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  1. Good tip for a firestick browser. Will check it out for this weekend.
  2. Can easily build consensus here around the fact that Mclean is a shite referee. Loves getting cards out and definitely wants to be centre of attention.
  3. Decent commentary, although the male commentator is an excitable sort... Typically terrible set piece defending from QOS.
  4. Also trying to be positive, big Shields is looking like a good bit of business.
  5. Fitzpatrick looks the real deal, doesn't he? Obileye had a very good game as did Maxwell. Like look of Shields - both he and Fitzpatrick very direct - and East too. Our constant inability to deal with crosses, regardless of who our defenders and goalie is, is so frustrating. But plenty of positives for sure. Based on how we played today, I can't wait for us to be playing in Premiership next year.
  6. When's commentary kick in? Thought we'd get some pre match banter.
  7. Exactly. Am sure they'd have weighed in if no refunds forthcoming etc but Morton dealt with the issues and resolved it quickly. I've had my tenner refunded.
  8. Cheers. Just bought ticket for Saturday. Is it through website, like Morton's was?
  9. God knows. Camera guy will know but didn't show us. Obileye looks alright.
  10. My thoughts too. Enjoying commentary but christ the camera work...
  11. Dunno what is worse, Morton's attempts to host a stream or this camera work.
  12. New home top arrived today. I like it a lot. Cool seeing the semi final team featured on collar, too.
  13. Agreed. On a basic level, recent transfer windows haven't worked. So credit for a new approach. A younger and more attack minded squad though. Next stop: the Scottish Premiership. [emoji41]
  14. Didn't think he was up to much in what I saw but would have been happy enough to have had him resign for some back up as can play on the right and in the middle.
  15. When they aren't being scammed, they are making an arse of season tickets. Some luck.
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