise, all the best for the rest of the season.
  3. Saturday has 0-0 written all over it!! Hope not of course. Should be a strong signing a piece. Both would kill for a striker on deadline day!
  4. Cove sign Jack Sanders on loan for the remainder of the season. Fairly happy with this acquisition, should do well for us. Killie fans opinion on him would be welcome.
  5. New signing for Cove....screaming out for a striker but it's another defender In the glimpses I saw of Jack for Killie last season he looked decent to be fair. Suspect he might go straight into the starting lineup for Saturday
  6. There's an office car park just 100 yards before the ground on the right hand side. If you are there around 2.30 or before you should easily get a space. It's used extensively every matchday. Theres also street parking on the road up to the ground.
  7. Completely agree and definitely the consensus amongst nearly ever Cove fan. It would be a risk for Hartley given where we are in the league table, although not cut adrift, and with the window essentially closed but I could see it happening.
  8. Likewise, quite gladly see the back of him forever. Couldn't manage a piss up at a brewery
  9. Good question. I don't think anyone is policing people entering the stands like they do for the main stand. Main stand you can pay £2 extra to a steward and get a seat so could always buy ground ticket and chance your luck with the fallback of the above.
  10. We've been setting up 4-1-4-1 and looked lost in that formation to be honest. We deserve to be where we are. Improved slightly in the last 3 weeks. Can feel very hard done by to lose away to Morton in what was a very even game. All our other losses were deserved. So far Hamilton and Morton have put in the worst performances against us so far and I can only infer that they will be around us given this. Clearly both might improve and prove me wrong. I expect Arbroath to turn around their slow start but a lot might ride on an elusive striker turning up at Gayfield. Cove in the same boat in regards to a striker being needed but we also need to get rid of a manager too.
  11. Arbroath win this one you/Dees won't get to hurl abuse at Jim a few days later as he'll be gone by the Dundee game I reckon. His head is on the block and nearly all Cove fans are calling for the axe to come down. Hartley is waiting in the wings, not a Messiah but at least he's got some credibility. Both teams will fancy their chances this weekend and will be looking to pick up maximum points and kick start a very sluggish start. Looking forward to this one. Still think we'll take in a striker and depending on who it is could change our fortunes.
  12. Not sure on the length of contract. Thought 2 year initially when I read about the sacking. I doubt Jim will last much longer with us. Without adding another very capable striker we'll continue to struggle. Very interested to find out who employs him next. The short stint at Hartlepool will have lowered his stock. In Scotland he's had 5 promotions in 10 or 11 seasons. He can get right and does motivate his players to success but appreciate what @Shadow Play says that when things go wrong he can let it slide uncontrollably. Also, Shadow Play is right we would have had one of the bigger budgets last season. With Hartley we could have secured safety in this division I feel and likely pushed mid-table. With Jim it's going to be very tight if we avoid the drop. Bar is barely off the ground to be honest.
  13. We're in much more dire need. No one should have McIntyre in charge.
  14. Was a busy summer and the players he brought in either weren't good enough or didn't gel quick enough or both! Difficult going to an unfamiliar league but that was the challenge. I could see him returning to Cove. His partner is John Sheran's daughter, his family are still up here and we aren't exactly firing all guns blazing. McIntyre's head is very close to the block. If we lose our next league game, against you lads, and Hartley is keen to rejoin us then I think it's an easy decision. His reputation is burnt undeniably from his failure down south. He was touted, in the media, as a candidate for the Killie job. The Championship would be the highest level he'd get right now. I never thought he was the holy grail as a manager but McIntyre, who granted was coming into a tough gig, has been dreadful in every facet.
  15. Did you hear his interview yesterday? Sounded like he knew his fate at that point. Was talking like a dead man walking. Could be back with us soon.
  16. Hartley sacked after 3 months and 9 league games in charge. If it wasn't for us snatching a point yesterday and salvaging a draw against Hamilton I think McIntyre would be gone too and we'd be seriously talking with Hartley to see if he wanted a return.
  17. Completely agree. Was high risk with little to no forward planning. He's got some qualities (height, strength, very good aerially) for a centre back in the Championship but many deficiencies that means he really struggles at this level. Pace is the main limiter He did well last season in a back five with two other CB's alongside him. Given he's from the Motherwell area Airdrie would work out well him although you lads are flying and probably got equal/better choices already. Could you move ATS to left back and play Morgyn play alongside Fordyce or McCabe?
  18. f**k sake Thistle, you screwed my treble. Had Thistle HT/FT, QP to win and Raith vs Ayr BTTS for £500. I know bad times betting against your own team..We've looked woeful under McIntyre. Delighted we knicked an undeserving point. Reynolds double, you'll find nothing rarer on this planet!
  19. Cove start as per below. Very surprised Jamie Masson gets a start. All credit to him for a wonder strike a couple of weeks ago but he's nowhere near good enough for the Championship. Doesn't have the work-rate, physicality or creativity imo. Leighton can feel harshly done by not to start after scoring in his last 2. He should have started ahead of Masson for me. Blair back in the match day squad after 2 months out. Won't play today according to what was said in the paper. Huge player for us. Evan back in the side after a month out is a boost. 4-1-4-1 doesn't work. Hard to see us getting much from the game but we will hopefully be competitive.
  20. Agreed. I picked out this game to go to as thought it would be competitive and could go either way.
  21. I'm going to North Lodge Park today to see this game; live just 30 minutes away from the ground. Formartine are a very capable Highland league side. Haven't seen East Stirlingshire since they got relegated out of the pyramid so don't know what to expect but those odds are high.
  22. Striker wanted, Morgyn out. McIntyre in the P&J this morning saying that we're looking for our last signing, a striker. Clearly very much needed. In that article he says with McClelland coming in, Morgyn Neill will be going out on loan. I'm sure there will be a few L1 suitors. As a result of McClelland’s signing, Cove are willing to let centre-back Morgyn Neill go out on loan. “Morgyn is used to playing and he came to see me fairly quickly, to say at his age he needs to be playing games,” said McIntyre. “We said that when we got the right person in then we’d agree to let him go on loan. It’s only fair to let him do that.”
  23. Harry Milne to get his first goal for Thistle this weekend is a strong possibility in my opinion. Was hoping he'd wait until next month so I could see him in person bang one in against the Dons. Cove come into this one with a slight upturn in form after a narrow loss away to Queen's Park and a draw against Accies. Both games we didn't show our abilities of last season. We've added a bit more depth to the squad since our last game in Kyle McClelland and Max Johnston, however, we're still lacking up top. New signings could allow us to shape up 5-3-2 and at least have Leighton alongside Mitch who's been isolated and asked too much of. Any performance from Thistle close to when they blew Caley away and it'll be 3 points for the home side. A draw here for Cove would be progression under the faltering McIntyre who's days could be numbered. Arbroath at Balmoral next in the league
  24. I reckon he'll get game time with us. Reynolds can look decent at times but is aging and his distribution is very hit and miss. Heard Kyle is tidy on the ball. Hopefully he's bulked out a bit more than when I saw him a couple of years ago
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