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  1. That could well be true but since we turned professional I wonder if everything is black and white (pun not intended) I don't think there is the same loyalty. Managers like some players can make more money from not staying put. We won the league comfortable but never thrashed any team maybe Ray thought it might be better for him, in the long run, to leave us on the up and take his money and run. The thing is I don't know for certain, so I'm just wondering why everyone is saying it's ridiculous he was sacked.
  2. I played in a squad in my youth and giving youngsters and players who had been mainly or always on the bench the chance to play competitive games was not only good for the manager to see how they perform but also beneficial to the player. Some of these guys have sat there week in and week out and never had the opportunity to show what they can do in a competitive environment. They have trained nearly everyday and deserve the opportunity to play when we have the opportunity to do so. I agree we shouldn't be disrespectful to other teams but likewise you shouldn't be disrespectful to our squad players. Please allow them the opportunity to show why they are with our club. Some of them might be playing for their future career.
  3. I meant once it starts up again! The less people around give them the chance to complete the job unhindered.
  4. I was hoping the reason the team had moved out of lesser was to allow the work to be completed quicker but I could be wrong.
  5. I can't find an image or video of me in the stadium this season. Could it be due to COVID.
  6. Does the TMWNN know this. According to earlier posts you are usually stalking him.
  7. I think being in tier 4 no one should be heading to the office or shop.
  8. No. I'm in fine. Are you a member as season ticket not valid for this game
  9. I'm not a glory hunter. I support my team, win, draw or lose. Lots to celebrate - We have only played one league game. A bit harsh to judge on that. I don't know how many games we will win, draw or lose this season but I'm certainly not going to be as miserable as you but then again maybe you think I just don't care!
  10. Supporting your club is being a fan. As to why you think the players don't care. Were they laughing and smiling, have they not been training nearly every day for the last month or so. I don't know how you can come to that conclusion when you don't know them did any of them tell you that? Why worry about the future when you have all this doom and gloom now. Support your club and encourage them to greater things.
  11. I believe the change is actually a reduction in the hours at lesser not a change of days. I have passed by on a Friday and office staff are in. Why keep having a go at them?
  12. I think the answer is in your statement - due to new Covid 19 restrictions, which is from the Government not from personal choice.
  13. There are lots of clubs out there making staff redundant or in some places just telling them not to come back. The fact the club and James are parting on good terms should be enough for us to accept, especially if he has.
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