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  1. Big Rab Douglas in nets. A couple of nae nonsense lads at that back playing route one. Let's go with the Caldwells for that telepathic link up. Up top we need little and large, a big lad to get his head on the long balls and a wee lad feeding on the scraps. Chris Iwelumo and Peter Canero.
  2. Seems poor form is rife, let's get Coll Donaldson in.
  3. They're all various shades of shite. Just pick two and stick with them.
  4. I'd probably stick with McKenna and Gallagher to be honest. What we really need is a partnership and these two could do with striking up a run and who knows maybe Gallagher will have the mentality to step up and do well at international level, some players just do. What's the point in chopping and changing bang average (or worse) players, let's see how these two go as a partnership for ten games.
  5. Hopefully he can get back to somewhere near his best, at that point he comes into contention and adds to our scant options which is no bad thing. Dykes and Shankland show potential and could maybe be longer term options alongside McBurnie and Griffiths. Is there anyone else?
  6. Sadly they're all much of a muchness so let's just pick whichever two aren't injured come March.
  7. Given the paucity of options we should be getting the likes of Caulker and Lindsay into the squad to at least take a look at them.
  8. A fully fit Lee Wilkie would walk into the aide nowadays. Recent article on what he's up to now: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/49987541
  9. Aye Webster was probably not the best shout. 🤣 Any of those 3 a better option. A lot more worst XI options at the back than best XI over the last 20 years!
  10. How about a best XI since 1998? Gordon Hutton Weir Webster Naysmith Fletcher Lambert Ferguson McFadden Miller Maloney I did that in about 2 minutes so I'm sure (or hope) I've missed some others.
  11. Enjoying the meeting of great minds in here.
  12. This is a side utterly devoid of confidence. A team of bombscares and headless chickens rendered so by years of morale sapping shiteness. The utterly bizarre qualification format has done quite something to allow this shower through to the play offs.
  13. We've a clutch of centre backs who are all either shite, bombscares, headless chickens, average on a good day at best or very tentatively maybe a prospect who will likely become one of the other categories but still provides meagre hope for the future. Given the above may as well give Devlin and McKenna a run as a partnership until/unless someone else is banging the door down. At least they seem alright in the SPL and play regularly together. I'd hate to see known dross like Hanley or Mulgrew come back in the future.
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