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  1. First half was a bit rough for us although that's to be expected up against the wind but apart from Schwake save I don't think we were under that much pressure and managed to sneak a goal before half time. I can understand why Cove fans might think they deserved something from the game but from my perspective the second half was one of the most confident I've ever been that we wouldn't concede a goal as the match looked to be heading for a comfortable 1-0 victory as Cove offered nothing in an attacking sense against the wind and our defence looked so comfortable but then one poor piece of concentration and communication and it looked like we'd blown it. The resilience of this team to just get their head down and go again that late on is admirable and it was an excellent strike from Crawford. There's a real special mentality in this squad and it's a joy to watch even at times when the football might not be.
  2. Must be said I've never seen someone like up an overhead kick for so long and then miss the ball completely like Kabia did in the second half. A true work of art.
  3. Good of Akinola to take one for the team and stop Partick conceding at least 3 goals again.
  4. I'd heard at the time that Imrie sent Garrity out on loan because he needs to work on his defensive work off the ball so I suppose it makes sense why he's not been starting games for you if that's something required in your system as well. There's definite talent in there and there's still plenty time to work on that side of the game for him. Hopefully he gets a few starts for you between now and January as nothing will help him develop his weaknesses quicker than actual games.
  5. There are many positives to take from tonight but what stuck out to me was the amount of running the team did off the ball especially second half was incredible. I thought we would be blowing out our arses towards the end chasing the ball from side to side constantly but they just kept going all game.
  6. Did we steal Partick's abilities Space Jam style?
  7. Efe Ambrose signing for us after being announced by Hamilton's official twitter account in a peak Cinch move. Don't even care if he's shite I'm all for it.
  8. Watched the Morton highlights and thought the tackle where Crawford had his heels clipped in the box looked a penalty as well. Blues looks well onside for our disallowed goal as well. There's a chance he's handled it in the build up but the assistant referee has flagged for offside.
  9. Only out for the referee I can think of is maybe he thinks Raith play an ostrich in defence.
  10. The hand ball decision on the highlights is one of the worst refereeing decisions I've seen, which give the level of officiating at this level is some going. No one can convince me otherwise that Quitongo hasn't absolutely played for that penalty and went down when he didn't need to but the decision we weren't given was 10000000x more blatant.
  11. I didn't think he was as bad as people were mentioning either tbh. It looked like a classic shock welcome to Scottish championship football performance for me tbh. I saw nothing that made me think he's going to tear the league up or anything but there were two or three moments when he did something that made me think that there's an acceptable championship player in there.
  12. Still can't believe the raith player turned back inside when through on goal. We had the best chances by far including an open goal miss from yards out yet that still managed to be the most pathetic attempt by anyone on the pitch.
  13. The official stream camera was right behind Quitongos run across the defender and it looked quite the dive tbh. Wasn't a replay so can't be sure. Great assist by the raith player anyway with last kick of the game.
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