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  1. So he does. Didn't realise you'd given him such a long contract.
  2. I rate Ethan Ross quite highly and agree out wide is where I'd play him too. He's got another year left on his contract I believe. If we can have a decent season next year and be hybrid I would like to see us tempt him back up North. Transfermrkt says Dario is out of contract at the end of May. Might be misreading that. Easton is superb,works back harder than many think. If he can decision make a bit better in the final third he'd move up another step again.
  3. Probably not alone in looking at / enquiring about Dylan but clearly with the Murray link you'd be strong favourites to secure him. He's the kind of player we need and think he'd excel further with Fyvie next to him feeding Mitch. Would do well alongside Stanton I reckon. Is Ethan Ross playing centrally or wide for you? Will Zanatta extend or go elsewhere?
  4. Sons fans will give you a complete and honest review of his abilities I'm sure. From when I saw him against us and streaming a few Sons games this season he looked decent, one of the better Dumbarton players, but I was expecting him to leave Livi and join another league 1 club. Fairly versatile, I remember him playing as wing back and as DCM. Could maybe do a job in the Championship. Hope it does work out for him at Cappielow.
  5. Only watched a handful of Dee games to be fair over the last 2 years so will take your word for it. Not a big loss then and can do better. Seen Murray a fair few times this season and he's got a great work-rate but needs to play in a front 2 or else he spends too much time in the channels.
  6. When I've watched Dundee he always showed endeavour and looked fairly competent in front of goal without being prolific McDaid gone so just Rudden left up top or you still got Cillian? New manager will strengthen that top line as a priority i'd imagine
  7. His popularity would drop like a stone on here if the former but doesn't sound like you're too worried losing him. Be ballsy if he rejected an offer from you without an SPL club lined.
  8. 1st July I believe for pre-order of the away kit. Black and gold looks the part. Supposedly we'll have a 3rd strip too
  9. True. I've heard we'll have a third strip for this season coming. Hopefully it's not a multi-colour eyesore.
  10. Quite like the gold touches. A few more of the quality of Mitch and Fyvie are needed to scare that thought!
  11. Cove's new home and away kits just announced today.
  12. Also announced was ACE forwarding will continue to be the main sponsor for another 3 years. https://coverangersfc.com/2022/05/21/ace-moments-for-another-three-years/ Got a sneak peak at the new home strip (addidas, blue and gold stripes on the shoulders) and the away strip is similar in style but black with gold.
  13. What a night and I reckon by my quick calculations of the number of tables and all the online and live auctions that it must have raised £300,000-£350,000 (minus donations). There were 5 Man Utd shirts all going for about 4k - 5k, Hospitality at Spurs for £6.5k, trip to Monaco Grand Prix for £7.5k, Champs League tickets for £7k, holidays for £3k - £5k and many many more of similar ilk. Heads and Tails raised £15k Someone bid £28k for a day out for 4 at a 2022/23 Utd game to be VIP guest with Fergie. My one auction win is below, the cheapest item on the whole list!
  14. True, he reiterated it twice to Richard Gordon in the Q&A. Thinks he needs 7 players coming in
  15. Wee snippet from Dick tonight is he said on Friday he needed to tell 3 boys they are being let go. Clearly didn't name names
  16. Cove Centenary dinner. 1000+ people across 100 tables, some atmosphere! Line up of Richard Gordon, Alec McLeish, Fergie and Q&A with Bunnet. Cove players here, Blair Yule wins £500 Heads and Tails competition. Live auction looks to be raising a fair chunk of money. Chris Clark, ex-Don, bidding for the Ronaldo shirt donated by Sir Alex.
  17. Queen's will make some very assured signings and a few stellar ones that some Championship sides will be envious of I think.
  18. Agreed with the location. Not much around it within walking distance so definitely not ideal at all. In regards to the ground it needs enhancing. It was never built with the expectation of being in tier 2 within 3 years. A distinct lack of future proofing which was probably cost related at the time. Covered terracing at a minimum is needed to start with if we're not extending the main stand at this point. It's much better than Spain Park which has a gym at one side and a railway line at the other. It also has wire fencing which obscures your view. Personally I like standing at games and enjoy the proximity to the touchline. The latter It's not going to be viable going forward due to crowd volume. Looking forward to some Cove vs Arbroath ties I must say
  19. I zoned out when he was talking about Sevco. All other parts were well worth a watch. Probably the best OpenGoal I've seen tbf. Could see Si lapping it up and getting some management tips along the way.
  20. Normally gets on my nerves too but as others have said he was subdued / barely spoke and left all conversation to Si and McInnes. McInnes spoke fairly well to be honest, some good insights and talked up his successes as you would. Liked the story about when he signed Willo and Barry Robson.
  21. I can only see him coming to us if he wants to stay local. There is a chance of that happening. Does he really want to uproot his life and family for a 1 or 2 year deal elsewhere? McInnes will have been enticing him no doubt. He'd be taking a big drop in wages coming to Cove albeit for PT or FT. I doubt any club interested in him will manage to pay the £100k plus salary he was reportedly offered at the Dons. I know he tried to negotiate higher with Aberdeen along with asking for a 2 year deal but I think money won't be his motivating factor. He won't be short of a few quid, far from it. It will come down to his family situation and his desire to continue playing in the top league or not
  22. I'm not sure, could well be right. Ryan was out injured for a large period of the season and almost all of the remaining 15 games but he played an important part early on and did very well at Easter Road. I rate him and would have been delighted to keep him if we were still in L1. Even in the Championship I thought he could do a job for us. He's not the quickest but by no means slow, positionally is sound and composed on the ball being an ex midfielder. If you're short of a CB then he's worth a year contract imo.
  23. I heard the club have an agreement that the land around the perimeter is available to them for future growth. With a bit of levelling it could be used to accommodate a new stand or larger terracing. The perimeter around the pitch as it stands today needs expanded imo and you're right the space on the main stand side isn't well thought out.
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