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  1. I was just matching your tone, you make a good point regarding other clubs being in the same position. I think the difference is that we had already hit rock bottom.
  2. True, and it was by no means convincing but there is obvious relief about getting the first league win. Also true that the Loanees are In the shop window, still celebrating though.
  3. Do you need a snickers? Reducing our goals against significantly and a good cup run shows improvement. I was gauging the Clach performance on the highlights, why didn’t you get into the Caley / Morton game? Was it you’re sunny disposition?
  4. last year we drew so maybe, The fort has had good quality players before but money talks. Would Brora be so successful if they weren’t paying good wages? Is it wrong for Buckie to take 4 loanees from Ross County? This is football and you do what you can to survive and thrive.
  5. The Fort have never had a ‘must win’ before😁. Why is everyone so quick to write Clach off. They played well against Buckie & ICT and but for a crossbar rebound it would have been quite different in Claggan. With Fort getting their house in order, there are no easy teams in the HL. Good times for football.
  6. 🙄Aye it’s all we can do to count the money here at Claggan Park. Aiden Taylor got a hat trick and one assist, Despite being only 19 he has played nearly every game in the last two seasons, he goes to college here and works in a local bar. So every second week he has travelled between 2-5 hours, often to get beaten 10-0 or more, travelled back, started work, ignored snide comments from the punters and went to train the next day. All for £25 per week and he buys his own boots, what bit of that sounds like Chelsea to you?
  7. John will be out for a while, clumsy tackle which the ref missed, Keith grabbed a goal as the defence was reorganising. Teams cancelled each other out for large parts of the game. fort does need a finisher though, obviously Keith would not agree but it feels like an opportunity lost to me.
  8. Kinda meant last season but I should have worded it better, point is most HL teams have had their troubles Rothes, Nairn County, even Brora have had to start from scratch previously. With the HL being seen these days as a springboard to div2 football, money talks and it is getting harder to compete, There are rumours that North caley teams are paying higher wages than us these days. As a club we want to compete, on this thread and the last one, we are criticised for being uncompetitive and now for trying to be more competitive. These Caley boys are just that 18 yr olds, they are not going to do anything other than hopefully steady the ship, long enough to bring our own youth players on.
  9. We started last season lucky to field eleven players, mostly from the Inverness welfare. With the exception of a few, most local players had left the Fort for other HL clubs, shinty or ametuer football. This season without the Inverness boys we would have some gifted youngsters and the same few. The results might improve but not much, the caley boys gives us breathing space to bring the youngsters on, hopefully without exposing them to huge defeats. We haven’t let anyone go who didn’t want to leave, and We are now no longer forced to play players who are not ready physically or mentally. The media attention and the loan deals are things Fort must do to survive and thrive. You gentlemen are entitled to you’re opinion but at the end of the day that is all it is.
  10. It’s fair to say that strathspey and ourselves were in the same part of the league although they were not shipping double figures ever. A new management team took over, they have some excellent players mostly from the Inverness area. They will go from strength to strength this season.
  11. Josh is a student in His final year in Edinburgh and will play when he’s able. His commitment to the club last season was remarkable but no-one wants it to affect his studies. He is already a Fort legend and will always get a game when he’s up.
  12. That’s sad to hear, there has been a lot of positive remarks about the new training regime. Time will tell I suppose.
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