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  1. Airdrieonians 2 Dumbarton 0 Cove Rangers 3 Clyde 0 Montrose 2 East Fife 1 Peterhead 1 Falkirk 1 Queen's Park 2 Alloa Athletic 1
  2. Yeah but going by Saturday we could still lose by 2! I'm expecting Danny Lennon to have kicked a few arses after Clyde's poor performance against Montrose last week.
  3. Interesting to see how this one pans out. I'm expecting a huge backlash after our 4-2 pumping at East Fife and added with that there will be a desire to register a win against Clyde having only managed 1 point in 9. We should have Harry Milne and possibly Blair Yule back. Both needed. Our midfield needs to massively step it up. Mitch could be done with getting on the scoresheet again. Only scored in 2 out of our 10 league games. We haven't scored a first half goal in 6 hours and 21 minutes of play or 8.5 games!
  4. Moment of reflection Ola looked promising against Albion when he came on but on Saturday he looked "raw". Missed placed passes, not overly composed but did hold the ball up well at times. Bull in a China comes to mind. Certainly no danger of nabbing Rory or Mitch's place. Interested to see more but I doubt he's capable of making an impact in L1 and doesn't have the quality imo to propel us towards winning the league. Could maybe get game time at RW but only if we play Yule in the middle and drop Leitch who is weak and only mildly better than Broque. We had the whole summer to look for a 3rd striker and could have enquired our HL neighbors, Fraserburgh, about Scott Barbour or gone for Russell McLean, Salim Koudissa or Michael Ruth. Or we could have used the loan market to get Kyle Connell or someone of his ilk. Our use of the loan market was appalling. 1 in and it's a defensive CM, last thing we needed. Connor Smith, who we had last season, an AM is what we were crying out for. Now on loan at our rivals QP. Midfield is a MESS. Shame because our best back 4 and our 2 strikers are good enough to challenge/win the league. Hartley can't see the CM issue. Vigurs, never been subbed, is someone I'd bench right away. The thought of seeing him stroll around the outside of our box pointing for the next 2 and half years grates on me. Any Cove fans think Scully and Yule at CM would be the best partnership? I do, granted they'd score no more than a couple of goals between them in a season @JamesMunro
  5. How was Draper? I see he got subbed early in the 2nd half.
  6. Well today's performance was uninspiring. As I've said many times before, and is clear to everyone, the midfield is disjointed, too slow and too deep. Fyvie and Vigurs partnership doesn't work. We need legs and energy in the engine room not a quarterback and a seriously underperforming Fyvie. What has happened to Fyvie?, Used to be able to dictate the tempo and look composed on the ball. Last 3 or 4 games he's been a shadow of himself. Lacking width, Leitch is a slightly better Broque but that doesn't say much, and with CM's to distant from attackers it makes it difficult to mount attacks. Fair play to East Fife who scored two wonder goals through Connell and Mercer, both were unstoppable. Reality check today. Last 3 league games we have been poor and lucky to win each one in all fairness. Stat 1 : 8 games in a row without a first half goal for us. Stat 2: Mitch has only scored in 2 out of 10 league games.
  7. 3-0 and fully deserved. Peach of a free kick from Mercer and the goal before from Connell was outstanding. We've been poor in large spells for the last 3 games and got max points. Some clinical finishing from EF Game over here.
  8. Blair Yule and Harry Milne missing from the squad today. Scully will fill in at LB. Would like to have seen Ola starting over Leitch who has failed to impress. Calm Autumn day at New Bayview which should make for a good spectacle of a game.
  9. I was the same, so used to buying a ticket online and flashing the QR code at the turnstile.
  10. Was pay at the gate only 2 weeks ago when we were there. No Sena for Alloa tomorrow. Was really impressed with Scott Brown when we played you at Balmoor recently. Such a key player and perhaps the best CM in the league. Interested to see how this one goes tomorrow.
  11. Vigurs backing Draper in the P&J. If Draper gets any game time for Cove we're going in the wrong direction. Vigurs has a lot to prove for me. He's just too slow and deep. Yes can pick a decent pass at times but he's frustrating as hell to watch. I'd like to see Scully and Yule (both have engines) in CM. Latter would excel there but never gets the chance. Masson LW and Ola RW Fyvie has been way off it last 2/3 games. Think he'll lose his starting place to Finn until Jan.
  12. Lately Cove's central midfield has been pedestrian and too deep. I except Hartley to persist with Vigurs who frustrates me, and play Finn Robertson alongside him but personally I have Scully and Yule in CM. Potentially could be Vigurs and Yule. Hopefully Ola and Masson (returning from long term injury) will give more attacking threat. Stat: Cove are on a run of 8 games without a goal in the first half. Expected lineup Bench: Fyvie, Scully, Strachan, Leighton, Leitch, Gourlay
  13. Saturday sees Cove make the journey down to new bayview in search of 3 points and the possibility to go top of the league. Cove have scored 7 in their last 2 games, with Rory in a rich vein of form, scoring 11 in 11 games including the SPFL Trust Trophy. Mitch scored his first in 6 games last Saturday. Ola Adeyemo is expected to start having impressed from the bench in the last 30 minutes against Albion Rovers. Ola, who played right wing, looked quick, powerful and had end product. Something I wasn't expecting given the reviews of the EF fans. Still need to see him a bit more and against better opposition before I make a judgement on him. Fifers will be looking for maximum points to gain confidence and so they don't get stranded too early at the bottom. Darren Young's days numbered? What are the consensus on how many games he he got left? Will be my first time at New Bayview. Looking forward to it.
  14. Alloa 2-1 Peterhead Clyde 0-1 Montrose Dumbarton 1-1 Queen's Park East Fife 0-3 Cove Falkirk 1-1 Airdrie
  15. 11 in 11 including the SPFL Trust games. You can see the confidence oozing from him. Seems very composed, appears to have more time in tight situations and looks like he's going to take every opportunity. Fair play. Mitch's first goal in 6 games was good to see. Today's overall performance was very poor for the first 70 minutes. Lots of miss placed passes and lack of rhythm. Masson and particularly Ola Adeyemo (played RW) changed the game. Latter, who didn't come with the best reviews from EF fans, looked pacey, powerful and effective. The difference between Ola/Masson and Leighton/Leitch was night and day. Former two look L2 calibre. We've struggled for width recently it must be said.
  16. Would be a huge signing for Queen's. Already have plenty of creative midfielders (Cove have none) but to add Ethan would show significant intend and financial muscle. I thought he'd ending up signing for an English Championship side or a lower league prem club tbh
  17. Finn looks very composed on the ball and got far more work rate and energy that Vigurs who was playing alongside him against Alloa. Hartley started him ahead of Fyvie. I doubt he's going to score any/many goals though. You can tell he's got great attributes and big potential. Our centre midfield needs a bit more attacking threat and someone who will support attacks and skip by their man. Dare I say it Declan Glass type or someone even like Scott Brown at Peterhead. We're massively short on goals from midfield. Leitch is our only midfielder goal scorer in 9 games. All our central midfielders either sit deep or play sideways passes far too often. Doesn't make for the most attacking / attractive style of play.
  18. Mitch only has 4 in 9 so it's been a slow quarter for him personally but he'd be my pick even though he's relinquished pens to Rory who has dispatched all 5. Mitch's tally would be a few higher if not for the aforementioned. Mitch has actually only scored in 2 out of 9 games (hatrick against EF and a goal against Sons) and none in his last 5 league matches. Keena certainly won't be far off. Crazy he's not getting started. Changing ever game he comes on as a sub and is undoubtedly the Bairns best attacker. DGW in contrast to Mitch has had a dream first quarter. He'll clearly be a strong contender.
  19. How was the game today, a 1-1 draw about fair? Surprised no stats on BBC sport. Interested to hear what the attendance was? Not often we get a Sunday 3pm KO
  20. I thought maybe a yellow when i saw it live from a distance but after looking at the highlights a red was fair. Logan is going nowhere, stuck on the touchline in the middle of the pitch. Poor discipline and frustrating as hell for Alloa fans. Fyvie lunged into a needless challenge, and got a straight red, when we played QP earlier this season. Game was 0-0 and completely turned the tide. Sena will now miss Peterhead at home and QP away. Alloa have enough depth to look for wins in those 2 matches.
  21. Cove are definitely behind the heights of last season in my opinion. I think our defence is on par and strikers (unchanged) are too but centre midfield dynamic is wrong and we're missing a fully fit and confident Masson who is still returning from a 4 month injury he sustained at Ibrox. Robbie Leitch is a poor backfill. This comes down to our recruitment which hasn't been targeted to improving necessary positions. Instead we've got about 5 centre mids all quite defensively minded. I must admit was looking forward to seeing Sena after I heard from Sons fans he bossed the game. Cawley did add extra impetus to the game. I agree with the thoughts of Mendy. Physically good but if dragged wide he's a liability. Alloa are good enough to challenge near the top end and playoffs needs to be the minimum target.
  22. Ends 3-1 but that flatters Cove who again looked slow, lethargic and devoid of any really impetus going forward. Alloa almost snatched the lead shortly after equalising through a fine curling effort from Cawley that hit the post. A Rory tap in and a pen sealed the game in the last 10 minutes. Cove go top of the league but we're by no means any better than the rest of the chasing pack. No goals in 6 for Mitch. Niang stays on it's clearly a totally different game.
  23. Early sending off but yet Cove can't break the deadlock. Failed to score in the first half in our last 7 games. Our build-up is far too slow and predictable. Vigurs is slowing everything right down as usual. MItch has had 2 half chances but apart from that Alloa are defending resolutely with little fuss. 2nd half needs to see Fyvie for Vigurs and Leighton for Leitch imo.
  24. I'm the other side of the pitch so might have been worse than it looked from here. Needless challenge
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