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  1. Bud, after this disaster of a season can you blame fans for not trusting the boards decisions?
  2. I want him to do well but this club is a mess and the board are a shambles so this looks to be a 1 way ticket to the seaside league
  3. I'm not new here but every Scotland thread I'm in, your name keeps popping up and you just seem like a fud with a chip on your shoulder
  4. what is it about the scottish national team and their players that you have a problem with? Has steve clarke hurt you?
  5. Too lightweight and never seems to win a tackle, EVER. Not his fault he's playing centre mid but he's just not good enough
  6. I'm in the exact same boat. Had to cancel my first appointment because I had covid and you need to wait the 28 days and then I was moving house so I was obviously short on free time. I went and got the vaccine as quickly as I could and I'll get the 2nd dose as quickly as I can as well but this will be the day before the game so it's too late. I'm probably being selfish but I don't think it's fair punishing people with these restrictions of vaccine passports when some folk can't really help that they haven't had 2 doses yet
  7. Cheers bud. I was totally fine after that first does so fingers crossed for the same again lolol
  8. Being a pain in the arse here but are there rules on the duration from your 2nd dose to the day of the game? I'm sure my 8 weeks from the first dose is up on the day before the game
  9. got 5 tickets just there but are there restrictions/vaccine passports needed? I've only had the first dose so far
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