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  1. Good luck in the next round lads and with the rest of the season, not sure where some of the hate is coming from, all in all enjoyable experience but probably would have given you more of a game if our first team played. Will keep an eye out for your result in the next round 👍
  2. Probably when you played Celtic.😚 ohhh the mind games begin!! Enjoy the game tomorrow lads, hope it’s a decent spectacle! 👍
  3. DM sent! Nice to have the fixture confirmed, as far as I’m aware we may be moving our cup game here if we win tomorrow. Will yous play a full team for this fixture? Much of a crowd turn up?
  4. Ha it was the complete performance, bit of a grudge against them as we had lost the reverse fixture 1-0 despite dominating, their keeper then started giving it loads to the away fans which ended up with our captain shouldering the keeper and then followed every player jumping in. Our captain was banned for 4 games and the keeper for 6 games. So this game was a bit of sweet revenge for that. Yous aren’t doing too bad yourselves. I’ll be honest, if we win our cup game (we are favourites) on Friday, then the next round clashes with the fixture against yourselves. So not sure what’s going to happen (I know east fife all over again!!). Anyway good luck with your season lads
  5. Thanks for the travel advice guys. Look forward to the game:)
  6. Hi all, I would not take notice of this post above as it is mostly full of nonsense, I am not sure why political parties or the RA (wtf?) are brought up. There are a couple points that are true, we are from central Dublin just a few minutes outside the city centre and are currently 3rd in the league. We lost our top scorer a couple months ago (he broke his ankle) so our form since then has been very up and down. We played Peterhead away last season in the first round winning 1-0 before our match was cancelled vs East Fife. It’s an interesting fixture and an excuse to go to a new ground in a different country to see our team so there will definitely be a good few Bohs fans going over for this! We haven’t been in Europe for a good few years (fingers crossed this season) so this slightly fills that gap! In relation to side of the fence I’m probably naive in not knowing what yous mean (Celtic/Rangers?!) Will there be much interest in the game from Airdrie fans or is this game more of a hinderance? If anyone has any tips on best way to get to the game, is it best to fly into Glasgow or Edinburgh and get a train/bus? Cheers looking forward to the game!
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