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  1. Thanks to you both, really appreciate the info. Perhaps we just need to go with the manual updates then! Might be the easiest option. I will look into 'scraping' before I commit to setting up a table though. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks honestman. Yes, I could link to the LL website but would rather have the table featured on our own webpage. Others seem to have managed this (IE Vale of Leithen, here: http://valeofleithen.co.uk/) - but I still can't work it out. Cheers anyway.
  3. Hi all, Currently helping out a LL team in building a new website (I'm a complete amateur though). Reading this thread with interest - does anybody know the simplest way to pull through the updated league table onto the team's website? Carbon copy of the LL website would be ideal. Thanks in advance for any help...
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