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  1. Paying £14 to watch that pish on that pitch is becoming unbearable. Thought Abraham looked decent when he came on while Sterling looked like he'd never seen a football before when he came on, which is promising for us.
  2. The second hand embarrassment I have for Dave Mackinnon today is crippling.
  3. I turned the game off at half time and couldn't bring myself to put it back on for the second half. Doesn't sound like I missed much. Another £10 well spent following Morton.
  4. Commentators the most exciting part of the match in the end.
  5. Commentators slagging us by saying the sun in the box hasn't been an issue because we've not been in it is a new low.
  6. Did you not hear your fans every time you scored a penalty? Would have thought you won the world Cup.
  7. We've been given free reign to murder St mirren players tonight it seems [emoji23]
  8. First half was everything awful about our side so far this season and second half has been everything promising about our season so far.
  9. That was a clear penalty but the wee teams never get the decisions.
  10. Salkeld was aggressive where as Alnwick was sneaky. Thought that was going to be our usual sending off there.
  11. St mirren doing their best morton impression so far this half. Putting Jacobs on and having a competent central midfielder has confused St mirrens training match.
  12. St mirren resting their best players now that the game is won?
  13. Usually you hope for a surprise when you see a shit lineup. Jim Duffy was the master of it almost every week, but tonight's lineup was always going to lead to this absolutely pathetic performance. We look like a league 2 side playing against the old firm.
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