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  1. What a performance yesterday. Have to say I was extremely impressed with Kieran and Michael, both ran their arses off running up and down their respective flanks. 4 goal contributions by 2 full backs in a game where we only scored 4 goals is a brilliant return. Since I’ve talked about 2 of the defenders, might as well talk about the rest. This was the best game Bene and Davo have played since the 3-0 stomping against the T*wnies. Both looked confident and were eager to win the ball, and were playing neat wee passes. But the best central defender on the park has to be Steven Anderson. He’s came into a defensively inept squad, and showed everyone how to lead a back-line. Good to see a defender not barking orders, but actually talking and helping them through the game, and with experience like that, I suddenly feel confident for the rest of the season. Regan and Brad bossed it as usual, just a shame Regan’s head isn’t as much use as his feet... Honestly though, what a find Brad was, because I had never heard of him while he was at Forfar and Dumbarton, but he’s probably been our best signing. And Regan, we already knew his class. Moving on, Grant Anderson and Lewis Allan had very good games. Lewis chases every ball he sees flying in his direction, and Grant with another goal, that has probably given McGlynn a stroke with the team selection crisis that is soon to happen. Dingwall, Matthews, Bowie, Victoria, Smith, Thomson and Baird are all soon to be back, and this team will suddenly be the best league. Oh yes, Lewis Vaughan. The boy is sensational, runs a game alongside Hendry and Spencer whilst not even 100% fit. Makes their keeper look a w****r, and their defence look like fuds. Plus Dunfermline are bottom, with the combined points total of Raith, East Fife and Cowdenbeath 19 times greater than them. What a weekend. Surely we can’t win the league with Falkirk in the division?
  2. Steven Anderson played in the Oatmeal Wafer Irn Bru challenge cup for half and hour and was superb. Was organising the defence the second he got on.
  3. Honestly I’m gonna get pelters fur this, but i think Bowie being injured is a good thing in the long term... Means no teams are gonna pikey him from us.... 🤡
  4. You are a third tier club, stop pretending to be a Championship club.
  5. McGurn Miller Anderson Davidson MacDonald Anderson Spencer Hendry Bowie Gullan Allan
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