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  1. I’m going to miss him even more when I see Crawford getting bodied left, right and centre.
  2. Never mind a draw works even better [emoji2359]
  3. Best result here surely a Hungary win then hope both Portugal and Hungary get beat off France/Germany?
  4. If he’s going to give boys like Paterson and Turnbull a shot then surely it has to be now. It does them no good if Clarke just runs them out in (what could be) a meaningless game against Croatia. I would be a lot more optimistic seeing either of those two names in the starting 11 instead of players like Christie, MacGregor and SOD.
  5. How? Clarke’s plan was simple, keep it tight and play for 0-0 then throw on players like Adam’s late in the game to try and nick it. I understand if we setup like that against a better side like England, but in our most winnable game?!? It’s cowardly.
  6. No it’s not. This is the game we had to win. Clarke bottled it with the lineup and deserves to be called out for that.
  7. Hendry is the new Armstrong
  8. I agree with Paterson over O’Donnell but that goal was coming regardless, our midfield are missing and our strikers can’t win a header to save themselves. Clarke has 45 minutes to save us here. No chance we’re getting 4+ pts from England/Croatia.
  9. Need some changes at half-time. Very little creativity going forward. Just hit and hope. Christie, Armstrong and SOD off.
  10. In the words of Danny Dyer - “I am f*cking sh*tting myself”
  11. At least if Tierney’s not playing then the percentage of players who sing the anthem will go up.
  12. Will be really disappointed if we set up ‘not to get beat’ here. This is a massive opportunity at 3 points.
  13. This Croatia team look terrible under pressure but my worry is Scotland will sit off and let them play.
  14. Glad the period of good English pressure past without them scoring, now for Croatia to punish them.
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