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  1. A see the 2 drongan players hurlford say they never approached after the west game are away to hurlford now lol hard going trying to build a good team
  2. Was a good game ruined but yeah gotta bounce back regardless
  3. Thanks mate it’s frustrating as f**k when refs ruin it for yeah we aw get it at 1 point no taking anything away from the crosshouse boys but a reckon after a slow start we woulda won 11v11
  4. Ritchie won the ball fair n square clean tackle ul see she told Ritchie maybe it’s wasn’t a pen no I think about it and laughed lol
  5. Did u see the game ref cost drongan the game 9 men and an assistant sent aff explains it aw
  6. Drongan 3 Laurieston 3 Drongan let 2 goal lead slip
  7. Hurlford v drongan in west today at st Joseph’s 2.30pm Come ooooooonn
  8. Aye let us know we’ve got hurlford next week lol
  9. What the predictions this week troops league 1 n 2
  10. Drongan is a bit of a rangers strong hold [emoji23][emoji23] but our team is mostly **** yeah get sum banter now ,a remember playing in front of sum cracking crowds back in the day against local rivals mauchline ,Cumnock ,auchinleck etc ,when we won league last year against dalry was a belter as well
  11. They’ll be a bigger crowd at drongan and the drongan ultras will entertain [emoji23][emoji23]
  12. f**k hibs get the troops to drongan [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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