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  1. I heard from a current cumnock player that Burns is on borrowed time. Any truth?
  2. I'm not here to be liked by you or any of your other Pied Piper XI friends
  3. Not really but newbies need to know that the Pied Piper XI ( including yourself) don't really need to be taken seriously and that others can have a difference of opinion without them being jumped upon by you lot lol. I'll bear it in mind when your master BM orders my execution of ban [emoji23]
  4. This is Probably the most highlighted post to date. Once we get past all the self congratulatory stuff by the Pied Piper XI you get common sense
  5. So tell me how under this common knowledge that nowt has been done yet? Pied Piper XI (substitute)
  6. Glad you have that all sorted out Marten. I didn't know you where decided what the wests level will be. Good to know mate[emoji106] Yet another one of Pied Piper XI
  7. This is the Talbot forum daftie, where is the cumnock one?
  8. The boy is well into his second season and he is still hankering on about it. You might want to concentrate instead on getting your own team back to a mid table finish this season
  9. The Eosl thread or the Sosl thread? You're yet another of the pied pipers XI [emoji23]
  10. I'm just laughing out loud thinking of you all checking your previous posts to justify your not in burniemans gang [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] You are all just the children of the Pied Piper of Burnieland [emoji23]
  11. Ohh not so sure about that, Maybe we think its because the main show is here because this is the big forum? I honestly cannot understand why you don't post on your own thread. I mean cmon it must be needing some interesting input surely?
  12. Please tell me again why so many you deserters are still on the junior forum? [emoji23]
  13. The obsession is on overload with this rocket [emoji23]
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