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  1. Clark will take the best squad he can, if all the English born players suddenly become available alongside some of our other options then the realistic choices he'd have to make would be looking at our squad players against them. Gunn vs McLaughlin Fredericks vs O'Donnell Kane vs Palmer Mawson vs Considine Caulker vs McKenna Bryan/Targett vs Taylor Gilmour vs McLean Gauld vs Paterson Adams vs Shankland Grant vs Burke Gilmour and Gauld are the only actual Scots I can see really pushing for inclusion. I'm not a fan of parachuting players in to a squad that did the job but clearly some of these lads would improve our depth.
  2. Marshall a stick on in goals. Robertso likewise at left back. Clark clearly likes how McTominay fits in at the back so suspect he'll stay. Gallagher has done nothing wrong and is the right sort to handle Mitrovic and we know Clark rates McKenna when fit so suspect that will be the back 3. Tierney is another that has to play so unless he's on the left of the back 3 at the expense of one of them above it will be at right wing back. O'Donnell can maybe feel unlucky given recent form. Midfield 3 likely to be Jack, McGinn and McGregor which looks reasonably balanced and not many alternatives. Dykes a fixture up top but Griffiths, Armstrong or Christie to play off him in Fraser's absence? I feel Armstrong is the nearest like for like so will go with him. Marshall Tierney, McTominay, Gallagher, McKenna, Robertson McGinn, Jack, McGregor Armstrong Dykes
  3. A couple of young Scots centre backs featuring in the Championship tonight with Hyam starting for Coventry and McIntyre coming off the bench for Reading. Future internationals? Maybe or maybe not but I think it's encouraging to see quite a few boys getting gametime at what it a steady level. I beleive we've got Murray Wallace at Millwall, Clark Robertson at Rotherham and Michael Rose also at Coventry in addition to the more well known McKenna, Hanley and Lindsay.
  4. I agree with this. Tierney plays in the same position for an EPL club so is a shoe in. Considine is unlucky given his debut and follow up performance but hard to include him over Tierney. McTominay has looked alright in a new role so may as well let him continue to develop in it. Gallagher has come in and looked big, strong and solid which is better than most of our centre back options manage. I'd let him keep up his run in the side. I've not seen enough of McKenna to suggest he's not just a big, strong centre back of Championship quality. Maybe he's better than Gallagher but not enough to displace him yet. Cooper is probably unlucky, there is enough about him to suggest he might be our best centre back but due to a couple injuries at unfortunate times he's not been able to establish himself like Gallagher. At least we've a few lads to discuss in the position and with this system that are taking us out of the realms of picking the least bad/bombscare options which is a real positive.
  5. If Paul Hanlon was 2 inches taller he'd have 50 caps. And if ma auntie had baws...
  6. Wonder how many more we will lose before the match. Centre back partnership of McTominay and Patterson anyone? Physical.
  7. A bright young talent breaking through at a hotbed of Spanish talent and eligible for the mighty Spain. Gets the call from Steve: "Alright lad, Ewan Urine aye? A need a forward as al ma options are mince. Kin ye do knock doons for McGinn?" Maybe he's got his sights set on Spain or at the very least keeping his options open. I'd guess he's got a reasonably strong Basque identity which could help if he feels more Basque than Spanish but who knows how Scottish he feels.
  8. Fair enough. It's been fun red squaring each other but let's call it a day.
  9. Cooper looked alright in the Championship. I fear for him a bit in the English Premier league as I don't think he's good enough to step up. Would love to be proven wrong mind. Caulker had a good long spell as a decent quality Premier League centre back. He's not at that level now but he's got more higher level experience than any of our other options and if he can find anything like his best form then we should be considering him. He's got a physical presence without being lumbering as well.
  10. I've said it before but we've an absolute cluster of centre backs all in a similar bracket ranging from bombscare to bang average at best. McKenna, Hanley, Souttar, Cooper, Lindsay, Devlin, Gallagher, Bates, Findlay, Mulgrew, Porteous, Kerr and so on are all on that scale somewhere. Our best bet is just picking two and sticking with them in the hope they build a partnership, which two I'm not that fussed though picking a couple at the bang average at best end of the scale would be preferable to the known bombscares. Alternatives would be the unknown quantities, if Caulker is interested then he's worth a go, he's got good pedigree and can't be too much worse. Last option could be trying McTominay there, he has the height and one of United's youth coaches rated him in the position. He could offer a genuine ball playing option and is a far better footballer than the other options. Not normally an advocate of moving a player out of position like that but when the alternative is Grant Hanley then why not.
  11. Current squad is dire. Aging keepers. No right back to speak of. A broad selection of bombscare centre halves. A good left back and an injured left back. A broad selection of headless chicken midfielders although if they could ever all play to full potential at the same time there might be something there. A pitiful choice of strikers ranging from a Scottish championship player to an English premier league player who boasts a 20 million price tag and is an absolute tool.
  12. Big Rab Douglas in nets. A couple of nae nonsense lads at that back playing route one. Let's go with the Caldwells for that telepathic link up. Up top we need little and large, a big lad to get his head on the long balls and a wee lad feeding on the scraps. Chris Iwelumo and Peter Canero.
  13. Seems poor form is rife, let's get Coll Donaldson in.
  14. They're all various shades of shite. Just pick two and stick with them.
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