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  1. Always a tough game against HOB but today we dominated for much of the game and were well deserved winners. As always, when you concede late on it leads to a nervous last few minutes but the 3 points was the fair result. A few absent today through injury, holiday and suspension so lots to look forward to in the coming weeks. I like the pace we have up front and Alex Chingwalu looks an excellent prospect who can play anywhere on the left. A strong start to the league with cup games coming up letting us get the absent back in the fold.
  2. Good to see the new players getting the goals too. Hope the injury to Aidan isn’t too bad but at least we have a decent squad for cover.
  3. Dundonald missed a bunch of good chances against us (Penicuik) on Saturday. Looks like they had their shooting boots on last night. This is going to be a really competitive league this year. Apart from one or two teams I think most teams are capable of beating each other on their day….
  4. Delighted with the 2-0 victory today. 1-0 up at half time but Dundonald missed a series of chances in the second half. Then Penicuik went down to 10 men so seemed a matter of time before the equaliser came, which might well have been a fair result. Instead, we went up the park and scored a penalty which was the preverbial kick in the baws and were able to close the game out. A classic case of needing to take your chances. Both teams should do well this year…
  5. It is a bit curious that their two matches are both being played so late in the season but there is a fantastic post on the wosl forum about how hard it is to schedule fixtures at this time of year due to previous postponements and outstanding cup ties which have to be played before you can confidently schedule games. The guy that does it deserves immense credit.
  6. Thanks CJ. Every point now is critical and you really want your strongest eleven playing where possible. We’ve a few out just now (no centre backs yesterday) but nearly there and I’m hoping that the league cup will allow us a bit more time to get key players back. I’m worried about a trip to HOB as they are a bogey team of ours and of course the Mussy game will be a challenge. It would be amazing to get to the last game of the season against Linlithgow for a winner takes all finale but not sure my finger nails would survive! The two Rose / Tranent games will also be key. If one team were to win both I think they’d deserve the league…great to be still in it.
  7. Jeanfield are a terrific team who play football the proper way at great speed and give you no time on the ball. They confirmed to me that they effectively gave up the first month or two of the season to Covid and getting up to speed but since then they’ve been back on form. Just as well for the rest of us as they’d be right in the mix if they’d hit the ground running.
  8. Tranent are lucky that they can afford to pay higher wages than most (if not all in the league) and as such can attract better players than most . To be fair they’ve also invested in their facilities too which are very good. It’s not rocket science, information readily available from speaking with players, committee, agm’s etc. The figures I’ve heard some players are on are several times what Penicuik players are on. But good luck to them, there’s always clubs that have more cash than others. Then compare that with the likes of Auchinleck, who I was told by one of their committee are all on at least £250 pw. We can’t compete with that hence my other comments about no promotion being likely.
  9. Full credit to Tranent today. Best team won and they have great players all over the park. In the aftermath it left me wondering why they aren’t top already as In 3 games against them they have proven their quality. It’s testament that with less resources we’ve maintained a strong challenge and are still clinging on to top spot by our finger nails. It’s been a great season so far and I hope we can keep winning and take the title down to the final couple of games where Linlithgow play Tranent and then we play Linlithgow- what a climax that would be. On a more sober note, following on from the comment above about still playing in the Premier league next year. I fear that whoever wins will remain in the league for the next 2-3 years at least, due to the strength of the Wosfl teams. This would be a great shame. What does everyone think about the chances of our champions going up?
  10. If the virus doesn’t get the Penicuik game the frost might. Hard frost overnight and still only 1 degree. Sunny though so hope that helps…
  11. At the game I’d have said 700-800 but 1200 is great. I’m not familiar with how many can fit in the enclosure.
  12. Such a competitive league. I feel it’s starting to take the look we might have expected at the start. Tranent were always expected to be one of the favourites. My own team Penicuik were likely to be top half but to still be top is better than we might have expected. Linlithgow are on a good run after some disappointing draws early on and similarly Jeanfield are in form after a slow start. Tynie and Dunbar are having great seasons. At the other end Camelon must be disappointed but they have undergone major upheaval. I’m not quite sure what’s happened at HOB but believe injuries and personnel changes have also impacted them. Every game is up for grabs and if you’re not on your game then you can expect to be punished. I’m really enjoying watching my team and seeing how everything changes almost every week.
  13. You certainly deserved the win but battered is a bit harsh as both defences held steady for around 60-70 minutes and neither goalie was really tested. Much like the first half I felt the goal would come from a set piece or penalty but we gave the ball away too many times in the end and it was punished. Our chances were reduced when we lost Paul Tansey to injury midweek. Maybe if we’d gone in at half time 1 up it would have helped but you’ve a very strong squad all over the pitch and as I said, the best team won. A good crowd and good to see a bus load of your fans in my local beforehand. Good luck in the draw today.
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