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  1. An excellant performance all through the team yesterday. Not wanting to get too carried away though, we're only up at you guys next week!
  2. Sorry, when I said 1st, I meant His' first, I have also missed out the 2nd 'L' in his surname, I have however managed to fight predictive text to spell 'Paatelainen' correctly. Was that who Brown came on for? So much to take in today, your user name should have a question mark, not that I'm pedantic!
  3. Absolutely brilliant today. Mercer, a player I liked first time round was unplayable a times. What a difference having options up front. Wallace played like he'd never been away & lasted the whole 90. Great 1st goal from Connel. Jude Smith made some important blocks also. We didn't need kevin smith, so deservedly gave him a well earned rest. Manager always said wait until everyone is fit. No miller or dunsmore named. Without that victory we would've been marooned. Yes still adrift, but at least we seem to be moving in the right direction. Also, does anyone know why mixu paatelainen was there today? Is he involved with Cove, or perhaps a players rep? Maybe our new forward? Future manager? Hope not when someone's still in place.
  4. Anyone who was at our last 2 league games, (Clyde & Falkirk) would see its not our defence or midfield that are our biggest issues, but our lack of options up front. Semple looks decent, but we overly rely on Smith & as good a player as he is, he can't last more than 45 mins. When we are chasing a game, all we've had to freshen up front is Osei-Bonsu, who doesn't look good enough & Brown who most definatly isn't. We now need points, not just plaudits though. Hopefully Wallace's return will help, but I go in hope rather than expectation 1-1.
  5. The wall/terrace behind one of the goals was in serious danger of collapse. The place had just seen better days. We sold it for housing & got our new ground as part of the deal. At that time not long after the Taylor report on ground safety, we all thought brand new, all-seater mecano kit stadiums would have to become the norm.
  6. Unless we pick up anyone whose unattatched, we can't bring anyone else in now that the loan window has closed.
  7. First trip to the Falkirk stadium today. Great touch letting under 12s in for free, kudos for that. Strange that the home support seemed to be booing your own goalkeeper in the first half? I know he's not first choice, but that can't help his confidence. Hard we didn't take anything from the game today, but as everyone said on here, you'll get a win against us. Great finish for the equaliser & the whole place seemed to get a huge lift from it. Sadly, it looks like the nearest we'll get to your neck of the woods next season will be Stenhousemuir!
  8. We certainly did not look like a team that's going down today, but I understand it's points we need now, not praise. I said last week we probaby needed 3 forwards, as it's up front where we're struggling. Smith can't do it all! Don't know if the blame lies with the manager, the board, or our budget, but we've no option now than to stick with what we've got. Maybe we had a couple of players lined up, but due to the fuel crisis, they couldn't make it through to sign on time.
  9. Sorry to interrupt your debate, but tomorrow I'm planning on making my maiden voyage to the Falkirk Stadium. Can anyone confirm that there's definitely a pay at the gate option for visiting fans?
  10. Only taken the manager 3 years to find one of these! Its forwards we need now
  11. Yeah, that's correct. I don't know if he could change teams again in January.
  12. Just listened to the podcast, great as ever guys! Robbie Muirhead, Anton Dowds & Jack Hamilton all mentioned as possible loanees. To be honest we'd need all three. We were at our best under Darren when we had the option of changing the front 2 during the game, those 3 alongside Smith, might give us hope. Let's hope for a few rabbits out of the loan hat over the next couple of days, or we're doomed.
  13. Not expecting any sort of result for us today, it's not been a happy hunting ground for us at the best of times. But, c'mon boys, at least lets see a reaction, show us there's still hope.
  14. Probably wise to just be signing Adeyemo until the end of the year & not on one of your 3 year deals! Thought he must be good when he came to Bayview on loan from Dundee Utd, but as bad as I've seen. Then more surprisingly ended up at Watford after us. The fact he's not stayed anywhere for any length of time suggests to me, either his attitude is poor, or he has a great agent. Either-way I can't see this working out.
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