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  1. Mick - a wouldnt lower yourself to respond here. This is coming from a man that went into hiding after ridiculing a cancer victim, which happened to be a Darvel Fan (if you go back in Darvel thread far enough its all in black and white). Clearly no morals especially of someone who cliams to be a professional by day job yet trolling people behind a keyboard! Wants to bring us down about our future of youth development (as with his own son going through youth football, he has an expert opinion ofcourse) - hardly a role model for anyone, let alone being able to have an opinion on what kids youth development should look like!
  2. One of they £25 jackpots it is with the 3 hold function, press start and collect at same time to activate double jackpot [emoji620] [emoji808]️[emoji638][emoji736] 🤪
  3. Won’t be far away, the current playing mix this season is as follows - 10 were playing amateur last year, 5 were junior and 5 were senior. But your right I would imagine it would go up when we strengthen again in the summer for moving up a level [emoji106]
  4. Darvel are in the Championship at present (T7) not the LL. The money being spent is not disproportionate as we were always needing to invest heavily in existing/new infrastructure which was “life expired” - new dressing room extension, new function suite/social club/catering/sheltered terrace/new bucket seats for main stand/pitch improvements. Yes we had a mass exodus of players at start of season and re-build project was agreed when we brought new manager in with target being promotion to premier. Regardless of pyramid/junior future - improvements would always have been made in line with our vision/strategy.
  5. We lost a lifelong supporter during the week Jim Verner. Both him and his wife were keen followers and were seen regularly doon the brae.
  6. Feel that’s a bit harsh - over 40% of our fan base are under 21’s and belong to a small town so their local team is something they can connect with. It’s hard enough these days to try and keep kids off the streets, so we will do what we can to encourage more and retain existing. Yes it’s no surprise that we have vastly improved our facilities both on/off the park which in turn has attracted better players. It’s a long term plan and not for a quick gain, so you know what we will continue to improve and hopefully attract more support because we want to build something the whole toon can be proud of. Who knows maybe in the near future we can possibly have our own grassroots academy etc which would be the vision but a good bit down the road. Think the above response is more plausible as to why we have an upturn in support and not that we are glory hunters, after all we aint won anything of footballing importance [emoji106]
  7. Cracking effort guys. Good current items discussed and lads from the Nauld were spot on [emoji106]
  8. Serious question - I know you don’t have an academy but provide a likely route for young development through your existing setup. In the current squad how many of your squad are under 21yrs? Interested holistically as to how many aside from academy are of that age playing within Junior top flight? TIA
  9. Highlights should be good from both this game and Nock v Lok eh mate? Maybe Frew vs Peasy would be better though 🥊🤷‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
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