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  1. Summed up the game pretty well tbh. We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy one with Cairn riding the crest of a wave with results, tbf we were struggling with a lot of injuries/work commitments with 9 key players missing but we got on with it and took our chances but not convincingly enough hence the scoreline. Thanks sctv and all the best to Cairn for the remainder of the season [emoji106] MTV [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji123]
  2. Lads see link below for highlights of our away game too Arthurlie on Saturday. Please take a look [emoji106] all future videos will be on our YouTube channel - please subscribe and tell your friend. [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji460]️[emoji123]MTV https://youtu.be/MBENEUl4Trs [emoji115][emoji460]️[emoji342]
  3. No, not at all mate this is a public forum.....[emoji119]
  4. Icon - you haven’t grasped what I meant, read it again, it said where AM coming from, meaning “I” not US [emoji85][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Lads - what about this article. Who is Darren referring to when he says we, does he mean him and Mick? 🤭. Do you know where am coming from lads? https://t.co/56iW96EJWn [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838][emoji123] MTV
  6. Jim - having read both articles I have the following opinion (assuming I am allowed that if I dont see where your coming from 🤷‍♂️); Tuckers article stating best performance of the season (IMO it was), I also commented to that effect on here saying it was great for West Region fitba Micks article stating great to have key players back in starting 11, hoping for a good cup run. used to wining ways (which he did with Colville), main aim is promotion (which it is) but wants to do well in Junior Cup Now am no sports journalist but both articles have no common theme other than 2 managers reflecting - 1 on performance of season, 2 on hoping for good cup run now having key players back from injury. Am I missing something? It would appear you have a keen interest in our business and great that Talbot Fans wanting to hear all about our affairs at Darvel - we must be doing something right
  7. Darvel are delighted to announce the signing of ex St Mirren, Ayr Utd, Glenafton, Queens Park and Stenhousemuir midfielder Jamie McKernon. Jamie undoubted ability and experience will be a massive asset to the club as progress this season. Everyone connected with the club are delighted we have been able to attract someone of Jamie quality We beat off several top junior clubs to land Jamie Welcome to the club [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838]MTV
  8. it wasn't when we asked mate! a see its to be ok now as you say. we just want the game to be on. wasnt requested for any kind of advantage to be gained glensmad 👍
  9. Forecasted inclement weather only mate. Our park has been playable this season in some terrible conditions. Offer up to avoid backlog of games if teams are on cup runs only mate 🤷‍♂️
  10. He was superb yesterday mate. Powerful and great first touch, could have had a hatrick if not being subbed [emoji23]
  11. It certainly looked like a foregone conclusion tonight after Talbot first goal, easy on top. Says a lot about the West Region football for me. Anyway down to business - home to Dalry tomorrow. Few key players back from injury, some missing due to work commitments, new signing Johnston in. Looking forward to it since having a free week last week. Closest rivals all at home too with only 1 point a drift at top. Hopefully extend our lead at the top 🤞 MTV [emoji838][emoji836]️[emoji838]
  12. Personally not seen him play but has had a wealth of experience judging by celtic as a youth then a string of senior teams (Dumbarton/Stirling/Clyde). We are all behind the manager and trust him fully whether choices are good/bad - we have to be. Whats your take then Catakoom? 🤷‍♂️
  13. Well put Satori - he's been spouting utter cack since he came on. clearly has an issue with Darvel in some way or another. Anyway back to real fitba - looking forward to playing the lie start of net month, you guys are out the trap welll so far this season, and from the match report on Saturday yous could have made it more at sommervel? we have bad luck with some injuries which will hopefully improve but great to be top nevertheless. many new signings this season?
  14. Typical nonsense comment pending from South Beach.......don’t rise to it Mick. His comment is totally irrelevant. As geo87 confirmed up there with one of the brain deed comments on here.....yawn!
  15. Shocking mate - that was a long with whole host of decisions. Archie is some player with loads in the locker and diving isn’t one of them - he either fouled or scoring. Well done on your victory today [emoji106]
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