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  1. Pray it's Brora you get, they'll not fancy it and do you boys a favour
  2. The one you shared wasn't as good as this-
  3. Really hope there's a post match gaffer interview for this one
  4. Not a biased, bitter nor angry post match reaction to a defeat. Those in glass house and all that haha.
  5. Did Gary Bollan provide a post match banterview from Saturday? After his two previous ones against Cove I'm sure this one will keep the laughter going.
  6. Some highlights. Two stone wall pens and Cox a good yard offside for his goal. If there was a conspiracy against him you'd think the goal would've been chalked off.
  7. If it's legendary you'd think officials would've got wise to it by now and cut it out. It's ironic hearing Cowden fans moan about decision given the gifts you got in the play off. These things even themselves out.
  8. Cowdenbeath have been awarded the most penalties in the league this season and your greeting about conceding two stone wallers? Keep looking up.
  9. Did Cove lack urgency to get the ball in play towards the end, yes, but as I said it wasn't any worse than the Queens Park time wasting when it was 0-0. It didn't change the outcome of the game.
  10. Their chairman was at the helm of the SFA while they plotted to steal Hampden from us for a quid; it's unlikely we would warm to them. The Cove chairman hasn't held a position at Hampden.
  11. Not sure you quite understand why players waste time; generally it's not while you're losing. Funny I said before you conceded. Your boys looked happy to waste as much as possible when it was 0-0. Great sign of confidence in your own ability. Cove wasted less time in the last 5 than your mob did in the first 20.
  12. To be fair your keeper should've been booked for the time he wasted before you conceded.
  13. They are gutted that almost every club would've rather seen them go at our expense and are struggling to get over that.
  14. That must be something new. The club used to always provide pizza's and the like. Though I doubt cove would be alone in this.
  15. The way the club have behaved since winning the highland league last year has upset a lot, lost a number of fans too.
  16. Cowdenbeath's behaviour post first leg was far worse than the perceived bad behaviour of Cove after the second. Losing fair and square is painful, losing due to weak officiating, dodgy decisions, is bad enough. Although the officials didn't cost cove a win, they cost cove the chance to see if they were good enough to win. Only sending cove players off in the melee was ridiculous, but not as funny as watching your gaffer hide a player in a tyre pitch side to avoid detection. Was it merited that cove lost 3 player, yes, but Cowdenbeath should have had at least 2 off also.
  17. Good banter there. Cove scored 12 goals this season already. Stirling have had 5 shots on target from 3 games. All the best for the season except against us haha.
  18. there's more teams that can win the highland league than lowland league. Cowdenbeath wouldn't have returned from the lowland. How good does it feel knowing without referees you'd still be down there?
  19. At least a bus full, some already down Support is a bit split due to clubs behaviour, hurting attendances and travelling support
  20. Need to get your eyes tested then. Your lot were the quietest fans to come to the ground. Fort William, Rothes, Wick all louder.
  21. Visited the last two times against you and survived to tell the tale, won't be taking too many more risks and visiting.
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