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  1. Could we not have a representative from the Supporters Association feed through onto Committee? I assume we still have a supporters association, haven't heard of any meetings but if it was still going then it seems like a good way forward
  2. Why don't you ask Laurie, I'm sure it was his idea to have him and the others in the photo. I believe he was also listed in the staff chart during the member meeting, granted it was difficult to read.
  3. I'm not a Director, I'm not a CEO and have no authority within the club. I'm just a normal punter who enjoys going to games, who had a point to make but obviously you only want to hear from the regular crowd. I thought the point of the forum was to encourage fans to talk about the team. I don't resort to insulting people and thought that generating a post would be interesting based on the current subject, which I thought everyone would have an opinion on but it seems you don't like my tone so I can understand why not many fans bother to post. I do think it comes down to human mindset the way people act when at a football game but thanks for making this clear.
  4. In all seriousness. I do hope for more from McHugh. It's just a shame the negative shouts are always louder than the positives.
  5. Not the point. Lots of football supporters are well educated and highly intellectual successful business people. It's about how some people conduct themselves at a football game.
  6. The problem is that football is still living in the past. The world is changing, people are demonstrating and marching for respect and yet football crowds think it's acceptable to be disrespectful because they've paid their money! It's not! If your employer, started screaming your rubbish and publicly calling for you to leave, you would be upset and I doubt it would make you work any better and you would be requesting your boss to be sacked. Why should we have to explain to kids to ignore to swearing as it's acceptable in a football ground but not acceptable nowhere else, especially not at school where monitors make sure these things no longer happen. Is that what we want, to be treated like children just because we can't act like decent adults. Atmosphere can be generated by supporting your team and cheering them on, not by slagging off our own players or the opposition and their supporters. People who go to Last night at the Proms, can have a great night with a fab atmosphere, a great sing a long and a drink but don't go to football if you want this as it's not the done here, we wouldn't want that to happen.
  7. As I said I don't defend the clubs communication. It is appalling. I too watched every game from home and wished I was there with the usual "VIPs" but maybe if I had put my name forward for committee I could have been there. I'm certainly not going to get bitter with them because I'm not on committee when I didn't do anything about that. In my work that's called perks of the job.
  8. As I said I agree their communication is appalling and wouldn't even try to defend that. Paying membership is like a birthday, you know it's going to happen every year so you save up for it.
  9. So you voted for players to get paid. We brought in paid players and won the league by 16 clear points. Didn't hear too much complaining then. I agree the communication is appalling but this has nothing to do with the vote. With regard to LeeAnn, based on previous experience with the Office, we needed to bring in someone with experience of professional football and I suspect it takes time to set up a professional club from near enough nothing. Now that we have removed the 'trap door' drop from league two I'm willing to give her time to set up an established club which is going to be self sustainable.
  10. That could well be true but since we turned professional I wonder if everything is black and white (pun not intended) I don't think there is the same loyalty. Managers like some players can make more money from not staying put. We won the league comfortable but never thrashed any team maybe Ray thought it might be better for him, in the long run, to leave us on the up and take his money and run. The thing is I don't know for certain, so I'm just wondering why everyone is saying it's ridiculous he was sacked.
  11. I played in a squad in my youth and giving youngsters and players who had been mainly or always on the bench the chance to play competitive games was not only good for the manager to see how they perform but also beneficial to the player. Some of these guys have sat there week in and week out and never had the opportunity to show what they can do in a competitive environment. They have trained nearly everyday and deserve the opportunity to play when we have the opportunity to do so. I agree we shouldn't be disrespectful to other teams but likewise you shouldn't be disrespectful to our squad players. Please allow them the opportunity to show why they are with our club. Some of them might be playing for their future career.
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