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  1. Clearly GA has a problem getting some of the players motivated for playing against mobs like this. The signings in January will help as GA continues building his own team. Absolutely no danger of us falling out of the league this season. Dundee however...
  2. Stream off. We seem to always have these days every now and then under GA.
  3. I do think it was a soft yellow card. However, he barged into Shields back, stopping him from getting into a promising position so I can totally understand why Collum did it.
  4. “There’s only one Steven Gerrard” [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  5. 5 wins from 5 with Mugabi at RB now. Get the contact offered.
  6. Aye, the double save near the end was decent. His moaning was enjoyable.
  7. Scotland’s best keeper kept a clean sheet.
  8. Just noticed on that video Motherwell put up about the game against Aberdeen a few years ago, that Chris Cadden provided the cross for the second goal, can’t sleep now.
  9. Well their possession stats definitely smell of AlexanderBall
  10. Did I dream last night or did ClarkeBall actually turn us into prime Barca/Brazil?
  11. As Danny Dyer would say: “I am f*cking sh*ting myself”
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