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  1. What does the CP part stand for in CP United? Craigshill Pennies I'd assume? Think the fact that there has been a name change, players and Committee from Pennies joining with Craigshill and then wanting to use Pennies facilities (including the old Pennies changing rooms at LK) makes it look as if Pennies had been flaunting the rules to get what they wanted (by taking over a team from top division in LEAFA that were about to fold) when other associations didn't appear to want to take them. If the name of Craigshill had been kept with the same facilities then no one would have probably paid much attention. However, I am not sure what the reason was for association making a change to the rule. Assume it was brought up at meeting. I can see how you'd be upset though with venue thing so late in the day but that is how the association works I'm afraid. What will CP United do now with regards to home venue?
  2. Assuming you mean overrated? TBF they have won a few trophies over the past couple of seasons so have done ok. This season will be tough for any team to win trophies as there are a number of top teams in premier and then you have the other teams such as Lauriston and Lothian Vale all aiming to win some silverware.
  3. You don't half speak some nonsense on here at times. You are quite bitter about Tollcross. Any team they are meant to play will beat them according to you. Tollcross won the other night by taking their chances and Sandy's gave a good account of themselves in what was a good game for the neutral. I'm sure both teams will be near the top end of the table come the end of the season amongst another 4 or 5 good teams in the premier.
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