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  1. Thanks for the information this really helps my planning.
  2. I’ve been looking at villa options and hotels still not sure yet which one to choose. I found these sites https://www.balivillasandmore.com/ for villas and spoke to them and for hotels I found this site https://balihotelsandmore.com/ Has anybody used them before? I’m looking at booking some tours when I’m there and this site and lots of different options https://www.balitoursandmore.com/ but my kids want to do this tour https://www.quadbikingbali.com/ Any suggestions for Bali bucket list must do’s??
  3. Has anybody been to Bali before? Any recommendations on hotels, villas or tours? Or best areas to stay? Just in Bali now and can’t wait to come back so starting to find the best options. Traveling in February again next year.
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