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  1. What kind of discipline will he get for this I wonder? Will it be community service, suspended sentence or jail time. I’m a fan of Kane. He’s got talent. Wouldn’t want to see him banned from football due to this
  2. Obliterated us well and truly. Try and go easier on us at Balmoral this Saturday! Don’t think I could watch another 6-1 drubbing
  3. Wouldn’t bet against it, he’s in a fine run of form!
  4. That’s a very good point. I was at the other side of the pitch and following the ball so didn’t know what was happening when the lineo raised his flag. Cox is no angel but if he didn’t do it he shouldn’t be getting punished and the red should be rescinded. Hope the videographer caught it on camera
  5. No January signings so far, not even one? Surely the club must be putting all efforts into searching for suitable players. I hope you get some new bodies in soon. Will be interested to see who and when. Maybe in time for Cowden next week.
  6. Come on Elgin the playoff spots are with your reach and you have the team to get there. Annan are fading and Cowden are starting to drop points. When I saw MacKay at Balmoral I was really impressed. He’s rapid and keen to get forward. Has he been starting any games at all or always from the bench?
  7. Referee was poor in all fairness and the linesmen weren’t much better. At times he looked like he had never reffed a game in his life.
  8. Very impressive away win again. Binos continue the good form and just 1 point off the playoff spots. Duffy is banging the goals in!
  9. I thought Cox was a standout. Cowden looked more promising after the half time interval and before Cox sending off they were looked like they maybe score more. Apart from that Cove had chances and dominated possession and attacking threat. Cowden missing Smith but are a side who should finish in a playoff spot given their strong first half of the season
  10. Didn’t see that result today after a few strong results from Elgin and Stenny being in decline. What went wrong today for Elgin?
  11. 3-1 flattered Cowden to be honest. Mitch and Rory had chances to make it more. Cowden were poor from the start, lacked desire/belief and the keeper was time wasting from about 5 minutes. Cox took his goal well and looked strong on the ball and in challenges. Will Cowden maintain 3rd until the end of the season I don’t know.
  12. Off the ball incident which I didn’t see but the linesman seemed certain it was a straight red. Interesting to watch it back. Cox took his goal well and looked Cowden best player. He’s feisty, strong and you could see he’s prone to a red or two
  13. There was a Cove fan for most of the season with one - hell of a noise but made for more of an atmosphere. Could sneak it in maybe
  14. Agreed, our central defence is a weak spot and Cowden like others could take advantage of it. With no recognised left winger we’re playing a forward in that position so tracking back isn’t something they will do naturally and hence Cowden could exploit that area too. Our saving grace is going forward. Mitch is in a rich vein of form and looks like he’ll score any chance given. Rory, who knows, but there are big expectations! Own game against Cove?
  15. I’m hoping Rory starts and makes an impact right from the first game. We’ve had some poor 45 minutes in the last couple of months so if Cowden can take advantage then there’s hope for sure Your right it’s bloody freezing 🥶 at Balmoral. 1 layer of thermals is the minimum regardless of the month!
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