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  1. Higgins was getting on a bit, but I thought with the drop down a level, we might persuade him to stay another season. His experience was vital. Wonder if we've kept Dunlop's phone number? Hope that exit door is now firmly closed, and we don't end up in a situation like last year with target's changing minds at the last minute. Now we know exactly what we need & with the manager, "leaving no stone unturned", we hopefully hear of some arrivals in the coming weeks.
  2. Yeah, he's staying loyal to the players who have let him down in the past!
  3. Who's he signing next, Mark Docherty? The inability to defend a corner will be The Bino's downfall next season then!
  4. Aren't most players at other clubs signed up until 31st of May? Trying not to panic here, we've maybe got used to Darren Young doing his business early. Always seemed under him every Tuesday & Thursday another 2 or 3 would sign.
  5. Christ, he seems to have been at every game going these last 2 weeks. He did say he'd leave no stone unturned, credit where its due -he's turning a hellva lot of stones!
  6. Cracking goalkeeper at this level. Does he not stay in Motherwell? If so, that, & the offer of a 2 year deal is probably the reason why he's leaving for Dumbarton.
  7. He was at Edin City v Dumbarton in midweek. That's 20 goals he's seen scored in the last week. Let's hope he's looking from an offensive position , rather than defensive!
  8. Maybe reading too much into it, but Kev saying, "time to move on, from East Fife" does that mean he's going elsewhere? I thought he'd be retiring, might be Lowland. Eitherway been a great servant, all the best, whatever you are doing next. Thought Dunlop would've done a job for us in league 2, the others aren't surprising. I'd asume the rest are all either tied up for another year, or been offered a contract from the club. We all knew big changes would be needed.
  9. Can't say I'm surprised with any of the exodus so far. Did we not pay a fee for Higgins? Suppose we'll not recoup any of that. When I think of my top 5 memories of following East Fife, Dunsy features in 2 of them; his 92nd minute winner against Raith obviously, & his' winning penalty v Hearts. Him running up to the Hearts 'keeper & saying something along the lines of, "Get it up ye, ye Jambo B*****D" before celebrating, a Hibee to the core! Really thought he'd get back to a full time club, but like most of our team, the drop since covid has been pretty spectacular. Just don't come back to haunt us!
  10. Yeah, got to echo that. Did think it unlikely he'd drop down to league 2. Thanks for everything Ross, you'll be missed. Expect a lot more to follow in the coming weeks.
  11. Had we stayed up, next season would be just as much a struggle. Fingers crossed we make the correct decisions & can make our say in the Pishy league a short, but successful one.
  12. As I said, Easton & Higginbotham were not likely, it's also unlikely we'll push the boat out anyway, think our budget will be tight. Bobby Linn previously played with us & I understand is now 35 & not been getting much game time at Arbroath, can't seen that him being a regular in the top flight, although I'd love to see Arbroath getting there.
  13. Sadly that does seem to be the case with Pat Slatt. I would definitely try to keep Davidson & now we've dropped down a level, Chris Higgins mayhave another season in him. Dunlop should also do well in league 2. Would love to see us push the boat out for someone creative which we've missed since Agnew left. Both Dylan Easton & Kallum Higginbotham have previously dropped down the leagues, but that's not likely to happen. Bobby Linn maybe?
  14. Apologies for throwing in a serious suggestion, but why is Ian Murray not in the running?
  15. Quite possible, but can we really rely on Clyde beating Dumbarton on the last day?
  16. Looks like Rennie wasn't the saviour after all. Death of a salesman!
  17. This game should be branded, The Battle of Who Could Care Less. After matching Falkirk for 3 games so far & getting nothing, the law of averages would suggest if we play like that again, we are capable of getting 3 points this time - everyone else seems capable of getting results against them. Sadly, we given ourselves too much to do, along with Dumbarton picking up points. To stay up via the play offs, we'd need to win at least 5 of the next 7 games, we've won only 5 all season. When the inevitable happens, I hope we don't see players sitting down gutted, it won't be this game that has relegated us, but the shit served up over the last 33 that's done the damage. Anyway, I'm jumping ship, got a last minute holiday to Tenerife, so won't be there. Part time supporter!
  18. Excellent 1-0 Fife it is then, just to keep that run going!
  19. Gutted I had to miss Saturday's game. What really stands out since Crawford came in, is we've become far more resolute defensively, we were shipping goals at an alarming rate earlier in the season (that's now 4 shut outs in 7 if my memory serves me correctly). To have had to change the whole defence from last week & still perform deserves enormous credit. Dunlop got a bad one last week, Chris Higgins was playing through the pain barrier, Steele wasn't a starter last week & missed this week (injury, Covid?) & then to lose Murdoch during Saturday's game, shows if you have the right system & work-rate, the personnel can be altered. Wasn't sure if the manager fancied Slattery, but he's shown just how versitile he can be. Like everyone else, these last few weeks have been, "if we take something here, the gap's down to this much... etc, etc" without really believing it possible. With our next 2 games being our more favourable of the remaining fixtures, let's not carried away, all we've done is give ourselves a chance, complacency could see that 3 point margin back to 6 very easily. Anyway, well done for giving us hope we can maybe just do this!
  20. This, word-for-word could've been written about East Fife a little over a month ago.
  21. I cannot believe anyone is seriously debating the red card. Did feel yesterday, Montrose played better with 10 men though, the game seemed to open up after that.
  22. Aaron Dunsmore has joined Stirling Albion on loan for the rest of the season. Hope this is not goodbye, but realistically he's not featured much of late. Gave me with one of my greatest moments supporting East Fife, with his 92nd minute winner v the Rovers. All the best Dunsy
  23. A pretty, honest, unbiased assessment of today's game. Not one failure in black & gold today & now 4 games unbeaten. Great penalty save, Steele a rock at the back.
  24. Which one is Beuker, the one who was dressed like Michael Stewart or the bald one with a booming voice, so deep you can't understand what he is saying?
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