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  1. @Black and White Tragic I actually text my mate who was at the game (im offshore atm) saying i daftly predicted on here 3 0 nesbit 1st goal. Could have helped myself to 175/1
  2. ☠️ beans on toast this weekend lol! Think i'll take up crocheting.
  3. Sunderland 1/3 MK Dons 7/10 Forest Green 21/20 Dundee Utd 4/9 Falkirk 4/9 Cove 1/2 East Fife 13/20 Dunfermline 17/10 (bet my own team every week, call it foolish!!) £5 accumulator to return £328 Short price double Aberdeen OR DRAW 4/11 Dundee OR DRAW 4/11 £50 double to retun £86 Correct score yankee (ive got to dream) Fleetwood 3-0 11/1 Alloa Ayr 2-2 draw 14/1 Motherwell 3-0 12/1 Bradford 3-0 14/1 £0.20 yankee total stake £2.20 to return £9307.20 LOL! Good luck to all today! :)
  4. Just a bit of fun for the 'prawn sandwich brigade' Would love to hear anyones experiences thoughts, ratings etc of their matchday hospitality at any club, any division from league 2 to scotland national and not necessarily your own team! Going to stenhousemuir v Cove on 5th october won via a raffle prize 5 of us going. Free bar so cant complain!
  5. £2.65 in wetherspoons alloa. Clientele leave a bit to be desired mind you 💀
  6. Cardle to come back and haunt us? 😣 God, the thought of it. Really worried about saturday now. Id of preferred if caldwell was still in charge. Its going to give the thistle players a massive boost, no doubt playing for their spot in the team looking to impress new manager coming in. Hoping that we can put all that to one side, and realise how deep in the proverbial sh** we could be with a loss. Having said that, 3-0 pars and nisbet to find his scoring boots again. Please! 😍
  7. Goodwillie should be in a f*****g jail cell. Any argument about him 'banging in goals' is utterly ridiculous. Just imagine for a second, the pain and anguish caused to the poor woman. Never mind the fact thats someones daughter. Abhorrent behaviour of the highest order. Just because he plays football shouldnt give him a 'free pass' If there was a rapist at your/my regular place of work would it be, ach i dont mind as long as he does his job well? Come on.
  8. @gameofthrones hard one to take, really couldnt see Utds bubble being burst last weekend! Anyone any thoughts this weekend? well done @Twinkle for his excellent 13/10 single!!
  9. Exactly @RedLichtie86 Its like the world class producers have said to the commentors. 'Right lad, arbroaths near the sea, make sure we tell every**** Its like a scene from twister out there. And oh, arbroath are part time! Weather had absolutely sweet FA to affect the game last night. Just some amateur linesman
  10. 4 league games in, 2 of which were against antepost promotion favourites. There are 32 games,96 points and a january transfer window still to go. Lord help me.
  11. Watched the game last night, from a neutrals view and by god were arbroath unlucky, First half could have quite easily been 3-0 arbroath. The centre half obrien could have scored two worldies, has some ping! I though on the whole arbroath defended very doggedly, and had a very questionable goal wrongly ruled out. Partick really didnt offer very much for me, in the middle of the park especially. Even though kenny miller is approaching his 102nd birthday, he evidently still knows where the net is. Think caldwell must be early running favourite for the championship 'sack race' The sierra leone right back that played ahead of williamson i thought was running all over the place like a headless chicken, but MOM for me by a country mile was the goalkeeper fox. Very very early doors, and not one for making predictions regarding staying up/going down as my dunfermline have had a shocking start too. Gayfield is obviously a very difficult place to go,and arbroath will pick up points there. Lets see by the new year where teams lie. But judged on last night, i dont think its cut and dry for arbroath to go straight back down.
  12. Sunderland 21/10 Rotherham 8/15 Swindon 8/15 Dundee Utd 5/6 Falkirk 4/7 £5 stake to win £72 £20 single motherwell to beat hearts 9/4, far too big a price!
  13. Huge game today, thank god partick look so poor as we could well be involved in a scrap at the wrong end of the table, yes its only september but its been a worrying downward spiral. Keatings and walsh are the two danger men for ICT today. Drop paton, please SC. And FFS 2 upfront!
  14. Good lord that seems generous
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