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  1. Hahaha believe it or no its actually for weighing the cats food. Think you can see the big man in the corner and he’s on a diet
  2. Toss up between Belgium and Germany but I’ll go with the Belgians
  3. My local tesco is shite! Lovely bottle opener as well
  4. Cheers neebs. Trying to collect everything thats Pars related, geez a shout if you’re needing to offload anything lol
  5. Who plays Morrison on for the goal? I thought it was offside at the time but nobody else was shouting for it and still can’t see it on the highlights lol
  6. Aye Benedictus tackles the ball the other way and everything haha. The ref was poor in general not just for the Pars
  7. Aye the midfield were dugmeat that first half, looked really slow, lacked urgency and a bit fight
  8. And another point - Mochrie looks fuckin brilliant, never lost the ball once
  9. We were fuckin gubbins that first half and looked like the team from last season whilst Falkirk looked quick and quite good. The second half was the complete opposite and the draw was fair. Also that ref was pish, the first tackle from Benedictus where he gave the foul was laughable
  10. Wasn’t overly impressed if I’m honest. Feel bad because I’m not really enjoying it
  11. Starting to like IPA’s and this one has that Delirium tang
  12. Humped aff St Johnstone ya chode. Enjoy your weekend
  13. I came on here to see unhappy Falkirk fans but you’ve caught my attention. Why do you go around all of these club threads crying about the past and how these teams have done St Mirren wrong? Very creepy behaviour
  14. If you’re talking to me, it was the Last Drop in Edinburgh down the Grassmarket. I’m sure it was £6 odd a pint of Tennents in there which shocked the life oot me
  15. Seen on . net that someone said we're linked with one of Zidane's son??
  16. Who actually cares what the stadium is called? I still refer to Hamilton’s ground as New Douglas Park and Livi’s ground as Almondvale also just found out that Dens Park isny even called that anymore
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