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  1. Excellent all round performance.Defence looked very solid.McMinns first save 91 minutes.Young Connor gonna be some player.Leeroy much better player when he is further up the park.
  2. Teams don’t have to play well against us.We beat ourselves.Page is a disaster.The left back played for Celtic?If Albion Rovers beat us there has to be changes.
  3. Thought it was going to be a high press,up tempo team,with young legs.What we got was Brechins midfield standing off about 15-20 yards letting an average team run the game.Poor goals conceded in second half.The two wide men in middle never in game and Scott looked half a yard off pace up front.Was it him or Paton who scored goal?Still frightening at the back.
  4. Being a Brechin supporter I thought Slater and Galt were both outstanding in a very decent team.
  5. The defense has leaked goals all season.Two slow centre halves and two full backs who are not fullbacks.Need a couple of midfielders as well.Overun in second half.
  6. I hope the real fans can contribute to the fighting fund as a Brechin supporter since 1959 it would be criminal to consign this great club to the Highland League,or worse,oblivion.I hope the fans can rally around,attend the games ,and save this great club.
  7. Brechin 3 v Rangers 4 Came all the way from the States to watch my beloved City concede a late goal after being up 3-1 at halftime.
  8. One thing I learned from the last three games is there is not much between clubs in this league.QP were made to look good by Brechin being so bad.We could have been beat at Albion but got the breaks and yesterday there was nothing much between the teams apart from a stupid penalty we gave away.We badly need someone to help McManus both big lads very poor.Another decent midfielder to let McCord sit deeper and spray the ball around.A wide player with pace to go past the full back.Neither keeper were tested all that much.
  9. Rode their luck at times but at the same time Albion never tested the Brechin keeper.McManus,Page and Hill outstanding.
  10. I feel for Smith.A decent guy but it’s a results business.I wish more fans would get behind the team instead of the criticism I heard on Saturday.The players hear and I am sure it affects them.I would like to see an experienced player manager but it’s going to be a tough find with the window closing at the end of the month.I would like to see the hardcore fans get behind the club at Coatbridge.The football club is one of the few positive things left in the City so we must all try our best to make sure we stay in this division.
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