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  1. Our best performance since… eh… the last time we played Aberdeen [emoji16]
  2. If we were going to take a risk I’m glad we done it with Hammell instead of someone like Kevin Thompson. Compensation obviously put Valakari out the race. Aberdeen is going to be tough but a good round of fixtures afterwards to gain some momentum. My fear is if we don’t pick up points in those ‘easier’ games then we’ll be in real trouble by the time Rangers, Celtic and Hearts come around. New players urgently needed.
  3. Tbf, if he doesn’t it’ll probably be financial, not sure how long he has left on his current contract. Of all the names mentioned he’s definitely my preferred candidate.
  4. Remember being about 10 and discovering Facebook, messaged the Motherwell Facebook page saying well done on the result after we beat Kilmarnock (or someone like that) and they replied “thanks” I spent the rest of the night delighted thinking the players themselves were behind the account and replying to me on the bus home. That was only 10/11 years ago but I feel like I’ve aged at least 40 years since watching our media content.
  5. Oxford situation aside. His woeful crossing ability was frustrating to watch every week.
  6. Folk around me in the Hunter were unironically blaming Burrows for this
  7. I don’t understand letting Woolery go. We badly needed someone with pace in attack today. Shields and Morris (from what I’ve seen so far) are massive downgrades. If we couldn’t turn down the money on offer then hopefully we’ll see that money reinvested into the playing squad in the next couple of weeks. If not, we’re in for a really tough season.
  8. It’s hard to be overly critical today. Hammell’s hands are tied by the players left at his disposal. Many of whom showed just as little enthusiasm for playing football as Alexander. Today is a chance for them to right that wrong or continue their current form.
  9. Does taking Robinson back mean his boy needs to be unbanned from all the Motherwell Facebook groups?
  10. Just imagine Stephen Robinson abandoning St Mirren for us after assembling a squad out of some of our worst players in years. Could also throw in 3pts on Sunday to seal the deal
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