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  1. I agree, Brett Long is as good a keeper as we've had in years, and would have him as number 1. (Hart has proved to be a decent understudy though) I hope I'm not reading too much into his absence but, he's a young lad from Northern Ireland, who's come to Scotland to presumably try to carve out a career in the game. He started with Motherwell, then Dundee Utd who released him before he came to us. In his interview in the programme last season, he said he still lived in Motherwell and found the distance a bit much. Ever since Airdrie announced their decision to go full-time, I've had a worry, he might end up there, especially how they've previous for unsettling our players in recent years. Fingers crossed it is just a badly timed holiday though!
  2. On another note, we'll done to our ex player Johnny Page for a goal on your Brechin debut, then again you're a defender for a side that's just conceded 5 at home! Also Scott Reekie, whom we had on trial over the summer joins an elite club of players to get a hat-trick and still be on the losing side. lockquote widget
  3. Yeah, excellent way to make sure tickets went to genuine east fife supporters, as far as possible. They did say they'd be making an announcement during today's game on the issue. Spoke to the supporter's club today regarding joining and was told the club had instructed them not to take on any new memberships, until after the Rangers game, also sale of season tickets had been suspended. Fair play for not going down the 'selling-out' route.
  4. Steady on! At this rate you'll have us winning the league cup in 4 years' time! Normally, I would say a club at our level needs a bit of luck with cup draws in order to have a cup run, but this team has knocked out higher league opposition in the last 3 cup tournments. Ahh well, we can but dream though.
  5. Tickets only went on sale yesterday. My old man tried to buy a season ticket to do just that, to be told by the club that season tickets are no longer on sale. The club are holding a meeting tomorrow regarding the sale of what remaining tickets there are. I just think we should be cashing in here and if we don't have to share it with them, all the better. P. S can we not just say attendance is around 1100, kinda revenge for them doing that to us in the challenge cup game a few years back?
  6. Someone was on here last week saying to join the supporters club was £8 a year for an adult membership for the supporters club, I don't know what benefits this gives you but, I think for as little an outlay that is, as many pay at the gate supporters as possible should be looking into joining. I am certainly going to do that at the next home game, if it guarantees priority tickets for the future, I suppose in the future the club might say season ticket holders only, that's the gamble you take, but at £8 it's worth it and it's a good cause. What I disagree with is the club are not selling any more season tickets, surely the more the better and take advantage of this situation. Do they really think anyone will pay £200 odd, then £20 a ticket to just come to the rangers game?
  7. Let's not forget we've got a game on before our big cup game and I hope the players have their minds on this one. I'm confident of 3 points in this one, if our mindset is right and we're not thinking too much of next weekends clash
  8. I agree with no wanting to watch the knuckle dragging bigots, I'm giving it a wide bearth. I do want east fife to make £ from this. I felt that some sort of 3 game deal might swell the crowd at our next 2 home games and maybe entice back some of the lapsed or less frequent attendees, I know the there wasn't much time to sort this out though, season tickets and supporters club members priority does seem fair though.
  9. I would have liked to see some sort of package where you had to attend the Peterhead and airdrie games to be gurenteed a rangers game ticket. I know there wasn't much time between the draw being made and the match. It might have increased attendance at these games making more for the club/helping identify true supporters. I for one shall not be going to the sevco game, the 90 minutes of sectarian abuse witnessed in the league games a few years back makes it the one draw I didn't want, and I won't be subjecting my 5 year old son (who's a season ticket holder) to that poisoned atmosphere either. Good for the club to get a big payday, a reward for the way they turned the league cup section around and I hope there's no trouble, could be asking too much from the opposition fans though!
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