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  1. Unless one of us wins the lottery, or some madman with too much money comes along, can't see how we can change the situation. A few years back an offer was made to the owners, thier reply, "that'll do for starters, when can we expect the rest?" All the due diligence wouldn't change that. They've an unrealistic figure in mind. It would appear we're stuck with this strangle hold slowly sucking the life out of the club.
  2. Sorry, I meant in return for the shares. Stadium starting to look tired already. The obligligation we have to maintain the sea wall might affect any future development. I know it's the only asset we really have, but maybe one day in the future we'll need to cut our losses (hopefully won't come to that). The current situation is slowly killing us off.
  3. Not what I wish for, but if our silent owners have no interest in footballing matters, & only want our property, could there ever be a time in the future, where we may be better simply walking away from Bayview to get them to F**k? I know this would present challenges, but the future's not looking bright, Status Quo.
  4. We've also, next Tuesday got a testimonial match for Kevin Smith whos now signed for one of our rivals. Not sure his new employers would want him playing in case he gets injured, unless this was somehow agreed when he signed?
  5. If the owners are such a millstone around our neck, is there any merit in letting the club sink lower? Would that force thier hand? Or make them more likely to sell? Or would we be cutting our nose off to spite our face? I was hanging off renewing my season ticket in the hope, we'll recruit a good squad to justify the prices, that's not looking likely. Then again did we not play a friendly with Exeter a few years back, with next to no players, largely trialists & Gary Naysmith formed a capable side then. Can't understand why we've an international striker in charge, but can't seem to sign a forward, are we waiting for Leigh Griffiths? At this rate, Crawford might need to get his own boots back on! I know we've still got time, but there's a lot of worry creaping in here.
  6. Stevie Crawford said after relegation was confirmed, that our stay in the basement league would be a brief one (I assumed he meant moving upwards!) and, in his words, he'd, "leave no stone unturned" in his quest to build a team to compete this season. Hopefully, there's 3 or 4 mulling over offers, or loan deals to come in, as, like last season, everyone can see this squad is nowhere good enough at the moment. I think we could justify the higher prices, if we had a decent team on the park. Right now there's little to be optimistic about.
  7. Forza seem the best. Originally had a set around 3 foot tall by 4 foot. As the wee man has become bigger, the balls are heavier & the shots harder, last summer for his 7th birthday got Forza 6 foot tall by 8 foot wide. UPVC lock-together frame.
  8. Bleading too many youngsters into the team at once could have a detrimental affect on them. Unless the youth team, is the 'class of '92' (which it's not), we really shouldn't be expecting any more than a couple at a time making the step up. Also, looking at the squad at the moment, can't help but think, if we'd had last year's loanees, this year instead, namely the 2 Watsons, Pollock & Connell, we'd probably only be a striker away from a decent squad.
  9. Although there's been some bad decisions by our club at all levels lately, at least we've not gone down the Edinburgh City route. They've had to change their name & come up with 'FC Edinburgh'. If you didn't hate them before, now you will! A name chosen by a 14 year old surely!
  10. Who came up with FC Edinburgh? Just screams 'plastic club'.
  11. One for the home kit & one for the away kit, obviously!
  12. Led Scotland to a good victory against the English in 1297.
  13. Just wait, Ryan Blair will probably come good when he faces us. At least we'll not be up against Calum Gallagher next year!
  14. Every contract offered represents a gamble for the club, some work out, others don't. I don't think we should stop offering 2 year deals on the back of this though. How do we ever expect to develop young players, or build a team, if we've to start from a clean slate every summer? Lower league football would just become (even more of) a merry go round of players wo dont give a shit, just going to who can offer the most. Wallace was never the goalscorer he was for us second time around, a different type of player but, on his day a decent player at this level neverthe less. Sadly he'll now be remembered for his petulance & how he's left here. We'll never got to the bottom of what happened in the last year, Frozen out, fall outs, refusing to play, demanding a release, his wife, setting up a business, injury, were all reasons that seemed to come up. Bottom line is he just wanted out. Good riddance. That's another wage/space in the squad to be filled, still waiting to see what kind of player we're able to bring in, business has been slow on that front so far, Crawford, excite us!
  15. I'm sure we paid a fee for Daniel Higgins also, (£8000 rings a bell).
  16. Remember, we've also got, 'The Trout' he's a striker.
  17. Don't bank on it, DY doesn't sign left-backs!
  18. So, with ticket prices around 40% higher than yours, a Derby with Dunfermline & a possible player sale. I should be expecting a higher playing budget than Forfar’s.
  19. Bonnyrigg would need to have an average crowd 40% higher than ours to be bringing in the same amount at the gate. I'm not in favour of our prices either, but if we're paying that much, we should have a better playing budget than others. A few decent signings would encourage ticket sales & a winning team puts bums on seats.
  20. Surely with our high prices, one of the better crowds - if we're doing well, a Derby with Dunfermline & possible fee if Jude Smith leaves, you'd like to think all that would translate into one of the more competitive budgets in the league. Hoping we see this in the next couple of weeks in terms of signings.
  21. Would certainly welcome him to bayview. Think he's Brechin bound though.
  22. Higgins was getting on a bit, but I thought with the drop down a level, we might persuade him to stay another season. His experience was vital. Wonder if we've kept Dunlop's phone number? Hope that exit door is now firmly closed, and we don't end up in a situation like last year with target's changing minds at the last minute. Now we know exactly what we need & with the manager, "leaving no stone unturned", we hopefully hear of some arrivals in the coming weeks.
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