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  1. Most Partick fans weren't too confident on here beforehand, you think you've got problems? We seem to have the twin problem of giving goals away too cheaply & not being able to conjure up any kind of attacking threat, every goal we've scored so far seems to have been a worldly. Still, only 3 points from the play off places, but we really need a kick up the backside. More favourable games on the horizon, but we need a reaction next week. I don't think it's just the players that have become too comfortable, maybe the manager also!
  2. When we signed Denholm, there were Forfar & Arbroath fans saying he was finished at this level, whereas I think thats a bit harsh, he doesn't seem to contribute much, other than raising the club's profile though being a columnist. Get Watt back in the starting 11, if Swanson isnt fit enough to start. Still we're only 3 points from a play off place & if that's still the case after the 1st 3rd of the season, I'd take that. Much has been made of our tough run of fixtures so far, but now we really need to start winning these perceived easier games that are coming up!
  3. Can we try and get back to the tried and tested, favoured line up of Long in goals, a defence of Slattery, Higgins, Dunlop & Murdoch. Dunsy, Agnew, Davidson & Watt in the middle with Wallace & Hamilton up front?
  4. Go onto the club's official website, under eftv & you'll get all our matches there. Saturday's is usually up by the Monday. He opened the scoring with a cracker v Montrose 2 weeks ago.
  5. Certainly hope so, tremendous foresight from the board if this payout does come. Hopefully there's nothing in the small print regarding a global pandemic, I'd be surprised if insurance companies can indeed aford to payout on this though!
  6. A bit off topic here. Been watching the highlights of last week's game again today & I can't believe more has not been made of Kevin Smith's goal. Yes, Hamilton's was a long range effort, but the technique involved with Kev is not something we see every week at this level, goal of the season contender for me already!
  7. My biggest criticism of the manager is that, in the past when we've hit a slump he doesn't seem to know how to get us out of it, whether its his own tactical nous, or the players at his disposal. But, lets keep the faith, it's early days, win next week & everything is rosy again!
  8. A fair assessment of a player I really liked at Bayview, he'll give you a steady 7 out of 10 every week.
  9. With arguably the most settled squad in the lower tiers, we should be hitting the ground running. We've a tough run of fixtures & we're only 3 points behind the play offs though, but I'd agree, next week's game could prove significant in the season we have.
  10. Yes, I know but if that can free up monies for clubs to perhaps divert cash to where its needed, then it can only be good for all. Certainly greatful for it.
  11. Great, I'd like to place on record my thanks to the guy. Was worried that money had been dependant on Anne Budge's proposals. Still, Nicola let some fans in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. No, just curious as to whether it did indeed happen.
  13. The issue seems to be with thousands of supporters all travelling at once, congregating outside & swamping public transport, which rightly would be madness at the moment, rather than social distancing inside the ground. People's jobs and businesses are going, but we expect football to get a free pass. On the other hand the previous test events went well, we looked like we were getting somewhere. Do our politicians have any knowledge of leagues 1&2 with modest crowds, where we can perhaps be a testing ground for higher level crowds returning? Whatever happened to the James Anderson, saviour of scottish football money? That's went a bit quiet.
  14. I think Falkirk fans are being over cautious saying they'll struggle in this one. Likely see 3 ex-Fifers in the Bairns starting line up & I'm predicting a 3-0 win for the home side. Fingers crossed I'm wrong!
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