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  1. Purely from a neutral point of view, im glad this game is on sky tonight, (currently offshore working) and would rather poke hot needles in my eyes than watch reading v qpr last night! Whether this game shows our scottish game in a positive light may well be a different story, Have a feeling it could be a very one sided affair, and a difficult watch for most on the blue side of dundee. Not that i can say much, with the proverbial rollercoaster season at east end we've been having! Have to say though, I do feel somewhat for dundee, On paper at the start of the season it SHOULD have been between the two teams fighting it out for the top of the league.... My two pence worth would be a 3-1 victory for UTD tonight.
  2. Effort NIL Attitude NIL Commitment NIL Stranraer 1 3 f*****g hours down in the car along with a few hundred others. To see that? Speechless
  3. Hi all! Not sure if in right section, but ill give it a bash Not long finished renovations to my place, and wanted to get myself into the 'modern age' Saw the phillips hue voice/smartphone/alexa compatible colour changing lights, led strips etc. Thought about putting them in the living room, hallway and bedroom, and an led strip across the skirting boards behind the tv to light it up in the evenings. Does anyone have one on here, thoughts reviews etc? Only thing putting me off is the starter kit seems obscenely expensive at nigh on £160....
  4. Your absolutely right about the ayr game @parsforlife I remember sitting in the northwest, absolutely deflated when we went behind...until zidane decided to make an appearance! More of the same today please ashy
  5. Newcastle Queen of the south Annan Score and win £5 to return £605 Reading Everton Hibs Stenhousemuir Montrose £5 to return £303 Tottenham Dunfermline Clyde Edinburgh city Hearts Queens park £10 to return £358
  6. Alloa always an extremely difficult side to break down, my worry is the longer the game goes on at 0-0 the more frustrated we become, then become liable for a sucker punch. Trouten always seems to fu***** score against us aswell. An early goal from nisbet should hopefully settle the nerves..but perhaps wishful thinking. Tbh id take a scrappy as hell game with a stoppage time winner. Weve got to learn to win ugly!
  7. Hopefully last weeks win will give us a real confidence boost going into saturday, ofcourse a Utd backlash after their shambolic performance at queens is a distinct possibility. Ryan has to start though, IMO the best player on the park when he did come on. Highly doubt crawford will go 2 up top, and unsure if nisbet was taken off with a knock of some sort, or just a slight change of system. Would hope to see dow and turner (who albeit was very poor vs ayr and couldve been hooked at HT) can be direct and put utds defensive frailties to the test. In saying that, would be more than happy to leave tannidice with a draw. 2-2 shankland with a double and ryan, and a 45 yard toe poke from lee 'zidane' ashcroft
  8. @Black and White Tragic I actually text my mate who was at the game (im offshore atm) saying i daftly predicted on here 3 0 nesbit 1st goal. Could have helped myself to 175/1
  9. ☠️ beans on toast this weekend lol! Think i'll take up crocheting.
  10. Sunderland 1/3 MK Dons 7/10 Forest Green 21/20 Dundee Utd 4/9 Falkirk 4/9 Cove 1/2 East Fife 13/20 Dunfermline 17/10 (bet my own team every week, call it foolish!!) £5 accumulator to return £328 Short price double Aberdeen OR DRAW 4/11 Dundee OR DRAW 4/11 £50 double to retun £86 Correct score yankee (ive got to dream) Fleetwood 3-0 11/1 Alloa Ayr 2-2 draw 14/1 Motherwell 3-0 12/1 Bradford 3-0 14/1 £0.20 yankee total stake £2.20 to return £9307.20 LOL! Good luck to all today! :)
  11. Just a bit of fun for the 'prawn sandwich brigade' Would love to hear anyones experiences thoughts, ratings etc of their matchday hospitality at any club, any division from league 2 to scotland national and not necessarily your own team! Going to stenhousemuir v Cove on 5th october won via a raffle prize 5 of us going. Free bar so cant complain!
  12. £2.65 in wetherspoons alloa. Clientele leave a bit to be desired mind you 💀
  13. Cardle to come back and haunt us? 😣 God, the thought of it. Really worried about saturday now. Id of preferred if caldwell was still in charge. Its going to give the thistle players a massive boost, no doubt playing for their spot in the team looking to impress new manager coming in. Hoping that we can put all that to one side, and realise how deep in the proverbial sh** we could be with a loss. Having said that, 3-0 pars and nisbet to find his scoring boots again. Please! 😍
  14. Goodwillie should be in a f*****g jail cell. Any argument about him 'banging in goals' is utterly ridiculous. Just imagine for a second, the pain and anguish caused to the poor woman. Never mind the fact thats someones daughter. Abhorrent behaviour of the highest order. Just because he plays football shouldnt give him a 'free pass' If there was a rapist at your/my regular place of work would it be, ach i dont mind as long as he does his job well? Come on.
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