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  1. Decent enough manager but struggles to find consistency. We always done well against better teams but often struggled against teams below us.
  2. Right back for me. Solid going forward as well as defending. Can play CB or CM also.
  3. Yes, have you seen some of our conceded goals this year? Even Frail said so in his interview last week, very nice bunch of players.
  4. Very happy with the turnaround of staff. There seems to be a good balance and hopefully Paul Thomson can bring us some young boys from a higher level. I can see Toro bringing some much needed aggression which we have severely missed this season also. I can hear the old train back on the line choo choo =D.
  5. I think Alloa underestimated us. Yes we have been bad but we still have something about ourselves. Nobody can be unhappy with a point at Bayview this season.
  6. You could park in either dubbieside or high street and its a few minutes walk away to avoid traffic.
  7. Well the rest of the season should be entertaining if anything. We scored a few goals under Stevie last spell but its a defensive/mentality issue we have to solve. He is still due us a turn after that late sitter against the Rovers so we will see what happens.
  8. We were very lucky in getting Gary Naysmith given his professional career. I would be disappointed with Grant based on his recent tenure but he must have something about him and also would have contacts in our catchment area. Kenny Miller is unrealistic for me and keeping on anyone currently at the club seems pointless given our situation. Crawford? Loves attacking football but doesnt seem to have ever taught a team how to defend. Realistically, I would take Martin Canning. Done okay at Accies on sawdust and wouldnt be chasing any big dollar. He would also know alot of hungry young players perhaps not making the first team at Accies. Cowdenbath seem to have grounded since their policy on giving young managers a chance so that route doesnt seem helpful. We just have to see who is interested.
  9. Our biggest problem is recruitment. Winners at this level have enough about them to put a shift in without encouragement from the gaffer. We have been financially struck at some point, has the covid fine effected us majorly? It seems after the McGuigan news we were instantly desperate and started chasing Weah but got stuck with Osie-Bunsu who isnt a forward either. We have been great in terms of planning last few seasons but that wasn't there this season. Dundee Utd away, 3 wins against Raith, Cup runs etc some of my best memories as a Fife fan but it was time for a change 2 months ago.
  10. Weve just went downhill after a few years looking at the playoffs. We beat Dundee Utd at Tannadice a few seasons ago and both goalscorers that day are still with the club. Yes we have lost a few players but some still remain. This squad is seriously underperforming behond another level.
  11. As bad as we have been, this should still be 3 points. We controlled last outing at a time we didn't have a goalscorer and Clyde were eventually going to take their chance. We have improved slighty since then and have some goals back in the side bar last week. 2-1 East Fife Wallace and Connell with the goals.
  12. Well yes mate, very normal from my time supporting this club.
  13. You reported crowd reactions to the steward? hahahah absolute fud Your obviously a bit strange mate.
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