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  1. It is possble the curtailment of last season stopped the rot that had maybe set in after our cup exit to BSC. Last season we had Duggan out long term, Smith hardly kicked a ball, Wallace missed a few games & was probably rushed back & Tonks never looked himself after Christmas, probably needed a rest? This squad hasn't fallen short due to lack of ability, but individual errors in games have proved costly too often. We have gelled as a squad, hopefully another season together will bring a 5-10% further improvement & we may be up there at the business end of the season. Signing so many up may be a dangerous strategy, but others, who are effectivly hibernating, will be left trying to scramble around assembling a team when we get the go ahead. Others may bring in a few released Premiership gems, but we can steal a march, not having to spend the first 10 games, or so getting to know one another, which might help when the enevitable slump comes! I'm happy with where we are at this moment in time & commend the board and management on this
  2. Hopefully not Raith, he seems to have a blinder everytime he plays against them! After his 92nd minute winner, he can do no wrong in my eyes!
  3. I think Dunsmore has never hidden his desire to return full-time, every season he's been reluctant to put pen to paper. He's the one player I dont think we could replace. Lets hope he's only keeping his options open & eventually signs on again. In this current climate, I'm sure it'd be better for Dowds to stay. I'm not sure he's ready for a step up just yet, he seemed to tail off, after the new year. A full season of banging them in should get him more noticed! Excellent work by the club in getting Brett, Kev & Davo back. Lets hope our strategy pays off!
  4. 25 years ago when clubs were redeveloping stadia, there was a lot of money given out to help clubs in football trust grants. i'm sure this was money from the pools companies. Does this pot of money still exist? I know the pools is not as popular as it used to be, but are all those betting companies paying anything in to use our matches to bet on? If not, should they not be?
  5. Would cleaning the stand be an issue? nobody will have been in it since March. After a game it would be at least a week, usually 2 before anyone else would be using it, a virus cannot live that long without a host. If it was all ticket, it would help with controlling distance. The turnstyles may be the biggest risk. I was mearly showing that with a bit of ingenuity there may be a way to have football with some paying customers. Today our Government paved the way for football to continue after June the 18th, and schools here will return on August the 11th. A lot can change over the next month or 2. I doubt any of those in charge make policy on my recomendations, or even read Pie & Bovril's league 1 forum though!
  6. No, i took the the percentage of the total capacity it was limited to (just under 21%) and applied that to our 1998 seats. I dont know why it was limited to that number & different venues might have diferent restrictions. I'm just trying to show that it may be possible to have some paying customers watching our matches & expect by July/August companies may have to come up with measures to keep staff & customers safe rather than just a blanket ban. It's only 2 months since the lockdown came into force, who knows where we'll be in another 2.
  7. At that limit, we could have a maximum of 415. Surely better than playing to empty stadia, Airdrie, Clyde, Queens Park would have more, depending on how many stands they open. Albion less. Much could change in the next 2-3 months, but we may find solutions like this by then.
  8. Maybe not all doom and gloom regarding spectators. Just read a story about a U. S. Country musician called Travis McCready who has just played the first live concert since thier lockdown. It may give us hope if how things can be done in the future. Audience wore masks & bought seats in clusters, not sure of the reasons for that, or size of crowd, but maybe spectators at lower level matches could be possible?
  9. Gary Mackay is correct, Hearts risk becoming a laughing stock. You can't temporarily change the set up just for them. Yes they are arguably our 3rd biggest club, but they've been shit for 18months, the shitest team goes down. Would we have this debate if Hamilton had finished bottom? As for the Scottish Cup & Challenge cups why can't we carry them forward, surely their sponsors deverve it. Fair enough if we can't accommodate them once things become clearer, but theyd be a good season opener, may add more kudos to the competitions
  10. Let's hope 'Timmy' the dog gives us some extra bite in the middle of the park!
  11. Thomas Collins was the Bsc Glasgow player named a couple of weeks back. Wasn't sure at the time if it was genuine though.
  12. Would love to see Dunsmore, Dowds, Davidson & Long back, in that order of preference. Be a bit unfair if Kev's time with us was to end like this though. I see him as useful in a coaching capacity, one day even part of our management set up, but has he still got it as a player? Not sure if we can afford to carry anyone. Be unlucky on Bell also. Looked into the furlough scheme, if anyone rejects a contract extension, they will then potentially be out of work until any games restart, wouldn't surprise me if bigger clubs are reluctant to offer contracts until money starts rolling in through paying-fans. Could work out for us with those out of contract players! Some interesting strategies coming out, Stranraer are prepared to put their club into hibernation, rather than have to pay staff with no money coming in to keep the club going, Killie & Hamilton are not selling season tickets for next season. Where we don't want to have costs like a millstone around our neck, don't want to have to scramble around paying over the odds two weeks before the season starts, and spending the first quarter getting a team to gel. Furlough continues until October, we can use that to our advantage & steal a march on our competitors. Lastly, a lot of players this season being dumped by Premiership sides, normally they'd maybe end up at a Dundee or a Dunfermline, we may see guys like Steven Whittaker & Danny Swanson ending up part time, hope we don't see one of our rivals snap up players of that level. I'm confident the people we have running our club will make the right decisions though.
  13. I did wonder if the government extending the furlough scheme to October might be in our benefit regarding out of contract players? Will another club signing one of them be able to stick them straight on furlough? Due to contracts ending, say 31st of May, do they just become unemployed, or would their next club take up paying their full wages from the next day? I also wonder if clubs who rent their stadiums, might be at an advantage, they wont be losing pitch rental income, or have maintenance costs, or will they still have to pay rent over the shutdown? The fact wages are being paid by the government until October means we should be ok for the first quarter, hopefully by then crowds will be allowed back. Hopefully rival clubs are dithering over player contracts & we can steal a march. Think season tickets would be the same as last year, hopefully we see the same old faces sooner rather than later, come the new season.
  14. Yeah, your right. Both played at the same time, I was about 10. Steve Pittman also from that era was American.
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