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  1. I don't believe Falkirk fans are all that stupid to think promoting a side that had played 75%of their matches last season on a ppg basis, is the same as applying ppg this season when some clubs have only played 8/9 matches!
  2. Put me firmly in the, 'scrap this whole season' camp & start again from scratch in July/August. I've lost all interest & when I read the authorities were looking at resuming this seasons scottish cup in the first half of next season, they are obviously planning for scraping leagues 1 & 2 also. Yes, there would be winners, Alloa, Forfar, Brechin etc & losers Falkirk(again) Q. Park, Kelty, as things stand. Understandably, Falkirk fans seem to be the only ones that want to resume. With the vaccine there's light at the end of the tunnel, fans could all be back next year & we won't all be hemorrhaging money when it's tight enough.
  3. I remember that Sportscene interview with Gavin Murray, those were the days! That East Stirling footage confused me also, I don't remember home fans being able to stand in the School end either, take it you had to have entered the Grandstand first, as I can't remember old Bayview without the double fence running down the terracing? Always great when your club was featured on tv, I'm sure Paul Hunter scored the 2nd division's goal of the season around this time also. A couple of years after this I remember going to Douglas Park, Hamilton, when Clyde were sharing there, me and my mates realised it was going to be on the highlights that night, so stood behind the goals, to get on tv that night. The 4 of us were the only people that stood out in the driving rain & the minute after we'd scored & made our tv debuts, joined the rest of the crowd under cover. No sure if any footage still exists, 30 years since I last saw it.
  4. We don't know which of the wee Diddy teams have had outbreaks, there's been no testing. A line had to be drawn somewhere, having hundreds of untested players travelling the length & breadth of the country, for often not much more than a hobby (I'm including amateur teams in this) during a national lockdown doesn't sit right. It was chosen to draw the line below the top 2 leagues, nothing to do with professional/semi professional arguments. No matter where it was drawn, the people affected just under this line would feel hard done-by.
  5. The reason the top 2 leagues were given special dispensation is that they are considered elite athletes (I know people will have an opinion on that, but it's the best we have). For the same reason Andy Murray gets to fly to oz, England are currently playing cricket in India & the Olympics are due to go ahead in the summer, top athletes cannot just down tools for 6 months and be expected to perform at their peak level once given the green light. For what it's worth I'm missing my football, pub, gym taking the kids to stuff as much as the next guy, but livelihoods & lives are at stake let's not forget that.
  6. Remember reading in the Sun a few years back, how Frank McKeown, ex Clyde & Stranraer was a Firefighter, the story was about how he'd been out all Friday nightshift at the Clutha disaster, then played the next afternoon!
  7. I think i read at the time, utd were only offering him a 1 or 2 year contract, he didn't think it was worth the gamble in the long term. Wonder how many others have stayed part-time as full time sums don't add up?
  8. I was thinking more having 2 champions per season, keeping all the play off positions as they are, clubs could be relegated/promoted for 18 games. Not sure how it could work with top of the championship though. Certainly be exciting in the lower leagues anyway!
  9. There's more than 1 factor in Raith doing well this season. They were always a Championship sized club, who had lost their way a bit, they brought in a manager who had done well with them previously & have a good blend of experienced & hungry young players. Hearts, Dundee & Dunfermline were always going to be top 3, Qos, Alloa & Arbroath predictably bottom 3. Ayr, ICT & Morton, whilst all capable have all seen budgets cut & lost players, so a good chance a team on the up, like Raith could grab 4th, I would expect Falkirk to have been in a similar position had the gone up instead.
  10. I'm not against the play offs, I'm all for them, I just think this season, if it's going to be just 18 games, forget the play offs, get back to normal next season, covid permitting. Or if we really want to make our lower leagues exciting with less meaningless games, just keep an 18 game season, play 2 seasons per year! (tounge in cheek idea, but it may stir up debate).
  11. No, I don't think a team that finishes 4th in an 18 game season deserves a shot at the play offs. Just play the 18, scrap play offs, Champions promoted, bottom team relegated, Get back to normal next season, sorted.
  12. Not sure a team that finishes 4th, in a truncated 18 game season should potentially replace a team that's played in a 27 game season in the Championship. Might be good at the time, but I wouldn't want to see any club going up and having a season like Brechin did a couple of years back. God knows how the Scottish cup would work if our league season was voided, would we have to pay & train players for a one off cup tie & if we got through, extend their contracts for the next round. Glad I'm not making that desicion!
  13. Makes sense him stepping up a level & Livvy have to do what's best for their players development. Not sure how many chances he'll get at a team fighting at the bottom of the table though.
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