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  1. He's got big boots to fill as Harry Milne was outstanding for us. Hopefully he can stake his place in the team. Scully does a decent job there but but offensively isn't as creative as Harry was. What are Evan's strengths and weaknesses? Hopefully he's got pace and enough physicality about him for his young age.
  2. How was Towler for you lads? Just joined us on a season long loan. What are his strengths and weaknesses? Is he ready for Championship level football? Sounds highly promising from the Aberdeen camp and from what Draper has been quoted saying in the paper. Best 17 year old he's ever seen
  3. Cove sign highly rated Evan Towler on a season loan from Aberdeen. Evan, a 17 year old LB, excelled at Elgin on loan on the 2nd half of last season. He played in the Dons pre-season friendly against Buckie. Interesting to see if he is our preferred LB or if Scully will remain. Personally I'd like to see Scully in his natural DCM position. Draper quoted as saying he's the best 17 year old footballer he's ever seen. Big words. @Thom & Gerry thoughts on Evan?
  4. Agreed that even if we become hybrid/FT then Aberdeen isn't for everyone but it's a decent city and we'd offer good wages I would think. Makes it far more tempting than commuting hours or trying to find a job to support yourself. You'd still get players that would prefer to stay near their roots even if that meant slightly less wages or even playing a league below. I think if we got Barry Robson instead of Jim McIntyre we'd see him tapping into some Aberdeen Youths or ex-Aberdeen Youths. He's from Inverurie as well so would definitely know Shanks.
  5. We definitely have financial backing to be competitive but PT is limiting when you add in the location. Not impossible though. All our squad, 16 senior players, are Aberdeen based except; Vigurs (Nairn although born in Aberdeen) McIntosh (Dundee) Leitch, Neill, Gourlay (Central Belt)
  6. It definitely is. He'll be banking on his knowledge of the Scottish market being better than that of lower English leagues.
  7. Jack had all but signed on the dotted line for us 2 weeks ago and went to Hartlepool at the 11th hour. Doesn't worry me but he would have been a better option from the bench than what we have at the moment
  8. Definitely seems like Hartlepool have a competitive budget to at least that of top Championship sides, probably even higher. Thought Brody was a shoe-in for Murray's Raith. I'd also guess he'll try for a few others; if not permanently then via loans. Hopefully doesn't coming knocking on our door.
  9. Brody signs for Hartlepool. Mass emigration act of 2022 conducted by Paul Hartley it seems. Would have had some suitors in L1 and above maybe. Murray had him on trial or training with Raith I heard.
  10. Was last Wednesday Echt vs Tarves at Balmoral? Nothing new had happened when I was there on Saturday to see us play Gala Fairydean.
  11. Agreed. Doubt he would have really added too much to our starting XI although interested to see how much game time he gets at Hartlepool under Hartley and how he gets on. I'm hoping that since we're almost 3 weeks into McIntyre's reign and Woods has been a free agent in that time it means he's not Balmoral bound. Supposedly we're finding it difficult to get our preferred signings in; to be expected given our PT status and geography. Difficult to persuade "quality" players to play PT when they have offers from FT clubs in the same league or even the league below. Suspect a couple more signings from us this week
  12. No sign of them yet. Supposedly will be in place for our PS cup game against Livi on 16th July
  13. Supposedly Draper hasn't been at any of our training sessions the last 2 weeks and not present at either of our 2 friendly games. High chance he'll be loaned out soon or released. Could be coming your way again.
  14. I really rated Canto when he was with us in L2. He's got some spark, can play the final pass and chip in with a few goals. Would be a good signing.
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