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  1. Darvel manager seems desperate to get the league started without any fans. Is this because he’s paying his players already and scared he’ll loose them to teams in higher leagues if there’s no football. Almost every other club needs fans in before we start.
  2. Henderson is a good player, will be a big miss to Winton. All the best Jamie.
  3. Can anyone tell me if clubs are getting help from government to pay the players wages.
  4. I would actually go as far as say you should be booted of the committee.
  5. Legend your out of order having a pop at big Ally, you need to remember what these boys did to win the ADL.
  6. 1000s of other employers? so if someone gets injured at work they get put on half pay! no they could actually make a claim.
  7. Got to agree, the Darvel manager sure can talk about himself.
  8. Looked again, he’s on the line for the pitch, and he’s still a tit, and he’s still an embarrassment.
  9. Lol, give me peace you silly tit, what the hell are you doing running onto the pitch for. Embarrassment of a man.
  10. I don't think his records that good with the cash he has, he should be miles ahead in league.
  11. There was a good post from a rob roy fan about young managers, Mark Bradley and Iain Diack. It got me thinking is there anymore out there, stevie wilson at winton has been about a bit, but still young.
  12. It is Ross Wilson, I asked about, him and some guy from Lugar or muirkirk have applied for it.
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