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  1. Pre match pub crawl as suggested by the Montrose lads above?
  2. Ah cracking. Cheers chaps. No kids in tow so will follow the above pub crawl. Maybe best get an earlier train.
  3. Toying with heading to Montrose for this. What are the good pubs? And if Arbroath have smokies and Forfar have bridies, what is the local culinary treat am scoffing Saturday?
  4. Totally. Even after that debacle at weekend, I fancy our chances more this coming weekend than I did last week. Not predicting a walkover, or saying we'll definitely win, just that I fancy our chances more.
  5. Aye Gibson said it's not looking good for him and his ankle is (was) 6 times the size it should be. Ah Christ. So no McGrory or Connolly next week. Good start...
  6. I'm surprised the groundswell in positivity over the summer hasn't resulted in more offers to get involved. Also a shame.
  7. Puts today in perspective when even a Falkirk fan can take the piss. A dark day.
  8. No offence taken. I went to a Galafairydean game and their social and all digital output was done by a teenager who was a fan. Wasn't daughter of the chairperson or manager. Just a fan who wanted to help out the club. Their output is fairly decent. Good old graphics for goalscorers etc. Hardly reinventing the wheel but a decent output that is superior to ours. Not having a go, how can they do it but we can't? comparable enough areas and a similar lack of journalism uni courses. Does such a Dumfries-based, or Queens supporting, person not exist or is there another barrier to it? It is sad that just one person applied. Perhaps a reflection on the fanbase and/or reach of the club comms? We lucked out with Finlay for sure.
  9. A lot of it comes down to communication. I've never seen a call out for volunteers either. I, like, others, would probably like to help. But I never seen any notification that there'd not be updates. It wasn't an 11th hour surprise, was it? I do understand the earlier remark re UWS students but surely to Christ at a club with a supposed 1200 season ticket holders there's someone who would happily tweet out a pic of team lines and some updates throughout the 90 minutes. Doesn't need to be as something for a CV. Could just be for a thank you from the club or the joy of being more involved. I do totally get that twitter isn't the biggest issue by the way. But it's a small win that can be easily turned around.
  10. This is absolutely bang on. Non-league sides can manage a better digital output than Queens can. There's not been a tweet from club since yesterday. It's not only match day but the first league game of the season. Totally tinpot. The sad thing is it's part of an overall picture, not an anomaly.
  11. I recognise it's still raw but think it's a bit soon to go part time and throw in the towel for the league.
  12. Oh totally agree the home form is garbage. I'd fancy our chances more away to Clyde but that scoreline is abysmal stuff. Embarrassing. I welcome the lack of updates on twitter from the club.
  13. Nicely done. Gotta get some comfort from this shit show.
  14. Pathetic stuff. Even worse due to having to follow it on Clyde's twitter.
  15. Aye, would agree with all of this. Just bought the stream. Will there be commentary or just pictures?
  16. Totally agree. Am sure there would have been a clamour to give Ally Roy a new deal after group stages. I get we can't leave it too late to extend one year deals but doesn't need to be tied up before August either.
  17. Of course he'll be putting pressure on Currie to be first choice. That's the point, with an acknowledgement that Cowie isn't, yet, of the required standard.
  18. Aye. Back up goalie and a striker to challenge our main attackers.
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